Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Travel Channel Revives 'Ghost Bait'

Travel Channel Revives 'Ghost Bait'
Paranormal pioneer Bob Magill and empathic investigator Tina Storer take on frightening, personal hauntings in America in the cult classic “Ghost Bait,” lured back to television and premiering on Travel Channel on Thursday, April 4 at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT with 12 half-hour episodes. Using a shocking but effective method of isolation combined with sensory deprivation, the duo helps people overcome their fear of intense paranormal activity. After conducting their own paranormal investigation, Magill and Storer use their findings to elevate a client’s fear level and then use that terror as bait to draw out the entity and force a confrontation. By facing their worst fears head on, Magill and Storer believe the living can overpower the negative forces around them to reclaim their sense of peace and control.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Yoshiki: Live At Carnegie Hall PBS TV Concert Special Airing March 8

Yoshiki: Live At Carnegie Hall PBS TV Concert Special Airing March 8
New York's PBS television station WNET THIRTEEN will premiere a special one-hour version of "YOSHIKI - Live at Carnegie Hall" on Friday, March 8, at 9:00pm ET in the tri-state area, with encore showings March 11-18 and additional U.S. markets to be announced soon.

"YOSHIKI - Live at Carnegie Hall" features rock star and composer YOSHIKI as pianist joined by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, performing YOSHIKI's compositions which have sold over 50 million records worldwide. Program highlights include YOSHIKI's theme for the Golden Globes and his piano concerto composed for the Emperor of Japan's 10th Anniversary, along with selections from Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Army Builder Action Figures Seeking Kickstarter Success

Cryptid Toys Army Alphas Kickstarter 01In a world where we beg the major companies to make ANY sort of affordable army builders for our shelf set-ups and/or toy photography needs, a company willing to fill that void in our plastic loving lives should be applauded. Suffice to say, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO THROW MONEY!! Cryptid Toys have whipped up a Kickstarter for a full line of army builder action figures in your oh-so-favored 6 inch scale including SHIELD and Hydra look-alikes alongside SWAT Team members, modern soldiers, wetworks operatives and more. If these get fully funded, you can expect more to come! Here are the details and links where you should aim all your cash...

At long last, 6” scale military/SWAT figures have arrived! This line of figures is made to fit right in with your existing Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, or other 6” scale lines. The focus while creating these figures was in three areas: Articulation, Customization, and Compatibility.

VIZ Media Announces ONE-PUNCH MAN Season 2 Premiere On HULU

VIZ One Punch Man Season 2 on HULU
VIZ Media proudly announces the premiere of Season 2 of the hit anime series ONE-PUNCH MAN on April 9th, the same day as the Japanese broadcast.

ONE-PUNCH MAN will be presented in Japanese audio with English subtitles with new episodes every week on Hulu, the streaming home for Season 2 in the U.S. Catch the official trailer for ONE-PUNCH MAN Season 2...

Monday, March 4, 2019

New SHAZAM! Trailer Amps Up the Fun

Shazam movie poster
Ok ok..we knew this super hero film would be full of jokes, spinning a complete 180 degrees from the "grim dark" DC movie universe we've been poking fun of for a number of years now. Warner Bros releases their latest trailer, peppering in some of their WOA moments, showcasing a number of excellent special effects along with a new pile of jokes so you can giggle right up til the release date, which is now just ONE MONTH AWAY!! We invite you to take a break from your frantic nail biting as you anticipate the release of Captain Marvel this weekend, to anticipate the release of SHAZAM!, which promises, above all, to not take itself too seriously.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Toy Fair 2019: The Magical, Mystical, Wizarding World of McFarlane

Toy Fair 2019 McFarlane Toys Harry Potter Action Figures
Written by Mike Stencel

It has been an incredible few weeks for McFarlane as the company proudly unveiled its first line of Harry Potter action figures and revealed their plans for 2019 and beyond at the New York Toy Fair. Upon acquiring the rights to one of the most successful and sought after licenses in the toy business, McFarlane has complete access to the entire vault of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World characters and creatures, which also include the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Toy Fair 2019: Godzilla Toys Making Landfall Soon

Toy Fair 2019 Jakks Pacific Godzilla King of Monsters Toy Line
To the happiness of Kaiju, Monster and very specifically, Godzilla lovers everywhere, we've been enjoying a period of time when there are always giant creatures stalking the toy aisles. From Pacific Rim to King Kong..Rampage..Jurassic World...and straight back to the King of Monsters himself who seems to be universally accepted as an evergreen property now! As we wait for the Americanized titan of destruction to hit the big screen once more, toy companies are revving their engines, preparing for the release of their monstrous plastics. As we head into a show that is a monster in and of itself, let's take a look at what's to come for GODZILLA: King of Monsters...

Toy Fair 2019: JADA Continues Their Nano Assault

Toy Fair 2019 JADA Fast and the Furious Nano Metalfigs
JADA Toys have been around for quite some time, proving over and over that pop culture fans love diecast toys and more specifically, incredible vehicles you can pop on your shelves. Their Nano Metalfigs were probably met with a heads cratch by the toy fans at first, but retailers had to love that ultra low price point and, let's face it, collectors could stand to give their bank card a rest! 2019 shows JADA won't be slowing their Nano figure assault as they add new licenses to their ranks and dream up new ways to give us what we never knew we wanted. Let's take a peek at what Mat Hawkins spied at UK Toy Fair this year...

I Like Scary Movies: Interactive Art Installation

I Like Scary Movies Interactive Art Installation
This Spring, a one-of-a-kind experience will creep into the city of Los Angeles for a limited engagement. Beginning on April 4th, the multi-sensory installation inspired by some of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and New Line Cinema’s most iconic scary movies will lure fans into artistic reinterpretations of the worlds of the first chapter in the IT saga, The Shining, Beetlejuice, The Lost Boys, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Toy Fair 2019: The Party Isn't Over for DC Comics at Mattel

Toy Fair 2019 Mattel DC Comics Kryptonian Power Superman Action Figure
While I'm extremely excited about someone new taking the lead on fully posable DC Comics action figures, it isn't because Mattel did anything particularly wrong, it's just the thought of new eyes on our most beloved super heroes. That said, you have to give Mattel their due with what they accomplished over all these years, especially while innovating for little hands and translating cartoon designs into very affordable action figures. Now, the one year countdown begins and Mattel will be rolling out DC comics characters at breakneck speed...