Thursday, May 29, 2014

HBO Prepares For The Final Season Of True Blood

At the conclusion of season six of TRUE BLOOD, Sookie was forced to take a hard look at her future. Bill discovered that salvation comes at a price. And Eric’s ultimate fate remained a mystery. Meanwhile, the town of Bon Temps braced itself for a new crisis that would threaten humans and vampires alike.

TRUE BLOOD returns for its ten-episode, seventh and final season SUNDAY, JUNE 22 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO, followed by other new episodes on subsequent Sundays at the same time. Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, the series takes place in a world where vampires and humans co-exist, after vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The series follows waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Created by Alan Ball, the show is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Time For The Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!

And now...for something completely different...but like other stuff you love...but completely different.

The Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! pilot for Adult Swim has been cast and is currently in production. Danger Maiden Productions' Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt will executive produce and star alongside original Team Unicorn member Milynn Sarley (How I Met Your Mother) and Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show) as both Team Unicorn and their cartoon counterparts. Jane Lynch (Glee) voices the villainous Dark Puba, Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory) voices her sidekick, Chummy Cherub, Tara Strong (The Fairly Odd Parents) voices Billy, the boy with the ability to summon Team Unicorn, and Kevin Shinick (Mad) is the show's announcer, a staple of the cartoon shows that inspired the pilot.

The "This Is Where I Leave You" Trailer

Sometimes I like super heroes and sometimes I like monsters ripping people in half and some days...I love the sappy touchy feely but still funny stuff. ...This is the latter.

SDCC 2014: Mattel's Masters of the Universe Exclusives

Knowing Mattel, this surely won't be the end of their San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exclusives announcements, so be sure to keep checking back! For now, we've got a nice collection of announcements to share with you, alongside some live pics we scored, so we may as well get this party started. Shall we?

Let's kick things off with Masters of the Universe...

Hot Toys on Disney's Maleficent

Just a teaser for now, but you know this is going to make your brains leak out your ears when you see it, so prepare yourself!

Discovery Times Square Launches Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. This Friday

Discovery Times Square, in association with Victory Hill Exhibitions and Marvel Entertainment and in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Academy of Sciences, announces the world premiere of Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. The highly anticipated new exhibition, based on the global box-office smash film franchise: Marvel’s The Avengers, will premiere on May 30, 2014 at Discovery Times Square in New York City. Tickets are on sale now.

Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) is a completely immersive, interactive exhibit experience that brings visitors into the world of The Avengers. Leading EdTech innovator Gamedesk created S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based educational pathways for the exhibition, bringing to life the science behind Marvel Super Heroes and allows fans to participate in a simulated recruitment, as if they were being trained as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hasbro's Guardians of the Galaxy Toys Sneaking Out

In the toy industry, "release date" is a term used loosely, and often produces a chuckle from fans in particular. A hard release date, even printed on the side of a box for all Walmart employees to read, tends to act as no more than a suggestion in a lot of territories. Hell, even a register not being able to ring up a toy doesn't stop these bad boys from going home with collectors who just can't stop hugging their new purchases all the way home. THUS is the case of our new friend Anthony at Ant Reviews...who no doubt braved spikey pits of famished alligators, walls that spit poison darts and tribes of angry marketing executives looking to tear his heart out (KALIMAAAA!!!) to score the FIRST Guardians of the Galaxy 6 inch action figures...or he just ordered em on the interwebs. Either or. Anthony is now the proud owner of Nova (the comic book version, as he's not in the films... yet) and Star-Lord. Let's see what he thought of his new prizes...

A LEGO Batman 3 Trailer

 My first realization that comes along with this that I totally missed 2. Bad geek. My second is that it's interesting to see the mandate that all designs moving forward be NEW52 style is still in effect across the board...and my third that, like the Batman v Superman film, this may very likely be an unofficial Justice League LEGO video game....and I'm all for it! Dive in below for the trailer!

Superjail Season 4 Preview

You've still got a full 22 or so days until Cartoon Network's Adult Swim launches the 4th blood soaked season of SUPERJAIL!! ...but today, the crew gave us a look at two episodes so we'll weigh in on whether the show has jumped the mutated, half robot shark or is still as ultra psychotic as it ever was.

It's the latter. you can go about your day feeling warm and fuzzy. Want specifics? OK then. I always knew you were high maintenance.

The Four Horsies of the Pocalypse

We don't often cover Kickstartery fundraisers, mainly because doing so opens the floodgates to mail from all points and all manner of projects from the ill conceived to slightly off putting. It's like attempting to feed a single crumb to a single bird in the park. You get my meaning. Today, we take a look at a project powered by proven professionals in the toy we know they are capable of taking it from A to Z with zero shortcuts and no chance of shady dealings. This one is for the Cthulhu fans, the horror fanatics, the collectors of the creepy cute and all those out there that look at My Little Pony and long to see them spit fire and bring about the end of all creation. Get ready for MADDIE, the mentor of the FOUR HORSIES OF THE POCALYPSE!! Be sure to watch the vid damn fun...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Mystery Minis

Marvel's Cosmic Universe just got miniaturized! Heroes and Villains from this summer's highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy have been materialized into Mystery Minis! Featuring the Cosmos most nefarious villains: Ronan the Accuser and Nebula; as well as ALL the Guardians!

The rarity scale is the same for each character! Collect them all! The lineup includes...

SDCC 2014: Mezco's Rebel Frankenstein Exclusive

A San Diego Comic Con Exclusive should always be something your fans will instantly start squirreling away money for, and yet not be so unique that missing out on it leaves a giant gap in a collection that eventually makes that collector ditch the whole line. Mezco have always been highly skilled at choosing the right pieces to bring to the biggest geekfest on the planet, creating variants (in size and deco) that amp up your desire through their inventive details rather than presenting you with the ultimatum "GET THIS TOY OR YOUR COLLECTION IS FOREVER WORTHLESS!!" Rebel Frankenstein is the perfect example of that. Begin the wanting...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Steampunk World's Fair 2014

Every year, it seems that there are more and more comic conventions popping up the extent that we'll soon be able to boast a comic con within an hours drive of EVERY HUMAN BEING IN least once a year. Alongside these geekfests we have the ever present horror cons..and the anime cons..and those specialty cons for fans one ONE specific show where you pay to enter, get photos, get the photos signed, touch your favorite star, say three words to them..and so on til you're broke. Amid all this convention fun, one show will always stand out for me as a place where the folks are friendliest, the costumes range from "maximum fun with 2 minutes effort" to "holy damn that must have taken you a year" and wall to wall entertainment is available all day long.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Superjail Season 4 Coming June 15th

Superjail! is back on a parole violation, and ready to shake your senses silly with six brand new episodes that will have you thanking your lucky stars for life on the outside.

In Superjail!’s fourth season, the Warden’s promenade of death-prone prisoners will fall victim to countless animated atrocities—from hellfire to space sickness; from spiteful skies to rampaging redneck lizards; from frightening fairy tales to the terrors of tobacco withdrawal—and every possible act of ultra-violence in between.

WWE Studios and Lionsgate Partner On "Action Six-Pack"

Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the premier next generation global content leader, and WWE Studios (NYSE: WWE) are extending their longstanding partnership to encompass six new action films which will serve as starring vehicles for WWE Superstars as well as incubators for new and emerging talent, the two companies announced today.

The popular directing team of Jen and Sylvia Soska (SEE NO EVIL 2, AMERICAN MARY) will return to the WWE Studios and Lionsgate fold to direct VENDETTA, the first installment of the “Action Six-Pack” series, which will commence photography this summer and feature WWE Superstar Big Show® (YAY SOSKAS!). The second installment of the "Six-Pack" series, which is currently in development, will commence photography this fall.  WWE Studios will leverage its extensive multi-platform reach to promote each film.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man

"Marvel and Edgar Wright jointly announced today that the studio and director have parted ways on ANT-MAN due to differences in their vision of the film. The decision to move on is amicable and does not impact the release date on July 17, 2015. A new director will be announced shortly."

Special Edition: NYC this June 14-15

ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events including New York Comic Con, is expanding its event offerings and getting back to its roots with the creation of Special Edition: NYC. Held in the birthplace of comics, –New York City, the inaugural event is scheduled to take place on June 14-15 at Javits Center North.

This new comic book festival will provide fans the opportunity to connect with artists, socialize with fellow collectors in a unique setting and search for those always hard to find back issues. The event is a pure celebration of comic book culture created specifically for die-hard comic book fans, creators and publishers.

SDCC 2014: Hasbro's Marvel Action Figure Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con!! Good lord....I don't even want to think about this massive comic convention yet, but it's coming, and nothing is going to stop it. USAToday, that geek mecca of pop culture plastics news, has revealed two of Hasbro's San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exclusives. These come from the ever present Marvel Universe and both focus on their newest would-be cinematic titan...THANOS! Could you tell Hasbro is ready to celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy?

Marvel's Avengers Assemble: The Cabal Take On The Cosmic Skull

Last week it was all out war as The Avengers fought vampires, Atlanteans, AIM, MODOK and The Red Skull all at the same time. Fortunately for our heroes, bad guy team-ups are short lived when giant sized egos and ambitions of world domination get in the way... which brings us to this week and The Cabal (made up of Hyperion, Attuma and Dracula) going head to head with the now COSMIC Skull! It's going to be a family friendly slugfest fo sho.

Little Itty Bitty X-Men: Days of Future Past Figures

In the world of collectibles, the smaller you go in scale, the larger a universe you can build. Marvel Legends 6 inch figures boast a large array of characters, but even after years of production, there are still a ton of holes to be filled. Marvel Universe has been around for a fraction of that time and they probably can claim a larger array of characters from main stream to obscure. Head on down to Diamond Select's Marvel Minimates and you'll find a crazy massive army comprised of the entire history of your favorite core characters, story arc specific groupings and mega obscure creations found in three comics tops. Today, our journey delves into the teeny tiny world of Wizkids HeroClix, the only place you'll find both future and past COMIC ACCURATE crews including a complete Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Here's the rundown via

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Love She-Hulk...But Not In That Way

Hi. I'm Paul Nicholasi, editor of Idle Hands and the guy that posts most of the things you see here. If it's super snarky, it's probably fallen out of my mouth. Yesterday, we were made aware of some comments from uber film and comic book writer David Goyer that irked me to no end. Let me lay this out for you.

*Warning: Strong Language Ahead*

The Mary Sue reported Goyer took part in an interview panel of screenwriters before a live audience, held by an outlet called Scriptnotes. Goyer has his hands on many a DC film project these days, and so it wasn't long before those involved were doing anything they could to squeeze a sense of what these upcoming films would be like from the man, without outright jedi mindtricking him into spilling the beans on the films directly. As conversation dipped into each well known comic book character (even beyond the DC Comics stable), the topic moved from Hulk to She-Hulk...and that's when things took a hard left turn.

The Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer is LIVE

Oh man. From the day we heard Disney was folding Marvel Comics into their loving tentacles, we wished for one thing over all. DISNEY ANIMATED MARVEL MOVIES!!! Amazing ones...ones that made us remember the killer animation of Transformers the movie. Mind blowing ones that show the sense of humor, heart and superb artistry of Toy Story. Today, we take one step closer to that reality with the first trailer for BIG HERO 6! ain't Power Pack...but it's a start!

With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6” is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius—thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their like-minded friends: adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to his closest companion—a robot named Baymax—and transforms the group into a band of high-tech heroes determined to solve the mystery.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Ape Evolution Video

Good Afternoon, extras junkies!! Today, we fast forward to a magical time in our not so distant future, sometime after we've drank our fill of a new film and had three days to process it before the super mega ultra Blu-ray combo pack hits stores at a super low discount price! On these magical disks, if we choose wisely, we'll find amazing extras, including my favorite features in the world...a look at the actors running through scenes, voicing CGI characters or, in the case of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, actually becoming the apes starring in the film. THE FUTURE IS WONDERFUUUULLLL!! Hit the jump for a sneak peek at Andy Serkis and company getting hairy...

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Character Posters

It won't be long before we get a return trip to the gritty, blood soaked streets of Frank Miller's Sin City...and it looks to be just as insane, bullet ridden, back stabbing and freakishly fun as we remembered. The release date is August one more awesome comic book movie to drop onto your calender. Today, Dimension Films slides over some new poster art to rev up the "wanting" centers of your cranium...

Battle Royale: Angels' Border Coming June 17th

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the release on June 17th of BATTLE ROYALE: ANGELS’ BORDER, a new one-shot manga (graphic novel) written by Koushun Takami, author of the original BATTLE ROYALE novel.

BATTLE ROYALE: ANGELS’ BORDER debuts in print from the VIZ Signature imprint, is rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens, and will carry an MSRP of $12.99 U.S. / $14.99 CAN. The new single-volume release reveals for the first time in graphic novel form the full story and grisly demise of the girls in the lighthouse that was so memorably featured in the original BATTLE ROYALE book and live-action film. BATTLE ROYALE: ANGELS’ BORDER features artwork by Mioko Ohnishi and Youhei Oguma.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Reviewed

This one snuck up on some...sneaky DVD release that, for some mysterious reason, no one wanted you to question!! Yeaa...we'll go with that. Was this the beginning of a "Super Friends Power Hour" for a new generation??!! Was this to be the start of a series of direct to DVD releases aimed at a younger audience while we still enjoy our ridiculously (often) morose tales of the DC Universe??!! Welp, I've not done the googling, and I can't recall anyone uncovering the truth behind the stealth release of JLA: Trapped in Time but I'm here to say...they are onto something.

The story begins with the Legion of Doom attempting to grow the polar ice caps resulting in the Earth's water levels lowering, thus creating new land masses owned by Lex Luthor in a stunt that would make the creators of the original Superman movie blush with pride. Without revealing too much, the Justice League shows up to unleash righteous hell upon the Legion (on the ground and in space), causing random chaos that leaves Lex entombed in ice. Flash forward to an odd future where people keep dangerous objects on display for all to poke at....because we are civilized now, god damnit. Long story short, Lex is freed by some rambunctious, would be Legion of Super Heroes members, steals a time portal device, along with it's super creepy captive, and heads for the past where he will rid the world of Superman ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Die Antwoord's Pitbull Terrier Video

With Pitbull FX by the legendary Steve Johnson!

New Stills From Disney/ Marvel's Big Hero 6

The November 7th release of Big Hero 6 (the first Marvel feature length animated Disney project) is still a looooong ways away, and until then, we still have Guardians of the Galaxy to quench our insatiable thirst for more Marvel movies! Be that as it may, Disney still thought it best to start the slow roll out of images for a project we know very little about, save for the tiny outline below. Will other known Marvel Comics characters make appearances? What about cameos or mentions of Marvel Studios super stars??  WILL THIS BE A COHESIVE PART OF THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE????!!!! Overstimulated.....slowing down heart below...

The Amazing World of Gumball Joins Boom Studios

Join Gumball, Darwin, and all of their friends as they take on their next extraordinary adventure—comics! This June, KaBOOM!, an award-winning imprint of BOOM! Studios, and Cartoon Network Enterprises, the licensing and merchandising arm of the network, team up to bring you THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, an ongoing comic book series based on the hit animated show created by Ben Bocquelet about a quirky family living in a mixed-media world. Gumball Watterson thinks he’s the coolest kid on the block, but his little sister Anais begs to differ, and Darwin just wants to keep them all out of trouble. Popular webcomic creators Frank Gibson (ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL) and artist Tyson Hesse (BRAVEST WARRIORS) bring their wacky adventures to life in comics for the first time!

Domo Joins The Ghostbusters

The Internet and social media meme that has become a mascot for the millennial generation – Domo - is crossing streams with one of the most iconic film franchises of the past 30 years – Ghostbusters – in a new consumer products line that will put a smile on the face of pop-culture fans everywhere.  This supernatural entertainment mash-up takes a fresh approach to the Ghostbusters franchise blending both classic and new with cross generational appeal casting Domo in a line of collectibles and plush for a limited time only. The line, made possible through an agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products as brokered by Big Tent Entertainment, is slated to hit shelves in fall 2014.
The line will concentrate on those eccentric characters from the franchise, namely Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, best suited to stand alongside the enigmatic furry brown Domo, and will cast them in instantly recognizable scenes from the film.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted” on Blu-ray & DVD August 12th

The Muppets are back in the globe-trotting, star-studded musical comedy adventure Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted,” available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD, DVD, Disney Movies Anywhere, and On-Demand August 12th, 2014, from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (Click HERE to pre-order for $15 off!). Starring Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey, this must-own family film makes its in-home debut with THREE versions of the film: The Original Theatrical Cut, the Statler and Waldorf Cut,  and The Unnecessarily Extended Cut, featuring hilarious bonus content, plus more music, more mayhem, and more Muppets!

A NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Forget Captain America: Winter Soldier (even though it was fraking awesome.) Forget Avengers't forget Avengers 2...but it IS a long long time from now, and more within reach are the adventures of THE AHOLES OF THE UNIVERSE!! Not since Serenity have we been able to cheer on the not so bad bad guys on the big you can imagine my excitement for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy! Hit the jump for the new trailer...

Bring Boxtrolls to Life!

In anticipation of Focus Features and LAIKA's new stop-motion animated film THE BOXTROLLS, we invite you to get creative and build your very own Boxtroll at One grand prize winner's Boxtroll will be brought to life as a real puppet by LAIKA artists, and other Box-tastic prizes are available!

An orphaned boy raised by underground creatures called Boxtrolls comes up from the sewers and out of his box to save his family and the town from the evil exterminator, Arichibald Snatcher.

VIZ Acquires Sailor Moon

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, is proud to announce the acquisition of the SAILOR MOON anime franchise. VIZ Media’s North American rights cover digital streaming, EST (Electronic Sell Through) and all home media products in the U.S. and Canada. Tokyo-based Toei Animation Co., Ltd. is the producer and global licensor for the SAILOR MOON anime property.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Reviewed

Going into a film, especially one based on a preexisting property, I'm usually able to do 2 things.

1. Piece together a story line from the endless trailers, clips and still photos released by the studio. These puzzle pieces also enable me to imagine where the rest of the film will go. Often, this is setting myself up for failure as, at the heights of my ego, I enjoy my own version of the film better than what actually happens.

2. Putting aside the direction a trailer/clips/stills seeks to steer you in all together, I'm able to formulate what tone I am expecting from a property. This is more a gut reaction than anything else.

Godzilla was a film so shrouded in mystery, you could not possibly hope to work out a story line beyond "Monsters attack...we do our best to NOT DIE". That very basic assessment would prove to be more complete than I could have dreamed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Extended Flash Trailer


After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his newfound powers, Barry is shocked to discover he is not the only "meta-human" who was created in the wake of the accelerator explosion -- and not everyone is using their new powers for good. Barry partners with S.T.A.R. Labs and dedicates his life to protect the innocent. For now, only a few close friends and associates know that Barry is literally the fastest man alive, but it won't be long before the world learns what Barry Allen has become...The Flash. Hit the jump for the awesome, awesome, awesome trailer!!

Black Dynamite Season 1 on Blu-ray & DVD 7/15

This July, bust out your best polyester pants suit because Black Dynamite and his crew are about to explode onto the scene in all-new Blu-ray and DVD release, Black Dynamite Season One (Click HERE to pre-order!). The inaugural home entertainment release from the top-rated Adult Swim series will be available to own on July 15, 2014. Featuring all ten 30-minute episodes from the series’ first season, the Blu-ray and DVD release also contains a host of bonus content including the original pilot, a behind-the-scenes featurette and video commentaries with series creator Carl Jones (The Boondocks) and cast members. Black Dynamite Season One will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.99 on Blu-ray and $29.98 on two-disc DVD set, with a retailer pre-order date of June 10.

A New Trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION is the fourth film in director Michael Bay’s global blockbuster franchise. Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Li Bingbing , Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, T. J. Miller, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and Titus Welliver star. The film begins after an epic battle that left a great city torn, but with the world saved. As humanity picks up the pieces, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history… while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world. Dive in below for the new trailer...

Avengers Assemble: The Avengers VS AIM, Vampires, Atlantis, MODOK & The Red Skull

When it rains, it pours, yea? This is exactly what The cartoony Avengers must be thinking as they take on multiple armies all at once in this latest clip from Disney XD's Marvel's Avengers Assemble!

BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of Marvel's Avengers Assemble this Sunday at 8am/7c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

Celebrate Godzilla Day with Diamond Select's Vinyl Figural Bank

GODZILLA DAY IS HEEEEERE!! It is the day I can give my beloved fellow journos the finger as I'm FINALLY seated for the 7pm screening of Godzilla...the film they watched a week ago...without me (rotten bastards). To celebrate and get us in a kaiju ass kicking mood, we take a closer look at Diamond Select's newest beast...the Godzilla Classic 1989 Vinyl Figural Bank!!

"This vinyl bank of the city-destroying and alien-fighting lizard called Godzilla is based on his appearance in the 1989 movie "Godzilla vs. Biollante"! Cast in sturdy vinyl, the bank features a coin slot on his back, as well as an access door hidden inside his removable tail! Stands 12 inches tall and measures 18 inchesto the tip of his tail! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JAN141921, SRP: $34.99)"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dissecting the Batman VS Superman Batman Outfit

Yesterday, Director Zack Snyder gave us a slight flash of the back end of his new Batmobile for the Batman Vs Superman film (aka The Justice League..or so we can assume since they've cast practically the whole bloody team). Of course, that was enough to set the geek world ablaze. Consensus of opinions..based on that sliiiiiver of vehicle peeking out from the tarp... it is probably a mix of the old school Burton Batmobile and the Nolan Tumbler. That profile certainly backs up that assessment. While giving this tiny peek, Snyder also teased he might show the whole thing today. What we got was a little different...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The First "Constantine" Trailer

First Impressions: Mixed feelings. It's clear they borrowed a lot from the movie a lot of you would like to forget, in order to incorporate an American character. Getting past all that, this TV Constantine might just have the charisma to pull it off! You'll also note that it looks like they put a significant amount of cash and talent behind making the project look fantastic...which will go a long way toward locking people in from day 1. Very wise move. Of course, if they don't go full on bastard with the character, they've missed why Hellblazer was published for so long in the first place...and if the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has taught us anything, it's the time of the Ahole! Bring John Constantine to TV in all his punk rock, gritty, shit-eating grin wearing glory and you'll have a hit on your hands. Fail to pull the trigger and you'll just have a poor substitute for Supernatural....which is still going strong. Hit the jump for the trailer...

Friday, May 9, 2014

Snowpiercer Looks INSANE

In the year 2014, to combat global warming, a chemical is released into the atmosphere, but with disastrous results. The world soon becomes completely covered in ice and snow.

Now in the year 2031, life on Earth is barren except on the train Snowpiercer. The train has been circling the world perpetually for years. The train has a 1001 coaches with passengers separated between the first class and coach. The first class passengers are wealthy patrons who paid for their expensive tickets when the train was first set to launch. Passengers in coach are free loaders who boarded the train out of sheer desperation. Life for the coach passengers are hellish as they are fed only a mysterious substance known as protein jelly and are kept in line by the threat of violence by security. A man from the coach section named Curtis then sets out to take over the engine room and free his people from the tyranny of the first class passengers. Meanwhile, a Korean man named Namgoong Min-Soo possesses inside knowledge on how to bypass the security systems found within each section of the train. Hit the jump for the trailer...

Want To Be On "Comic Book Men" Season 4?

Ever wanted to be on TV and felt the power of your geekiness alone should grant you this dream come true?'s your chance! Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men" is looking for a few good dorks to fill up their fourth season with shameless haggling over the ultimate in pop culture holy grails. Go something killer to sell? They want you. Searching for something at every comic convention but always come up short? KEVIN SMITH WANTS YOU. Seriously...he needs you bad. I'm just going to keep repeating it. It will never get un-funny. Jump in below for the full info...

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This looks ridiculously adorable...and I'm not ashamed to say it. Plus..pirate shirts rule.

Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”follows the exploits of 11-year-old Alexander (Ed Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life—a day that begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by one calamity after another. But when Alexander tells his upbeat family about the misadventures of his disastrous day, he finds little sympathy and begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him. He soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom (Jennifer Garner), dad (Steve Carell), brother (Dylan Minnette) and sister (Kerris Dorsey) all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a bad day just hasn't had one. Dive in for the trailer!

Lake Placid Collector's Edition Coming July 8

You’ll never know what bit you… It has existed prehistoric times and was worshipped by ancient cultures.  It can kill a man with one crushing bite!  This summer, one of the world’s oldest creatures has found a new home.  Written by David E. Kelley (Ally Mcbeal, Boston Legal) and directed by Steve Miner (Halloween H20, Friday The 13th Part 2), LAKE PLACID stars Bill Pullman(Independence Day, The Grudge), Bridget Fonda (Jackie Brown, Point of No Return), Oliver Platt (X-Men: First Class, TV’s Fargo) and Brendan Gleeson (Troy, The Village).  Brimming with heart-racing suspense and thrills, this bloody terrifying tale of man vs. nature and survival also co-stars Betty White (The Golden Girls) as the cantankerous Mrs. Bickerman. On July 8, 2014, SCREAM FACTORY™ will unleash LAKE PLACID COLLECTOR’S EDITION Blu-ray™ (click to pre-order at 10% off!), featuring insightful bonus content and all-new interviews with director Steve Miner, actor Bill Pullman, production designer John Willett and more. This definitive home entertainment release also contains a collectible cover featuring newly rendered artwork, a reversible cover wrap with original theatrical key art. A must-have for loyal fans, movie collectors and horror enthusiasts to complete their entertainment library, LAKE PLACID COLLECTOR’S EDITION Blu-ray is priced to own at $29.93 SRP.

Diamond Select Toys Launches Marvel Retro Line with the Amazing Spider-Man

For years, Diamond Select Toys (DST) has been re-creating the classic 8-inch, cloth-costume action figures of the 1970s, but one line has received more requests than any other: the Marvel Comics characters from Mego's World's Greatest Super-Heroes line. Today, DST is happy to announce a line of deluxe gift sets that are inspired by those classic figures, starting with the Amazing Spider-Man! (click HERE to pre-order!)

Painstakingly designed by the craftsmen at EMCE Toys, the Amazing Spider- Man will come as he first appeared in 1973, in his original "circle suit" costume. However, the head and costume will be removable, allowing you to use the additional heads, hands, outfits and accessories in the set to turn him into Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker, or a more modern comic version of the wall-crawler!

The Adventures of Batman on DVD June 3

One of America’s original crime fighting heroes is back to defend Gotham City as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases The Adventures of Batman. This animated television series was produced by Lou Schiemer’s Filmation Studios and features DC Comics favorites Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin. DC Comics fans won’t want to miss these classic action-packed shorts, available for the first time on DVD on June 3, 2014, for $19.97 SRP. (click HERE to pre-order for 36% off!)

The Adventures of Batman is an American animated television series produced by Lou Schiemer's Filmation Studios, which first broadcast as part of The Batman/Superman Hour in 1968.  Each of the 34 shorts features over-the-top characters and catchy dramatic music cues, giving this version of Batman a realistic look and feel—by cartoon standards of the day. The film’s colors are vibrant, exciting and truly exemplify the character of these original films.

Terry Crews To Host "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

Also known as "That time Paul was interested in watching a game show that didn't involve people being clobbered by giant foam doodads." Yup..just like that...TV game shows are interesting again. Next I'd like Gary Busey to host Family Feud. The potential here is astronomical.

Actor, author, fitness enthusiast, Old Spice pitchman and former NFL player Terry Crews will soon be adding “game show host” to his resume as he has been named the new host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” The multi-talented Crews will join the show beginning with its 13th season in national syndication in fall of 2014, it was announced today. 

Boom Studios Resurrects "Big Trouble in Little China"

“You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?” This June, BOOM! Studios will tell you just what ol’ Jack Burton says in his continuing adventures in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, a new, ongoing series from comics favorites Eric Powell (The Goon) and Brian Churilla (The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun). The cult-classic film combined ‘80s supernatural action with ‘70s kung-fu flicks, and BOOM! has the film’s original director, John Carpenter, working alongside Powell to bring that over-the-top spirit to the comic.

“It’s already been a rewarding journey bringing ol’ Jack Burton back for new adventures and we're just barely getting started,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon. “I have fond memories of watching BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, cracking up at Jack Burton and his plight. I always thought there were so many more stories to tell with that character and the world he inhabits. So putting together the amazing team of Eric and Brian for this series, along with the guidance of John Carpenter, has been a dream come true. Now everybody can truly relax. Jack’s here.”

Avengers Assemble: The Circus of Crime Attacks!

It's like a scene out of 66 Batman! The Incredible Hulk bashed by cymbals...Captain America bound and under water with only seconds to live...and Thor..being crushed by a tutu.'s a lot like Batman 66! A comic book universe is only as strong as it's charismatic villains....and the Circus of Crime has charisma in spades! They had always been one of my favorite foes from comics I read as a child, and this weekend, I get to see them unleash clowny hell on The Avengers!! So much fun! Dive in for a clip...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Usagi Yojimbo Returns

With more than two hundred issues and counting, Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is among comics’ most monumental achievements. In celebration of thirty years of the marvelous samurai rabbit saga, Usagi Yojimbo is set to return in an all-new six-issue miniseries, Usagi Yojimbo: Senso, followed by the debut of the Usagi Yojimbo Saga collection!

Twenty years in his future, Miyamoto Usagi fights as a general for Lord Noriyuki, against the treacherous Lord Hikiji. In the fury of the final battle, a metal rocket crashes to earth—and inside is an enemy that neither side could have ever imagined! Witness the final fates of your favorite Usagi characters, in this all-new samurai epic with a startling science fiction twist!

Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1 is on sale in comic shops everywhere August 6!