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A New Avengers Movie Trailer & Talking Toys!

Oh May are so close and so far. Marvel may have underwhelmed you with their photoshop-tastic movie poster a couple of days ago, but they are sure looking to make up for it! BEHOLD!!! The newest Avengers movie trailer!!!

As a bonus, we thought we'd give you a taste of the Avengers movie toys! Sure, you've seen all the pics from toy fair, but right now, lurking in the over priced isles of Toys R Us are action packed, talking Avengers toys that will, at the very least, make you accidentally snort soda up your nose. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

Avenger Movie Toys In Action by Nomadixxx

Geek is Still a Dirty Word

In the last few years, main stream media have embraced “geek culture”. These days, you can watch zombies decimate the human race on TV, gawk at super powered beings doing battle on the big screen and grin from ear to ear as comics regularly invade the prime time news cycle. It would seem the world is an idyllic place for someone who reports on all that could blow a geek’s mind. Sadly, some things never change, and while a great deal of companies express their love of comics, games and toys through their products and enjoy a mutual respect with their fans, there are still executives who see those same fans as nothing more than wallets to be picked clean.

With that last statement fresh in your mind, I’m going to tell you a little story about a company named Mattel.

Last year, while heading back to the train from Toy Fair 2011, I was phoned up by Mattel’s legal department. Straight out of the gate, I was accused of “image theft”, which made me laugh as visions of sneaking up behind a Mattel employee and using my ninja-like thieving techniques to procure a flash drive from his back pocket labeled “The Loot!” danced through my head. I explained that I don’t even know how to go about stealing images from Mattel and since I was out on the street (and not in front of a computer), he would have to be specific as to what images he thinks I pillaged. I was told the items in question were found in an article outlining upcoming waves of Batman Legacy action figures and 2 figure packs. He explained I wasn’t supposed to have the images. I told him he shouldn’t have released them, then, as most people know 99.9% of what we post on Idle Hands (and formerly, could be found online..somewhere. Of course, we do not openly reveal that source as we would give the competition a direct route to the goods, but we have no second thoughts about publishing something already public. As expected, his reply was something in the tone of “Oh.” I suggested, in this instance, his real problem should be with sales, as they have a tendency to send out pictures that turn up on foreign retailer websites, where we happily scoop them up. “Oh” again. It always amazes me how someone will initially come at you with righteous indignation in their voice and minutes later, after you’ve proven you are neither afraid nor a child AND are in the right, they are quickly deflated. This was the case and I returned home to a letter from my Mattel Press Rep for some years now stating simply “I don’t know what is going on, but please give legal what ever they need.”

The images in question were primarily custom figures created by some DC super fans, using Mattel figures as a base. Seeing that they were excellent ideas, Mattel (most likely) decided to make them real and used pictures of these toys for reference. Somewhere along the way, someone got a hold of these pictures and thought they were the actual figures being released and sent them out to retailers for pre-orders, where I plucked them and made it news. Having no idea these were actually someone’s (or rather a couple of someones) customs, I was surprised when toy collectors on a well known forum said I manufactured the lineups, swiped the pictures and essentially lied about the whole thing. I did have a couple of people say this is something Mattel has done before, so it is no surprise, but as usual, the voices coming to my defense were not as loud as those calling me any number of lovely names. With the reveal of the actual figures and lineups at Toy Fair, I was vindicated, but had to actually point out the fact on the very same forum myself, as no one else seemed interested in doing so. At the end of it all, Mattel’s legal department asked me to remove the images and every reference to them, which I did as a courtesy. No one from Mattel ever expressed their thanks for doing so and those from the company that post on those forums regularly said nothing in my defense. To anyone that had just read those pages when the ruckus was at its peak, I may as well have been every bit the cretin they made me out to be.

I’d say “flash forward to 2012” at this point, but I’d like to list some events that further soured me on Mattel’s business practices.

- I had two subscriptions with Mattel; one for Masters of the Universe Classics and another for Ghostbusters. We were encouraged to take on these subscriptions as not to be left out when the figures we want quickly sold out on the day of their availability. We learned that “Sold Out” was a term Mattel used very loosely, as these items would resurface some time later, and at half price. What is your reward for pre-paying for your figures and helping to keep these lines alive? Paying full, inflated prices, apparently.

- For a person attempting to cover Mattel’s toys, it has always been difficult, but at this point communication was at an all time low. There seemed to be some secret handshake involved with being a part of Mattel’s Q&A sessions that I had never learned. I certainly don’t begrudge those sites who benefit from their personal relationships with the company, but when I’m at San Diego Comic Con and am told to return to the booth no less than 6 times to get details on their toys (with 6 being the end number as I gave up after that) and I return home to see epic interviews in private rooms with the whole Mattel team…to say the least, I was frustrated.

Mattel’s smug faced mascot would come to be a focal point for the collective anger of customers being jerked around by Digital River, Mattel’s distribution company for all Mattycollector items. I personally only had one issue with them abruptly canceling my subscription, but it was quickly rectified. Other people’s issues didn’t seem to be cleared up as quickly and some still continue today. One look at the Mattycollector facebook page will tell that story.

NOW we can jump to Toy Fair 2012. I was told when the collector event would be and RSVP’d for myself and Heather Buckley. I made sure to express an interest in covering “Girl Toys” as well and since we had no problems doing so in previous years, we didn’t think twice about it. We hit the event, pushed through the throng of “geek reporters” using their iPhones as a camera to shoot the collector friendly figures and then made a B line for the room containing Barbie, Monster High and the like. Fellow writer/ photographer from Cool Toy Review, Dave Myatt, followed me in. We got a demo of Mattel’s newest kid-friendly electronic buddy and as I turned to shoot what was next, I had to grin as I faced a whole wall of new Monster High product. This is a line I was asked specifically by fans to shoot well and in great detail, and I was prepared to do just that. Little did I know, at that same moment further into the room, Dave was being taken by the arm like some child that mistakenly wandered into the back area of a magic show and was told to leave. I, on the other hand, must have been camouflaged within the group of women who were getting a presentation of the newest Monster High products and was allowed to take a handful of pictures as I talked to two nearby press reps who remembered me from some other event. Moments later, I was approached by Rachel Cooper, Manager of Public Relations, who put out her hand in a “Stop” motion as if I’d done something wrong and told me I did not belong there. I said clearly I did belong there, as her press reps know who I am! I wasn’t a stranger or a Sunday afternoon blogger who woke up one day, decided to cover the show and immediately thought I was entitled to the run of the place. I have been covering Toy Fair for over 10 years. I made an appointment and we were there…in the middle of it! She explained my place was back with the “collector press” in the other room. I explained I’d rather not be lumped with them, first off, as I cover far more than “boy’s toys”, and was asked specifically to cover this room and since we’d done so every year previous, I wasn’t sure what the problem was. At this point, two more PR reps joined the conversation, explaining that some reporter years back had ruined it for everyone when they went into a secret room and shot things they shouldn’t have. I laughed and insisted, again, that we shot EVERYTHING last year and no one had said BOO to us. In fact, it was that Barbie coverage that caused those fans to insist we shoot a ton of pictures this year. I was told I had to leave and make a NEW appointment just for that room. I laughed again and said if I leave, I will not get an appointment. Rachel assured me that if I knew my schedule at that moment, she would make a new appointment with me right then and there. We settled on 1pm on the last day of the show, and being the uber-Italian that I am, I made her shake on it.

Now it is the last day of the show. I’m having a conversation with a friend from MTV Geek who tells me they had someone cover Monster High already, but he’d love a crack at them himself to assure MTV has the best coverage possible of this insanely popular line. In my mind, there was no way Mattel was going to deny MTV access along with me, who had a legit appointment, so off we went. Mind you, I had received an email from Rachel Cooper a day or so previous, stating my appointment was now 3pm. No apology for shifting the time and the inconveniences is causes in the middle of my very packed schedule, but it was important to me, so I made adjustments…again. All day I felt odd about it. My mind told me to show up at 1 just to make sure there would be no shenanigans. I calmed myself, stressing I had far more to cover beyond Mattel and stuck to my schedule. I did show up at Mattel with my MTV friend in tow, a half hour early, just to play it safe. The woman at the desk looked disappointed for me. “Oh Paul…your appointment was at 1! I’m afraid you missed it!” I insisted it was moved to 3 and repeatedly assured her I could pull it up on my phone to prove it. After all, we live in the future. I was told it was switched back and she showed me several arrows on the page proving the jerk around. I asked if they were in the habit of changing people’s appointments without telling them and she explained I was, indeed, informed. I laughed. This was not the case. I asked her to please go back and find me Rachel Cooper, with whom I made an appointment for this time. She returned minutes later looking very unhappy. “I’m very sorry. They say your appointment was at 1 and they are now packing everything up, so there is no way you could possibly shoot anything. I’m…very sorry.” My poor receptionist looked down sheepishly, expecting to be yelled at. I told her I don’t hold her responsible for this extremely unprofessional behavior, but I wanted to confirm she was indeed told to turn away someone with a legitimate appointment, accompanied by a reporter from MTV? She said yes. She was clearly not happy about it. I told her I was sorry she had to be the one on the receiving end of this, as Rachel could not be bothered to come out and tell me herself, but treating anyone like this was beyond unprofessional. I was shocked and angered beyond further words, but what can you do? I’m not the type of person who shoots the messenger just because they are there. Instead, this is my recourse.

I sent an email to Rachel Cooper expressing my extreme disappointment with the way she handled me, making false promises to shoo me out of her show room and asked for some explanation as to why I had to be treated in that way. After a week with no reply, I sit here writing this. I’m not writing purely from a point of anger, though I’m still burned by the event. More than anything, it saddens me that things like this kill my love of collecting toys. Why am I meant to feel like I am doing something wrong when I give free publicity to a company? More often then not, we even go so far as to buy the toys we’d like to cover, as it is quicker than trying to squeeze a free sample out of a multi million dollar outfit. Shouldn’t they be very happy we are so enthusiastic about their products? If they are forced by their bosses to squeeze 100 of us into a room all at once to shoot their toys, shouldn’t they be doing their best to assure that THAT experience is as comfortable, polite and smooth as it possibly can be? Hearing a fellow writer was actually handled when he was simply taking a picture of a Barbie doll is insane. Being lied to just to be rid of me when my intent is only to give further attention to dolls they are trying to sell is complete lunacy. Beyond that, it is entirely unprofessional. Why is it ok to treat me like this? Because I am with the “collector press” or the “nerd herd” as I’ve heard reps call us. I’m a geek, and my love of what they produce only makes me fodder for ridicule in their minds. Does it matter that I began the week interviewing the cast and crew of the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Not a bit. A Mommy Blogger gets more respect. I’ll never be able to put logic to it, or see the situation through their eyes. All I can do is wait until these short sighted individuals are replaced with people like me…the geeks…who are very good at treating fellow fans with respect, listen to what they truly want to buy…and at the end of the day, make their bosses a ton of money.

X-Babies Vs Tiny Vengers!

I am an old school Marvel Zombie, but lately, the gimmicks designed to draw me in have done nothing but chase me away. Vampire Mutants? Baa. The X-Men turning in on themselves? What else is new? The return of Phoenix??!! This one made me want to punch my computer in the face. Now...finally... Skottie Young gives us a reason to be excited about Avengers Vs X-Men. It may have absolutely nothing to do with anything that actually happens in the books, but it does remind me of how much fun I used to have reading Marvel Comics and maybe, one day, someone will slide something towards me other than Deadpool and convince me THIS is where the fun has been hiding. Until that day, I will plan to buy this Midtown Comics Avengers Vs X-Men variant and pretend it's what happens inside.
The biggest comic book event in history begins in Avengers VS X-Men #1, hitting comic shops & the Marvel Comics app April, 2012! The top creators in comics—Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, John Romita Jr, Olivier Coipel & Adam Kubert—join forces for a landmark twelve-issue story sending The Avengers and the X-Men—the two most popular franchises in comics history—to war with each other!

The world’s greatest super heroes—Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto and more—enter an unforgettable battle…and only one side can emerge victorious!
Follow Skottie Young at @skottieyoung on twitter!

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Your Adventure Time Comic Check List

Yes, we are aware #1 of this comic is all that has come out so far, but did you know HOW MANY different #1's are out there at the moment??!! I...did not. I was even at San Diego Comic Con and didn't snatch up the very first one. Bummer. Boom Studios sends over this handy dandy visual check list so you can hunt down these covers and have the most mathmatical Adventure Time comic book collection EVARRRRRRRRRRRR.

Fans should keep in mind, while Diamond Comic Distributors is completely sold out, first and second printings of ADVENTURE TIME #1 may still be found at a direct market retailer (ie; comic shops and such) near you. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer?
Use to find one!

Diamond Comic Distributors is making the third printing of ADVENTURE TIME #1, featuring an all-new cover drawn by Chris Houghton, available for retailers to order immediately.

ADVENTURE TIME #1 is the first installment of the exciting new ongoing ADVENTURE TIME series written by Ryan North (DINOSAUR COMICS) with cover art and interiors drawn by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (THE MUPPET SHOW, ICE AGE: ICED IN) with a back-up story by Aaron Renier (THE UNSINKABLE WALKER BEAN) and epic cover by Chris Houghton.

In this first issue of ADVENTURE TIME join Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum for all-new adventures through The Land of Ooo! The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! With the show exploding in the ratings, garnering rave online reviews, major cosplay at the San Diego Comic-Con, and huge displays dominating the New York Comic Con, it's clear fandom is obsessed and 2012 is the Year of Adventure Time! Don't miss out on the phenomenon!

Need more convincing? Here are the first 5 pages of #1 to get you hooked...

Issue #1 takes us into the land of Ooo with your hosts Finn and Jake (naturally) squaring off against the Lich who threatens to suck the entire planet into his bottomless bag of nothing!! If there is one subject the Lich knows a lot about, it's sucking. (that's a Jake joke. not from the comic.) The humor is quirky, the fist bumps a-plenty and the art is awesomely true to the cartoon. What more could you ask for? Here's a sneak peek at the covers of the next two issues!

The Avengers Get a Sad, New Poster

What ever happened to the artistry of making a movie poster? A celebration of a coming film with a hand painted Drew Struzan masterpiece...and cryptic teaser full of shadows and points of light for an upcoming creeper...even the old standby of an open doorway begging the question...what lurks inside? These days, as Hollywood looks to the bottom line, much of that celebration is trampled underfoot by hordes of executives screaming for the next 50 clips to be released with 3 versions of the "final" trailer and plans for a flash mob in times square. It is in that trampling that we get this...the sorriest of Avengers movie posters...not capturing any of the awesome we look forward to but rather a celebration of Photoshop and the ineptitude of the individual commissioned to create this piece. Marvel at the odd character placement! Gaze in awe at the odd proportions. In short, scratch your head over all the crap going on in this thing. This is where I start to beg...

Dear Disney/Marvel. The Avengers movie is something your fans have been awaiting for years. You have a LEGION of outstanding artists out there who love the subject matter...please, for the love of God, put them to work. Hold a out to fans to show off their work and put the best stuff on the Avengers website. Hell, if Disney fails to do this I put the call out right now. We can't let the Avengers movie be released with THIS as a key work of art next to all that lousy style guide imagery we've been seeing on packaging.

End of nerd rant.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rufus Dayglo's Solid Gold Death Mask

The artist who breathed new life into Tank Girl (aka my very favorite female super punk of all time) is back with a project of his own design. Rufus Dayglo posted this today...

"I'll be teaming up with the amazing threeA to release SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK, my brand new project! threeA will be publishing the hard copy books AND producing TOYS... I'm so bloody excited!!!I'm working on toy designs right now, and as you know threeA make the best toys in the world!!! We'll be making more announcements and showcasing art, and sculpts at threeA's reVENTURE HK show on April 27th-4th May in Hong Kong!!! I'll hopefully have a few exclusive goodies to give away too!

Roll on reVENTURE!!!! See you there."

You'll note threeA is the crazed bunch of toy creators who pump out amazing, massive robots with the super power to drain your wallet instantly with 100 to 300 dollar price tags. You've got to pay more for quality! threeA were set to make Tank Girl figures with Rufus sketching out all the angles but sadly, licensing got in the way, which reveals a dark future for anyone else even thinking of a Tank Girl action figure attempt. I hate when suits get in the way of greatness. WHO THE HELL ELSE IS GOING TO ATTEMPT A TANK GIRL FIGURE??!!

Rufus gives a little insight into the project..

"The idea had been to give it away online at in weekly little installments, then collect it as Books (real books) with special things in it like exclusive art, and stories, sketched and signed. 3A will be doing toys, and merch, which of course they are the Kings of!

SGDM is the story of 2 sisters, the daughters of a Death Goddess, who's been murdered.
Taken in by by penguins, and a monkey, they use their special skills as agents of...err.. the penguins. As you do. The sisters don't exactly see eye to eye... on anything... so sibling rivalry and attempted murder is a daily problem. SGDM will involve murder, betrayal, psychotic penguins, tea parties, luke warm tea and many many dodgy haircuts."

SOLD! Check in with Rufus on the regular for updates on this book and toy line, keep an eye on the official website and "Like" the Facebook page!Link

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Reveals The Rhino

June 26th is still miles away, but video game developer Beenox obviously want to get in on the post Toy Fair buzz, so they've slid one of their biggest baddies front and center. Get ready for RHINO!!

At first glance, Rhino seems like nothing more than an angry, mindless cross of rhinoceros and human DNA, bent on mowing over anything or anyone stupid enough to stand in his way. His mere appearance is known to scare many into believing that Rhino and all cross-species are abominations that must be destroyed. Yet, the few who have looked into his eyes (and survived) have reported their surprise in sensing a degree of humanity there. Almost a sadness.

Unlike all of the other cross-species, which were created after Curt Connors terrorized the city as the Lizard, Rhino was the result of a pet project belonging to a corrupt Oscorp executive with access to Connors’ research. Abusing this access, he applied this top-secret knowledge to black-market dealings.

Without the knowledge or consent of his superiors at Oscorp, the executive forcefully enlisted the help of Dr. Michael Morbius, threatening to end the reclusive biochemist’s career if he refused to help. Morbius reluctantly complied, applying the rhinoceros DNA with which the executive supplied him to a cross-species serum similar in nature to Connors’ own for the Lizard.

The next step was to test the serum, and the executive’s underworld clients were all too happy to provide his oblivious human test subject: a low-level thug named Aleksei Sytsevich. If it worked, the mafia would have a new weapon on its hands; if great loss.

After an excruciatingly painful transformation, Sytsevich was now a hybrid of man and rhinoceros, ready to tear apart anything in his path – the executive’s clients would be pleased. That is, if they are ever to receive their investment…

Obviously, this isn't the big thug bonded to a super suit we grew up with! Stephane Gravel, a Producer at Beenox and Chris Baker, Interactive Manager at Marvel comment...

Stephane: Rhino is one of the most recognizable villains of Spidey’s infamous rogues gallery. We’ve taken a fresh approach to Rhino, inspired by the tone of the movie. His origin is more grounded, more realistic. He’s a grittier, more animalistic and more visceral version of Rhino, his thoughts complicated by a vague sense of who he used to be and overwhelming feelings of fear and sorrow.

Chris: I’m definitely excited about how this new approach manages to honor both the new movie’s universe and the character’s comic book roots. But honestly, the most exciting thing is his appearance, and Beenox has simply created the most fearsome-looking interpretation of Rhino I’ve ever seen. When it comes to character design, these guys really excel.

Amazing Spider-man Rhino RAMPAGE!! by Nomadixxx

Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl

From pioneering the independent rap hustle to starting his own festival, Cali emcee Murs has always been a trailblazer. To that end, he proudly presents Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl, a brand new album and graphic novel available exclusively through Kickstarter. The album and novel unite to tell the story of Yumiko “Yumi” Morales; a lost soul working as a merch girl for her boyfriend's touring hip-hop-funkadelic-party band "Murder Acts", but ends up caught in a supernatural thrill ride when she's left alone in a small strange town. It seems that only a bizarre opening act comprised of uncanny, mysterious figures have a clue to what is happening to her, and what she must do to stop it.

The 124-page graphic novel is illustrated by Jose Garcia, written by Josh Blaylock and the ten-song album - whose lyrics are printed in their entirety throughout the novel - is produced entirely by DJ Foundation. Yumiko is available only via the project's Kickstarter page, where a range of different pledge options will get you everything from the novel and CD to exclusive apparel, custom download cards illustrated by David Mack and Jim Mahfood, and a personal thank-you note and Twitter follow from Murs. Followed by the release of the album and book, an animated music video will officially be unveiled at Murs' party during the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. "Yumiko is hip hop and comics done correctly," says Murs of the project. "Comics have always been a huge inspiration to me. And having the chance to publish my own comic is truly an honor. Working with my partners to create this book was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to making our dream a reality with the help of the fans." Murs can also be seen reviewing recent issues of Batman, Catwoman and Wolverine for G4TV's Fresh Ink Online blog.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : G.I. Joe Retaliation

Our favorite sons & daughters of liberty are on the Linkmarch again and headed straight for movie theaters! Hasbro celebrates this second outing (which we sure as hell hope is better than the first attempt) with a giant sized line of action figures, vehicles, role play and gear to get you screaming YO JOE! randomly on the street, thus eliminating any chance for a mate in the near future, lest they be yelling YO JOE as well. It could happen! Girls like GIJoe too. For those of us at the Idle Hands offices, this new film also celebrates the release of Bruce Willis and RZA action figures!!! Does Cobra stand a chance? Come on now. John McClane and WUTANG ain't nuthin ta fuck wit. I'll admit the White House does look pretty damn awesome with COBRA flags draped down the front. Let's get down to the merch, which is set to hit stores May 30th...

note: Hasbro & Paramount actually developed a sort of martial arts called Battle Kata which you'll see me reference below in places. In the film story, Road Block has been trained by Snake Eyes, so adding to his combat training you get an infusion of a military martial arts style. Not only is this a fluid set of moments designed for combat in constant motion, but incorporates special gear. Every character that utilizes Battle Kata has a vest that contains everything they need for lethal combat for ease of access. For instance, combat begun with two 45's can shift to close combat with knives by jettisoning the barrel and bringing the handles to the back where they lock into sword blades. Some of the role play items incorporate this.

G.I. JOE SNAKE EYES NINJA GEAR : (Approximate retail price: $24.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Gear up and get ready to take on the role of iconic Ninja-Commando SNAKE EYES from the G.I. JOE team. With the G.I. JOE SNAKE EYES NINJA GEAR set, kids can wield an electronic sword with authentic ARASHIKAGE design, which features special lights and ninja battle sounds, a SNAKE EYES role-play mask, and two NINJA THROWING STARS allowing them to play the part of their favorite Ninja hero.

G.I. JOE BATTLE-KATA BLASTER : (Approximate retail price: $14.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Kids will love to role-play the ROADBLOCK character’s unique fighting style with the G.I. JOE BATTLE-KATA BLASTER toy. Featuring a 2-in-1 battle combo with interchangeable BATTLE-KATA blaster and ‘blade’ modes—kids can defend their heroic team against the vile enemy insurgents of COBRA. Includes three dart projectiles.

G.I. JOE NINJA COMMANDO BLASTER : (Approximate retail price: $24.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Enjoy the latest in G.I. JOE role-play technology with the G.I. JOE NINJA COMMANDO blaster! Defeat the COBRA enemies with this multi-dart, pump-action blaster which features a targeting lens to spy the enemy and helps you aim the projectiles like the very best snipers the G.I. JOE team has ever seen! Includes ten dart projectiles and targeting screen.

G.I. JOE BLADE OF JUSTICE : (Approximate retail price: $14.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Replicate your favorite Ninja moves with the highly detailed, ARASHIKAGE-authentic G.I. JOE MOVIE BLADE OF JUSTICE sword used by two of the most iconic ninjas ever, SNAKE EYES and STORM SHADOW, in G.I. JOE RETALIATION.

G.I. JOE MOVIE NINJA COMMANDOS : (Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Get ready for the next phase in G.I. JOE action figure evolution with the G.I. JOE NINJA COMMANDO figures! The NINJA COMMANDO figures are 10-inch large-scale figures that feature quick-draw BATTLE-KATA and Ninja action. With the press of a button, figures magically “grab” weapons to arm themselves for battle. (This description does the feature no justice. Snake Eyes reached over his shoulders and BAM, two swords loaded into his hands and he is ready for battle. Such a fluid action, it is actually shocking they got a toy to do that.) Figures also feature electronic sound effects and phrases available for in pack “Try Me.” Choose from the iconic Ninja SNAKE EYES and BATTLE-KATA skilled ROADBLOCK. (Figures sold separately.)

G.I. JOE MOVIE 3.75-INCH ACTION FIGURES Assortment : (Approximate retail price: $7.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - The live-action G.I. JOE movie, G.I. JOE: Retaliation, won’t hit theaters until June 2012, but you don’t need to wait to see the stars from the movie cast as G.I. JOE characters. The G.I. JOE brand invented the action figure category more than 45 years ago, and the G.I. JOE MOVIE 3.75-INCH action figures continue this great legacy. Figures are sculpted to match their on-screen counterparts, including Dwayne Johnson as ROADBLOCK, Channing Tatum as DUKE, and Bruce Willis as Joe Colton. Each figure comes with off-the-floor play such as ninja zip lines and projectile launchers. Multiple waves are set to be released throughout the summer and fall 2012. (Figures each sold separately.) Over 50 figures are set to be released, including basic figures and multi packs. Characters for Wave 1 include Road Block, Snake Eyes with high wire accessory for "side of a mountain ninja butt kicking action", a new version of Cobra Commander, Duke, Storm Shadow with high wire accessory, Zartan with multiple masks and a light-pipe feature to make his eyes glow, G.I. Joe Trooper army builder with multiple accessories like helmets and an armor shielding that resembles a cape to make your batch look as distinctive as possible, Cobra Trooper army builder with a fabric parachute and a Red Ninja. Wave two (July) includes Battle Kata Road Block, Firefly (Ray Stevenson) with a weaponized sled and translucent hands that light up when attached to the sled like he is powering up (?!), Flint with a zip line accessory, Ninja Duel Snake Eyes and Camo Storm Shadow with a zip line accessory. In August, we get Joe Colton (Bruce Willis), Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki), Alley Viper, Cyber Ninja, Dragon Ninja, Kim Arashikage (Hasbro can not use the name Jinx on the figure, but she is called that in the movie), Blind Master (RZA) with a 9 rings Dynasty Sword, the big gold hat with blades that swing out and more classic Kung Fu weaponry you'll spot, a Crimson Guard with a label sheet allowing you to customize his insignias for faction/ rank identification and such and a Night Viper.

G.I. JOE ALPHA VEHICLES Assortment : (Approximate retail price: $12.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - The G.I. JOE ALPHA VEHICLES assortment are the smallest and most covert of the G.I. JOE vehicles made for the 3.75-inch movie figures. These stealth vehicles are outfitted with universal projectiles, launchers, a surprise attack feature, and also come with a realistic articulated ride-on action figure that will help guide you through your action-packed adventures. (Vehicles each sold separately.) The Wheel Blaster bike will be able to launch its front wheel off and two more motorcycles for Snake Eyes and Flint.

G.I. JOE BRAVO VEHICLES Assortment : (Approximate retail price: $14.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - The G.I. JOE MOVIE BRAVO VEHICLES collection are mid-size vehicles inspired by the upcoming live-action G.I. JOE movie, G.I. JOE: Retaliation. Each represents the most technologically advanced vehicles in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA arsenal, including the NINJA COMMANDO 4X4 WITH SNAKE EYES and COBRA FANG BOAT WITH SWAMP VIPER and the Tread Ripper with Clutch. Each vehicle comes with an action figure to help steer your squadron to victory. (Vehicles each sold separately.)

note: the figures included with the Bravo and most likely the Delta Vehicles have far less articulation to keep the price point low.

G.I. JOE MOVIE DELTA VEHICLES Assortment : (Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - The G.I. JOE MOVIE DELTA VEHICLES collection includes the largest hero and villain vehicles inspired by the live-action G.I. JOE movie, G. I. JOE: Retaliation. Each represents the most technologically advanced vehicles in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA arsenal, including the G.I. JOE GHOST HAWK II, COBRA H.I.S.S. TANK and a Ninja Combat Cruiser. Each vehicle comes with an action figure to help steer your squadron to victory. (Vehicles each sold separately.)

note: 9 vehicles are set to see release.

G.I. JOE NINJA SHOWDOWN SET Assortment : (Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Summer 2012) - Kids can recreate the action-packed Ninja sequences of the upcoming live-action G.I. JOE movie, G.I. JOE: Retaliation or create their own adventures with these G.I. JOE sets. Each three-pack includes a three 3.75-inch action figures with off-the-floor action features. (each sold separately) Characters include Road Block, Snake Eyes, Beach Head, Red Ninja in a different deco than the single packed version, Agent Mouse, Night Ops Snake Eyes, Sgt. Airborne and a Cobra Invasion Team with Firefly, Storm Shadow, and a Shock Trooper parachute pack in red.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives!! : We'll see Kim Arashikage with card backs based off of the 80's action figure art in her Red Ninja (Jinx) gear and in white and unmasked with the likeness of the actress (Elodie Yung) in the new film. THEN...get ready for mind explodey. We will be getting a G.I. Joe/ Transformers Shockwave HISS Tank!! It seems Destro and Shockwave have struck a deal exchanging cash for energon cubes. We get a special Destro figure in a purple Decepticon inspired outfit, a cart with energon cubes, a suitcase full of cash with a Decepticon logo on the side, a HISS Tank/ Shockwave fusion vehicle (!!) annnnd a B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper) to do all the heavy lifting, deco'd to look like a constructicon! We also shot pics of a tiny little Soundwave boom box with tapes, but they didn't mention it at the presentation.

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