Sunday, November 28, 2010

There's a 3 Way Over at the Frankenstein Place...

If you thought GLEE was the only production crew who could fuck the shit out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show...THINK AGAIN!! Wicked Pictures begins production next week on The Rocki Whore Picture Show : A XXX Parody. If I haven't said what an awesome time it is to be a pervy geek enough lately, I'll say it 600 more times...or at least until we get Tank Girls: A XXX Porn Parody. Casting took place on November 9th and 10th with the following message online urging budding horny vocalists to come join the fun...

Wicked Pictures and award winning director Brad Armstrong are pleased to announce the audition dates for their upcoming Rocki Whore Picture Show parody. Hopeful talent are encouraged to check out the character list, ORGY parody song, and audition scenes 1 and 2. Then just select any characters that you think you’d be right for, and learn their lines in the script. Then you can listen to “ORGY” or (parody version of the Time Warp) check out the new lyrics and practice singing along.

“We’ll be looking for talent that look like the original cast members, but more than that, we’re searching for people who can mimic their mannerisms. Singing ability would be great but it’s not mandatory. More importantly, we’re looking for a flare for the “dramatic” and a willingness to let go and just have fun with the characters.” Armstrong continues. “Fans of the Rocky Horror Show will obviously have a bit of an edge, but if there are talented people out there who are quick studies, and want to give it a try, we welcome them. I do suggest they go out and grab the newly released Rocky Horror 35th anniversary edition Blu Ray to get them up to speed… or for those who know the show but haven’t seen it in years, it’ll help refresh their memory.”

“The only 2 roles that aren’t up for grabs are those of the Criminalist and Dr. Scott which will be played James Bartholet, and Ron Jeremy respectively. Ronnie actually has a long history with Rocky Horror from back in the day, and even knows some of the original cast ‘personally.’” Armstrong admits “I do have certain people in mind for certain parts, but nothing has been set. I’m hoping someone comes into the audition completely out of left field and blows me away. I’d love to try some new undiscovered talent alongside some of the more established actors.” Audition will be held the evenings of Nov. 9 and 10 from 6pm till 10pm each night. We’ll be videotaped the auditions for the BTS section of the DVD so please bring valid picture ID with you, or you will not be able to audition. Filming of the Rocki Whore movie will take place the first week of December.

A word to the wise… don’t be shy, feel free to come to the audition made up, or dressed up as your favorite Rocky character to really get you in the Transylvanian spirit… but leave the toast and toilet paper at home.

The awesome Jessica Drake told us VIA her Twitter account "It's gonna be epic. I'm lucky enough to have been cast in it. We start production next week. We've been doing wardrobe fittings & rehearsals like crazy!" Characters in this "retelling" include Vagina, Euphoria, Janet, Brad, Frank N' Beans and Stiff Staff. "DO THEY SING??!!" you ask? Oh yes..there will be singing...

Watch for further info, and Idle Hands of course!

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