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Toy Fair 2012 : Mattel : Barbie

This one is gonna be a quickie since my eyeballs are slowly sliding out of my face holes. BARBIE!! She's a miracle. Now sing that to the tune of FLASH AHHHH and you'll get a laugh every time. Mattel continues Barbie's slow takeover of every job on the planet and every role ever created...everrrr..with all new Girlie Stuffs for 2012! Yay. Here's the loot. Scroll down to the bottom for a Flickr link for the eye candy. Also, some things don't have images available yet, so keep watching Idle Hands for pics from the actual show room. Also also, I left out info on anything listed as already released. Let's go Barbie!

Barbie® 3 Story Dreamhouse® : Every house needs an upgrade and the Barbie® 3 Story Dreamhouse® is no exception! Last year, Barbie® became an architect. This year, she’s renovated her own Dreamhouse® to be even dreamier. The fresh look features eye-popping pink columns and photo-real wallpaper. The new design has a more modern aesthetic but still has the same core play value that girls love. House features include three fabulous stories with lights and sounds providing a realistic home touch. $184.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie® Design & Dress Studio™ Doll : The possibilities are endless for Barbie® doll’s closet with the Barbie® Design & Dress Studio™ which lets girls design their very own fashions for Barbie® doll. The Design & Dress Studio™ comes with everything a girl needs to create customized fashions for Barbie® including cloth dress templates, stencils, fabric markers and decorative stickers. With infinite design possibilities, the studio gives girls the opportunity to become a real-life fashion designer while also nurturing their imagination and creativity. After the dress is customized, it easily tears away from the included ‘design paper frame’ to reveal a one-of-a-kind, wearable outfit for Barbie®. Doll set includes:
• Barbie® doll with dress
• 4 flat fashions
• 2 plastic stencils
• 1 holographic sticker sheet
• 3 marker pens
• 1 pair of shoes and necklace

$21.99 Available: December 2011

*Refill pack assortments available: $10.99

Barbie® Design & Dress Studio™ Refill Pack Assortment : Girls can continue the design fun by adding more details to their one-of-a-kind outfits with the Barbie® Design & Dress Studio™ Refill Pack. Each pack features a different design theme, stickers, foil decorations and ruffles/bows. Additionally, the packs feature easy-to-use materials and all the necessary tools needed to keep design play going. Includes three additional flat fashions. Each pack sold separately. $10.99 Available: December 2011

Barbie® Hair-tastic™ Color & Design Salon™ Doll : Barbie® Hair-tastic™ Color & Design Salon™ Doll allows girls to become the ultimate stylist with superstar client – Barbie®! Girls can add color, sparkles and designs directly onto Barbie® doll’s hair for extra flair. Using the included spray on color, stencils or by creating personalized freehand designs, girls can make their wildest hair styles become a reality. All color and design washes out allowing for endless hours of hair play fun like only Barbie® can provide. $26.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie® Hairtastic! ™ Cut & Style™ Doll Assortment : Every girl knows the perfect hair style makes a complete outfit. This year, Barbie® doll introduces an interactive way for girls to play and style Barbie® doll’s long locks with the Barbie® Cut & Style™ doll. Using the included pink “scissors“, girls can snip and style Barbie® doll’s hair into a super-sleek, high-fashion bob or use hair extensions to create a long style. Each doll comes with trendy fashions, hair piece-count and hair extensions for endless hours of homemade hair play. *Scissors do not have sharp edges. $17.99 Available: December 2011

Barbie® I Can Be™ Fashion Designer : Barbie® doll has always been a fashion icon, but this year Barbie® will be ‘behind the seams’ as Barbie® I Can Be…™ Fashion Designer. An iconic trendsetter and with more than 125 careers under her pink belt, Barbie® channels her inner artist to embark on an exciting career in fashion design. Just like competitive fashion shows on TV, Barbie® doll’s new career is fast paced and fun with lots of rewarding challenges. Dressed for success, Barbie® sports a chic black tunic with sparkly leggings for long drawn out design sessions. Tools of the trade such as a wearable wrist pincushion and a tape measure are included ensuring Barbie® gets the job done with style and flair. The designing doll also carries a tablet so she can sketch, style and research anywhere she finds imagination and inspiration. $13.99 Available: January 2012

Barbie® Jet Ski : Whether traveling by sea or plane, one thing is for sure - Barbie® is always traveling in style! The new Barbie® Jet Ski is a way for Barbie® sisters to make a stylish splash and create memories together. The brightly colored Jet Ski fits all four sisters with three seats (dolls click in place) and room for one to ride along on the attached floating inner-tube ring. Jet Ski really floats in water and includes one Stacie® doll. $26.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie® Puppy Play Park™ : In addition to spending time with her sisters, Barbie® doll loves spending time playing with her pups and teaching them new tricks. This storyline comes to life for girls with the new Barbie Puppy Play Park™ playset. Barbie® doll teaches her pups tricks and they actually respond! Barbie® claps and cheers on her pups as they react to the clicking and clapping sound by following Barbie®, sliding down the slide and fetching a ball. Girls also can activate the puppy by clapping. $26.99 Available: July 2012

Barbie® RC Convertible : Barbie® doll has had almost everything from a Dreamhouse® in Malibu to the perfect boyfriend, but she’s never had her own Remote Control convertible like this. Driving the Barbie® play experience onto new roads, this stylish ride can move forward and backward. Appropriately painted Barbie® Pink with sparkly accents and decals, this fashionable street-stopping two-seater will have girls racing Barbie® doll and friends around town (wearing the included seatbelts, of course). The Convertible is powered by 4 AA batteries and uses a pink handheld remote (requires 2 AAA batteries). Dolls sold separately. $31.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie® Sisters Cruise Ship : What’s better than a cruise? A cruise with your sisters and best friends! The new Barbie® Sisters Cruise Ship is a way for all four sisters to spend quality time together while traveling the high seas. From steering the ship as captain to being a passenger splashing around in the pool, there are endless opportunities for girls to create their own imaginative storylines and vacation fantasies. The Cruise Ship includes lots of unexpected pop-up compartments and play space with hidden decks, panels, umbrellas, lounge chairs, a swing and more. The ship features a large pool (for real water play) with water slides the sisters can race down. This stylish vessel folds up for quick and easy storage - saving space for the Barbie® Dreamhouse®, Car and Ken®! All aboard! Dolls sold separately. $89.99 Available: July 2012

Barbie® Sisters Golf Cart™ : Golf carts have never been more glamorous! The Barbie® Sisters Golf Cart™ lets Barbie® sisters hit the greens in style, cruising around in a golf cart built for four. With moving wheels and pretty decals, this pink and blue vacation ride can take Barbie® sisters on hole-in-one fun! Skipper® doll included. $26.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie™ in a Mermaid Tale 2 DVD : Surf’s up for Barbie™ when she returns in her first sea-quel™as Merliah™, the fun and fashionable surf champion from Malibu who’s secretly a mermaid princess. Merliah™ and her friends from Barbie™ in a Mermaid Tale make a splash when she heads to Australia for a major surf competition. The adventure starts when the evil mermaid Eris escapes from her whirlpool with plans to take over the throne of Oceana. Merliah™ and her sea friends dive in to stop her, saving the day down under! In this new adventure, Merliah™ learns that anything is possible when you stay true to yourself. $14.95 Available: March 2012

Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar Diamond Fairy Assortment : Girls will love playing out the magic of “Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar” with the Diamond Fairy assortment. With fun colored hair, sparkle wings and music-inspired outfits, these adorable mini fairies are perfect for little hands!. $6.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar DVD : In “Barbie™ The Princess & The Popstar,” Barbie™ plays princess Tori™ who dreams of leaving her royal life for the life of her favorite popstar Kiera™. Simultaneously, Kiera™ is tired of performing and her superstar lifestyle and dreams of becoming a real-life princess. The two find each other and magically trade places. However, not everything is as easy as it seems. The two girls soon learn that it’s better to be yourself and come to appreciate the lives they had before the transformation. Girls and moms will love the fun music with classic tunes re-written in Barbie™ style with eye popping animation this will become a new Barbie™ film favorite! $14.99 Available: September 2012

Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar Keira™ Doll : In the new movie “Barbie™ The Princess & The Popstar,” Tori™ dreams of singing and dancing like her favorite popstar Keira™, while Keira™ dreams of becoming a princess like Tori™. Just like in the film, the Keira™ doll transforms from popstar to princess. Kiera™ doll trades in her purple hair and performance outfit for sophisticated princess-worthy brunette locks and a fancy ball gown. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Kiera™ doll will “sing” two songs from the DVD $25.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar Lights & Music Castle : Every princess needs a castle! Girls will spend endless hours reliving their favorite movie moments from “Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar” with this magical mini-castle. Containing three floors of fun, light-up musical note stairs and a stage that plays music, this castle is the ultimate in performance, friendship, fashion and house play. Perfect for small doll play, it takes up minimal floor space for mom. Set includes two mini-dolls. $49.99 Available: June 2012

Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar Tori™ Doll : In the new Barbie™ DVD, “Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar,” Barbie™ takes center stage starring as Tori™, a royal princess who dreams of becoming a popstar. Just like in the film, Tori™ doll trades in her blonde locks and ball gown for rockin’ pink hair and a concert-chic outfit. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Tori™ doll will “sing” two songs from the DVD. $25.99 Available: June 2012

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