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Toy Fair 2011 : The Zombie Toypocalypse

Shamblers..Roamers..Sleepers..Crawlers..Twitchers These are all derogatory terms for the noble race called Undead Americans. In an effort to change the negative stigma a few bitey Zeds have cast on their brethren, the toy industry has joined forces to present lines of toys and action figures depicting these decaying unfortunates with honor and dignity. THIS is the year of the ZOMBIE TOY! (which is way different than that other year when NECA and Mezco had lines of zombie action figures. Totally different.)

(click the links for stacks of pics on our Flickr!)

McFarlane Toys have been the home for HALO action figures for some time now, but many of us remember then as the creators of Movie Maniacs, a line of 7 inch action figures celebrating the iconic, kill happy folks of film. Now the house that Todd built gets back to its bloody roots with The Walking Dead action figure lines based on both the original Image comic by Robert Kirkman and the AMC TV show. All figures are based on a 5 inch scale. Series 1 is a comic line with 2 humans and 2 zombies.. Rick Grimes, Michonne, Zombie Lurker and Zombie Roamer. The Human characters will have multiple points of articulation and multiple accessories. The Zombies will be less articulated but each will have a gorey play action feature. The Lurker will have removable intestines and popping off his upper torso makes him a Zombie Crawler! He's also got removable parts at the forearms, top of his head at the jaw line and such. The Zombie Roamer has a split open head (when you hit a lever on his back) sending blood and brains spewing out the top of his neck!! Series 2 is straight from the AMC TV show with another 2 humans and 2 zombies...Rick Grimes (sans hat and jacket with likeness of the actor, natch'), Daryl Dixon, Zombie Biter (the one eating the dear as played by FX Master Greg Nicotero ) and Zombie Walker (the one who I keep insisting looks like Zombie Brad Dourif/ the one that comes out of the bus when Rick gets into the city.) Series one hits this September with series 2 following in November. When asked about future waves and multi packs, McFarlane reps smiled, as they know full well that zombies sell, but they need to test the waters with retailers on the 4 figure lineups to kick things off. Strong sales will justify releasing hordes of undead plastic upon an eager public.

Over to NECA whom I'm 80% positive were equally eager to unleash undead plastics, but have settled for Mini Busts instead! Three busts kick off the line with the crawling half-a-female zombie from the pilot episode, the Dourif bus zombie and the deer eating zombie. Full size busts and masks are a possibility in the future.

NOTE: Dread Central is now reporting the TV show will return this July. YAY TV Zombies!

Proving you don't need to have a major TV or movie license to sell awesome zombies, we present to you, EMCE Toys!! The masters of MEGO-esque figures bring a little rot to their lineups with an 8 inch line called War of the Dead, based on the FearWerx online live action series. The line of four include a “Commando” with ultra-detailed SWAT uniform and weapons, a “Cadaver Disposal Technician” with HAZMAT suit, gas mask and complex acid spraying apparatus, a female “Researcher Zombie” with rooted hair, decayed face and a terrible scalp wound, and a “Construction Worker” with weathered and gory clothing, construction boots, safety vest and toolbelt. Not happy with EMCE's own decaying village people? Then we suggest you make your own damn corpse with EMCE's "Make your own Zombie" kit! The pack includes three Mego base bodies, five heads in varying states of decay, plus interchangeable arms, legs, hands and feet, as well as two sets of clothing and a DVD with painting and assembly techniques. For those looking for something a bit more classic and iconic, EMCE complete their Night of the Living Dead series with Barbra (as in "they're coming to get youuuu..") and Zombie Karen (the little girl in the basement). Karen will also make an appearance as a bobble head for Drastic Plastic. All items should be available this fall.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!! EMCE noted there was one glaring omission from our childhood mini figures of army men, cowboys and indians. ZOMBIES!! To rectify the situation, here comes a “Zombies Vs. Zombie Hunters” amy men set and glow-in-the-dark “Zombie Containment Units” (a toxic waste drum with 1 of 5 glow in the dark zombies in GID slime). On the other end of the spectrum, if you'd like to raise your children properly or just feel as if you are properly trained for the zombie apocalypse yourself, EMCE offers a small array of “Zombie Hunter” toy gun sets. Hit up Fourth Castle Micromedia for further info.

We round out our zombiepalooza with the company that does creepy cool like no other. MEZCO! Among the Living Dead Dolls and iconic screen baddies like Jason and Freddy were a small group of adorable rotting plush you won't be able to say no to. Zombie Creepy Cuddlers attack this September. You'll notice some areas where the plushy doll flesh has been stripped away, revealing corduroy to simulate musculature beneath! It's also worth noting that series 22 of the uber popular Living Dead Dolls seems to have a zombie theme with a tag line stating "When there's no more room in hell, dolls will walk the earth" below teaser art of little glowy eyed doll silhouettes stumbling through a darkened graveyard. Mezco also slipped a character named "Dawn" into their mini figurine line who looks a bit bitey, so keep your eyes peeled for her.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention our friends at, whom I covered pre-toy fair at Dread but didn't ahve time to hit up at the big show. The ZOMBIEZOO family of fun loving animals includes Boo the black cat, the natural born leader of the group, and Stich, a pig obsessed with hygiene. Along with their friends, Muck (Monkey), Rob (Rabbit) and Toxic (Snake), original (large) Zombies stand at 12 to 15 inches high, are made of soft fleece and have a lovable “Frankenstein” quality of stitching adorning their bodies and over-sized heads. Zombie minis, replicas of their larger siblings, stand 4-5 inches tall and include a handy clip to attach to backpacks, clothing, etc. All ZOMBIEZOO characters are available online and at specialty retailers. Individual Zombie minis are available without the DVD for $7.00 and as a gift set with all of the minis plus the DVD for $34.99. Large Zombies include the DVD Story book and personality tag, which hang around the neck; suggested retail price is $20.99. The personality tags tell their compelling stories to anyone who is looking for a friend and cuddly character to bring home.

McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Zombie Lurker Dismembered
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Toy Fair 2011 : Thundercats Unleashed

While popular media mine your childhood for new movies and cartoons (based on old cartoons), the toy companies snap up the rights and before long, the pegs of Toys R Us will start looking a bit familiar. Here's a preview of the next big thing, which you'll remember as the last big thing from over 20 years ago. THUNDERCATS!! (click the links for stacks of pics on our Flickr)

BANDAI scored a ton of attention before the big show even started this year as info leaked out of the UK Toy Fair. Their main focus is the new cartoon, for which we'll see 4 inch figures of iconic heroes including Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wily-Kit and Wily-Kat and the everliving evil of Mumm-Ra (Mummy form for 4 inch and beefed up for the deluxe figures) and Grune the Destroyer. Those deluxe figures have a light and sound feature built in. Grune comes with an expanding mace accessory while Mumm-Ra is wrapped in his wings until his magnet triggers the wings to explode out. Magnets in the back of each figure trigger action features in the vehicles and playsets as well. The 4 inch figures have around 12 points of articulation.

Basic figure and Vehicle packs kick off with two Thunder Bikes; one for Tygra with a light up laser and one for Lion-O with a drill (both activated by the magic of magnets. It's science, y'all.) You'll also see a Lizard Cannon with one of Slythe's Henchmen. Not to worry, Snarf hasn't been left out. He's included in the cockpit of the Thundertank, which fits the 4 inch figures. The tank features lights and sounds as well as two buttons on the back that launch Thunder Bikes out from under the claws. Those basic vehicle bikes actually fit under there! The eyes light up, the cockpit opens and when Snarf is in the driver's seat, the call to action sounds.

The Tower of Omens is the big playset for the 4 inch line packed with lights, sounds and action triggered by the magnets in each figure. The top of the tower has a projection feature which will project the TCats logo onto the wall, calling all feline warriors to battle. The tower also comes with an exclusive Lion-O figure, a working catapult and a small basic vehicle, modeled after the original Cat's Lair (for all you die hards.) My Bandai rep told me they are going to see about adding more paint details before final production, so this is NOT the final look of the Tower of Omens. Now the box says the whole tower playset converts into a hulking Thunder Vehicle, but my reps didn't mention it once, so we'll see if that makes the final cut to production.

The 6 inch line also focuses on the new show with more emphasis on articulation, detail and scale from figure to figure so that Lion-O is smaller than Panthro, and both cower in the shadow of Mumm-Ra! Each has around 16 points of articulation. If you want to bump that up to 18 points, you'll have to graduate to the Classic Thundercats 8 inch line. Why 8 inch? To pay homage to the original LJN line. Lion-O and Tygra will start this line off. Each come with key accessories for each character. These should hit around August with the rest of the lot.

For role play we'll see Lion-O's Claw Gauntlet you can wear on your arm or your hip and the Sword of Omens in dagger form which plugs into the claw and pops up with the push of a button. The main event is the full sized Sword of Omens with a hilt that pops up and says "Give me sight beyond sight!" in Lion-O's voice while an LED in the eye lights it up. You'll actually find one side of the sword has the eye and the other has the TCats symbol (as this shifts in the cartoon when he calls the crew into battle.) Holding down a button extends the blade as it shouts "Thunder ..Thunder..Thundercats HO!" The blade extends out to 18 inches.

Everything should be on shelves this July/August.

MEZCO won't be left out of the action. Standing 20 inches tall from sword tip to his feet, the Lion-O Deluxe Figure is ready to dominate your shelf space. 7 points of articulation are packed into this rotocast piece. Will the Claw Shield be removable? They don't know yet, as they are still working on it. The sword is removable though. This should retail for around $39.99 and hits this July. Mumm-Ra is rumored to be the second figure in the line.

Now if you're looking for the ULTIMATE in Thundercats collectibles, look no further than Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' 18 inch mixed media statues. Lion-O was the first piece to blast through Sideshow Collectibles' pre-order system with an exclusive featuring light up eyes. Now Mumm-Ra is on deck and should be up for pre-sale any day now as they put the finishing touches on this massive, everliving statue. The Lion-O statue stands 32 inches high from the rock base to sword tip, so there's no telling how big Mumm-Ra will end up being, seeing as he is to scale with Lion-O and has an equally massive base. Here's a couple of teaser pics of the still in-progress Mumm-Ra, as the wrappings and such exploding off of him still need to be added. Lion-O should be shipping in April.

Toy Fair 2011 : Hasbro : The Star Wars Report

Now that the Flickr is jam packed with Toy Fair 2011 goodness, it's time to grind out all the little bits of info for the lines you'll be obsessing over this year. What better way to kick this off than with STAR WARS!! (<~click here for 268 images!)

Clone Wars Wave 2 hits this March with Ahsoka and Anakin (Season 3) grown up, El Les the bounty hunter, Clone Commander Wolffe and an Aqua Battle Droid.

Wave 3 stars Jedi Eeth Koth and Bariss Offee (from the brain invaders episode), Clone with Riot Gear and Red Leader Arc Trooper.

Figure and Vehicles – (June) Clone & Scout Speeder, Seperatist Droid & Speeder and Castas & Speeder

This Fall – Republic Fighter Tank Remote Control Vehicle rolls out with 6 projectiles and a Clone Trooper. A light comes on at start up and when you fire a missile, it simulates the recoil action of a real tank.

The Republic Attack Ship is the big mother trucker this year with fully positionable wings, pop up blaster cannons with spots for Clone Troopers to man them. The ship can be converted into a battle platform playset with blast shields, scout tower and a cockpit that turns into a recon vehicle with fold out wings. Electronics included boast an “interactive mode” with the Commanders voice telling you to fire on the enemy…and he’ll know if you’ve done it!

Vintage figures were a success so they are continuing the line into 2012 with 35 figures minimum coming out in 2011. Most will have some new tooling while others will have all new tooling (meaning they are new figures; the tool being the mold from which the plastic is punched when they make the figure.) The line will extend beyond episodes 1-6 this year into the Expanded Universe. This fall the line will introduce deleted scenes figures as well. On tap are..

Clone Trooper in 212th deco, New Hope Luke with grappling hook and light saber, R5D4 Droid, Storm Trooper, New Han Solo Celebration (with medal), Commander Gree, Luke in Degobah arrival outfit (ungloved, Clone Trooper, ATRT Driver, Weequay, Fi-Ek Skirch (Nikto Jedi from Episode 2 battle), General Lando Calrisian, Baris Offee (final cloak will be vinyl, not cloth), Rebel Blockade Trooper, Trooper Commander (Captain Fordo with his fo-hawk hairstyle and 2 helmets), Logray ( Ewok w/articulated ankles!), 501st Trooper (Episode 3), Aayla Secura, Dr. Cornelius Evazan, Kithaba, Nom Anor (resculpted and in scale for 6 feet tall, removable armor and removable back spikes to complete alternate looks), Bom Vimdin, Fan Pick Bastila Shan, Echo Base Trooper (Hoth!) and Ponda Boba (removable arm and two sets of hands for a hoofed look and hands that can hold a cantina shot glass, should he be doing shots before decapitation)

This fall, Revenge of the Jedi cards return for the vintage line. 12 figures will be released on these cards late this summer/ early fall including Slave Leia, B-Wing Pilot (Keyan Farlander), Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture), R2-D2 (with Jaba’s skiff serving tray), Han Solo (Endor trench coat), Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Admiral Ackbar, Wicket, Boba Fett, TIE Fighter Pilot and Rebel Commando (Endor).

Hasbro assures us these figures will be easier to find than the Galactic Hunt releases, but to assure you get your set, they’ll be releasing the lot in a Death Star package at San Diego Comic Con this summer. Included are two bonus mini figures of Salacious Crumb and a mouse droid, both on small vintage cards.

This year’s mail away is Boba Fett in his prototype armor. We were told there is even a hint of the beach towel deco on the cape to mock the original painted beach towel sprayed and hooked onto the now legendary white costume.

Figure 4 packs will see release around the same time the films get their Blu-ray push, including some of the greatest characters from those films and packed with mini posters of the films. When you put all 6 sets together you’ll form a complete piece of art from the sides. The Phantom Menace set includes Qui Gon Jin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul and a Battle Droid. The Episode 2 set includes Anakin Skywalker, Jango Fett, Count Dooku and a Clone Trooper. The Episode 3 set comes with Mace Windu, Yoda, General Grievous and Commander Bly. The Episode 4 set comes with Luke Skywalker, Sandtrooper, R2-D2 and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Episode 5 set includes Luke Skywalker in Snowspeeder gear, Princess Leia (Hoth), Snowtrooper and Boba Fett. Finally, the Episode 6 set comes with Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Han Solo (Endor Trench Coat), Darth Vader and a Biker Scout.

Galactic Heroes is coming to an end. Aww. Luckily, they got out an adorable AT-AT and an oh so cute Rancor Monster in their run. Now the line will be retooled (like the other lines) for a more pre-school appeal (meaning they ain’t for you and your grubby man hands anymore). Jedi Force 2 packs include figures with new articulation so they’ll fit properly in any vehicle in the line. Coming this August are Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Anakin Skywalker and Jar jar, Yoda and Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody and Han Solo and Chewbacca. Pull back and Go vehicles include a Landspeeder with Luke, BARC Speeder with Anakin and a Freeco Bike with Obi-Wan, coming this August. Other vehicles include a Snow Speeder with Hoth Han Solo and Pilot Luke, Anakin Skywalker’s Starfighter with Anakin and R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon (with a total redesign to be not as fat and chuncky with a smuggler’s compartment, detachable radar dish and cannons that can be re-pegged inside, full range of tools and the holo chess game.)

ROLE PLAY!! ..and we don't mean Slave Leia outfits. Hasbro returns to the drawing board with their Lightsaber design and returns with a kid friendly but still screen accurate model called the Ultimate FX Lightsaber. This is said to be the most realistic lightsaber ever produced for kids. The UFXL retails for 35 dollars with a blade that strobes to life from hilt to tip (as it should!) with activation noise, power down and clashing sounds. Each is packed with a CD to show Jedi moves so you can train properly and not behead your neighbors.

With the return of Disney Star Tours come NEW exclusive figures! Get ready for Darth Vader on his hover pod, 2 Sky Troopers and Boba Fett in the Star Tours Ambush Pack and the Baggage Handler, a new version of Ace, C-3PO and droids as well as some luggage that actually opens in the Travel Agency Pack. New Walmart 2 packs are on the way packed with single episodes of Clone Wars targeted to kids. The packs include Landing at Point Rain with Obi-Wan in Clone Armor and a Battle Droid and Weapons Factory with Anakin and a Super Battle Droid. Target Clone Wars 2 packs (sans DVD) include a Special Ops Clone Trooper and Geonosian Soldier (not a zombie this time) and ARF Trooper Waxer and a Battle Droid. Target also gets some additional Vintage 3 figure packs this Spring with a Stormtrooper, Vader (w/ soft goods) and an Imperial trooper and a second pack with Luke Skywalker in X-Wing gear, Obi-Wan (soft goods) and Han Solo. Toys R Us will score some Vehicle and Figure packs with a Rebel Transport Speeder and a Flitknot Speeder with Geonosian this Spring. Kmart gets a single figure exclusive this Spring with Clone Captain Lock.

Hasbro's Toy Fair 2011 Star Wars Highlights
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Toy Fair 2011 : The Flickr is FULL!

7,603 pictures. Let me repeat that so you can soak up the level of psychosis it takes to achieve this. 7,603 pictures. That's not including all the official pictures I'll be adding soon, which will put us at around 8 and change. Insane. I clearly have a problem. At any rate, since the Flickr is all filled up, we can now start sorting through all the info and start posting articles so you know what you are looking at in said 7,603 pictures and make your Birthday, Holiday and Sugar Daddy present lists appropriately. Stay tuned!

CLICK HERE to start swimming through all our Toy Fair 2011 pictures today!

P.S. If you see something in the Flickr and you'd like a closer look when we haven't given one, give a shout. Chances are we shot it in high rez and can pull more images.

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Toy Fair 2011 : A Death in the Family

Today we mourn the loss of Heather Buckley, valued member of Idle Hands, Dread Central and co-chairperson of the Cabbage Patch Kids Legal Defense Fund. Heather was an influential personality in the pop culture world, paving the way for the re-trending of Russian military hats and coiner of the phrase "This Slaw is Family." Heather was also a woman, and in this, a fierce friend of the cute. At Toy Fair 2011, Heather saw many cute things. At Mezco, the Living Dead Dolls are re-invigorated with a new line of cute but still keenly creepy plush dolls alongside new, ridiculously cute zombie plushies. At NECA, an entire line of overflowing cuteness was found in their new Gremlins figures, boasting a lineup that would make you think you'll awake from this fever dream any second. Compiling the agony were the Tatumi kits at Bandai, featuring little Rockabilly Vinyl Girls you can tattoo up and make ready for a weekend of bar hopping and burlesque dancing. Cuter still were the anime-esque women of DC Comics in DC Direct's Ame-Comi line, showing off a Big Barda statue that was beyond adorable...but the fatal blow came at Funko toys. Yoda. Described as "painfully cute"; and little did she know these would be her last words as she clutched her heart, pointed to the heavens..and promptly died. Javits convention staff were quick to clear the isle of her body, so keep watching Idle Hands for funeral service info once we resolve our dispute with the events center over the 2k bill for carting and storage. Seriously. 2k?! I ain't paying.

Heather Buckley is survived by Nummins Buckley, to whom we offer our condolences. Heather would want us to forge ever onward, so keep checking our FLICKR for updates and when the dust clears a bit, we've got massive piles of info to fling at you like an angry, incontinent gorilla. BELIEVE IT!

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Toy Fair 2011 : Where the F#!$ Are Paul and Heather?

This is the part of toy fair in which Paul and Heather Buckley run themselves into the ground. here's how it's gone so far.

Day 1: (actual day 4 for me since I was the idiot that started toy fair coverage early. Dick.) HASBRO Collector Fiasco, as I've come to call it. This used to be a day of our yearly visit with Hasbro where we'd catch up with friends, get a tour of the showroom section by section and then are let loose to shoot everything with plenty of time to spare. Now we are made to wait in the cold til they are ready for us (a treat that was coupled with snow this year..the kind falling from the sky not still sitting on the ground) and then ushered into another waiting area where somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 "reporters" check their coats. I use douchey air quotes because some of these guys are shooting the show room with a camera phone. This means those of us that came to do serious coverage have to wait while someone slowly focuses, takes a shot, checks it, deems it unworthy, deletes and tries again. They also have no sense of decorum as we all que up waiting for our shot at a busy section like Star Wars..or Transformers..or anything at Hasbro...and these asshats either walk right past you or start in from the other end, whipping out their video phone to do an ultra slow pan of each shelf. Agony.

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Toy Fair 2011 : Mattel : Barbie Preview

Just thought I'd bang out some quick details to the load of pics we dumped into Flickr today for the legions of Barbitites who loved every detail! If you have any more questions, be sure to drop them below and I'll ask Team Barbie when I see them.

“Barbie™ Princess Charm School” Blair Doll: From the new movie, Barbie™ Princess Charm School, Princess Blair® shows her true princess colors with three magical fashion transformations- from princess charm school student, to party to full on glamour princess! First, her school uniform top easily clips off to reveal a short fun party dress. Then, with the push of a button, her party dress magically transforms into a full length princess gown revealing that she really is the long lost princess! Tip up her gem tiara to complete the princess transformation. Includes doll and clip on school uniform top. $ 21.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie Basics™ Doll Assortment: Barbie Basics™ takes the fashion staple -denim to new heights, the Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection includes 12 dolls - nine females and for the first time, three male models. Rocking denim in an array of different cuts and colors, each of the dolls showcases a unique hair style and skin tone, and is dressed in a variety of detailed jeans that feature real pockets and metal grommets. The spring 2011 collection focuses on daytime denim looks complemented by basic tees and tanks and the fall 2011 collection features dressy denim looks.

Each Barbie Basics™ doll can be customized to represent every Barbie girl’s unique personal style by using the chic accessories packs to glam up each basic outfit. Complete with stylish tops, jackets, sunglasses, purses, jewelry, and even sky-high stilettos, basic denim has never been so much fun! $19.99 Available: January 2011/Fall 2011 Accessory packs $14.99

Barbie® Fashionistas™ In the Spotlight™ Doll - Gown Assortment:
Roll out the pink carpet! Barbie® Fashionistas™ steal the spotlight in ultra-glamorous gowns. Each doll wears a dress reflective of her fashion personality – Sweetie, Cutie, Sporty, Artsy, Glam and Sassy. $16.99 Fall 2011

Barbie® Hairtastic Printables: Utilizing technology, Barbie® introduces the newest way to customize and personalize hair with printable hair extensions. Girls of all ages can create their very own personalized hair extensions printable on any inkjet printer. The process starts online by designing your very own hair extensions (or select the Barbie® iconography available), then print, wear and share. Barbie® Hairtastic Printables comes with a Barbie® doll and includes sheets of printable hair extensions for unique and personalized looks for both Barbie® and the girl. Additional printable hair extensions available for purchase separately for endless hair play and fun. $29.99 Available: Fall 2011 Additional extension pack $14.99

Barbie® Hairtastic™ Color & Wash Salon™ Playset: Color, Shampoo and Style! The Barbie® Hairtastic salon with Barbie® doll takes hair play to the next level with the ultimate salon experience. Girls can choose from 3 colored pens - pink, purple or blue – to add colored streaks to Barbie® doll’s hair. Salon includes a swivel chair so Barbie® can go from the ‘coloring and styling station’ to the ‘washing station’ in a snap. The Hairtastic™ salon features a real working sink with a water and shampoo option. Girls can wash all the color out using real shampoo (works with any children’s shampoo, body wash, or bubble solution) and water. Includes doll, Hairtastic™ Color & Wash Salon™ station (with mirror and swivel chair), towel, smock, brush, 3 color pens and Barbie® hair-ties. Children’s Shampoo, Body Wash, or Bubble Solution not included. $25.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Hairtastic™ Styling Head: Girls can become the ultimate hair stylist and can even style their own hair to look like Barbie® doll’s with this new styling head. The Barbie® Hairtastic™ styling head includes a variety of wear ’n share extensions allowing dramatic hair style transformations for both Barbie® doll and the girl! Includes styling head, brush, NO comb, unique wear ’n share hair extensions, rubber bands and a storage drawer to hold all the pieces! $29.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect: Girls can imagine designing their very own Dream House with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect. Ready to tackle the daily responsibilities of a real architect in or out of the office, Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect includes a hard hat and a set of blue prints. Wearing an architecturally inspired dress showcasing a city skyline, Barbie® doll’s outfit is symmetrically stylish with bold colors and clean lines. In designing this doll, Barbie® partnered with the American Institute of Architects to keep Barbie® I Can Be… ™ Architect doll authentic to the career. $12.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Art Teacher Doll Playset: Girls can get creative playing out the role of art teacher with a Barbie® doll that really \"paints\" using a lever on her back and cold water, a \"real\" painting appears when Barbie® doll paints a flower vase or her cat on her easel. Girls can also express their own creativity to paint free-form on Barbie® doll\'s easel. Includes doll, easel with cold-water color change panels, Blissa™ the cat figure, flower vase and \"paint brush\" both Barbie® doll and girls can use. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Babysitter Playset: Girls of all ages can practice nurturing a newborn baby with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Babysitter Playset. With lots of interactive features, girls can play out the responsibilities of a Babysitter. Interactive components of playset include a lever that allows Barbie ® doll to lift and ‘nuzzle’ the baby, a drink-and-wet, color-change diaper and a swing for the baby that really ‘swings’ with the press of a button. Includes doll, baby; baby swing and play yard with changing table. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Chef: Girls can get creative in the kitchen with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Chef. Barbie® doll is wearing a traditional chef hat, chef attire and includes cookware and play food. $12.99 Available: Now

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Lifeguard Playset: With Barbie I Can Be…™ Lifeguard Playset, girls can dive right into the role of lifeguard! This interactive playset features a lifeguard chair and with the press of a button, Barbie springs from her chair into the pool and is ready to make a rescue. Playset includes Barbie® doll, lifeguard chair, dolphin and life preserver. $19.99 Available: Now

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star: Girls can step into the spot light with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star. Red carpet ready, Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star is dressed to impress wearing a sparkly red gown accented by faux diamond jewelry. Doll includes a trophy and red carpet to play out the ultimate awards event. $12.99 Available: Now

Barbie® Sisters Bike for Two!: Girls can help Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls spend quality time together on a tandem bike ride with the new Barbie® Sisters’ Bike for Two! Bike comes with Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls who feature moveable jointed legs so as the bike is being pushed the dolls can actually ride and ‘pedal’ along. $24.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Sisters Camp Out! Stacie® Doll & Tent: Sleeping under the stars has never been more fun! Girls can play out their ultimate slumber party camping experience with the Barbie® Sisters Camp Out! tent. This tent is roomy enough to sleep all four sisters and includes all of the must have camping accessories like a campfire with s’mores to roast, a sleeping bag and chair for the sisters to relax in around the fire. Includes Stacie® doll, tent and camping accessories. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Sisters Go Camping! Camper: Road trip! Barbie® doll and her sisters are ready for the ultimate camping trip in their new family camper. This camper includes a pop-up second floor with two hammocks for lounging in, a fold-down front seat which converts to a full size bed which can sleep two sisters, a full kitchen complete with seating for all four of the sisters, a bathroom featuring a toilet and shower and to complete the luxurious camping experience the new Camper even includes a spa tub to splash around. The Camper also includes the sisters’ favorite pet puppy, along with a doggie door, fold-down pet food bowl and hub cap which converts into a doggie bed. Camper moves on four wheels, folds out for fun and folds up for self-contained play. Dolls sold separately. $79.99 Available: Fall 2011

Sweet Talkin’ Ken™: For nearly five decades, Ken has been Barbie’s perfect arm-candy. The perfect gentleman, Ken® always knows the right thing to say. Now girls of all ages can have the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion with Sweet Talkin’ Ken™. Featuring a built-in microphone, Sweet Talkin’ Ken™ records up to five seconds of sound, by simply pressing the heart on Ken™ doll’s shirt, allowing girls to record playful phrases and play the message back in three different voices including the original recording and “Ken’s” voice. Sporting jeans and a stylish graphic T-shirt which reads “The Ultimate Boyfriend” in 10 different languages, Sweet Talkin’ Ken™ personifies casual cool. $19.99 Available: January 2011

For pics of all this girlie stuff, just click here to jump into our Flickr!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 : LEGO Press Release

LEGO Systems, Inc., makers of the world's leading construction toys, unveils its largest collection of build and play toys ever – including 170 new products for children of all ages – at the American International Toy Fair in New York City. Children's imaginations will be sparked by open-ended building sets, themes such as ninjas, aliens and a desert quest, the celebration of stories and characters from the big and small screen, and a growing collection of build-and-play board games. New products are displayed at Booth #1335 in Hall 3B of the Jacob Javits Convention Center, February 13-16.

"This year, we're continuing to over-deliver on what children always expect from a classic LEGO building experience through a new collection and new themes, but we're also finding ways to put a LEGO spin on new play experiences," said Soren Torp Laursen, president, LEGO Systems. "Last year, we successfully added board games to our business and brought new users into the brand, which we're continuing again with the new Ninjago franchise that blends three play patterns into one property to engage builders, action-oriented kids and gamers in a compelling story that can lead them from their favorite play pattern potentially into another."

Preschool Building (ages 1 1/2+)

The largest LEGO® DUPLO® line ever offers youngsters so many ways to play. Highlights include Play with Letters ($29.99), encouraging free-form building and learning. A new collection of "My First" DUPLO sets – My First LEGO DUPLO Set ($14.99), My First Supermarket ($19.99), My First Zoo ($24.99) and My First Fire Station ($29.99) – combine building and role play, while fostering creativity and imagination. New LEGO DUPLO brand collections inspired by Disney-Pixar's Cars 2 and Disney's Winnie the Pooh let children recreate favorite scenes and role play with beloved characters from the upcoming feature films ($14.99 - $49.99).

Classic LEGO Building (ages 4+)

Open-ended LEGO Bricks & More boxes, buckets and tubs offer a versatile collection of LEGO bricks and elements to set imaginations in motion, while providing building instructions and photo inspiration for a variety of different models to bring children's big ideas to life ($9.99 - $19.99). LEGO CREATOR™ kits ($5.99 - $39.99) offer children who like to build and re-build 3-in-1 building instructions for multiple models from the same kit in cool themes like vehicles, houses and animals, with a fourth building instruction available online. Minifigures added to the new Log Cabin ($29.99) and Lighthouse Island ($39.99) add role play fun. Skilled builders rise to the LEGO TECHNIC® challenge of building new kits that replicate real-life machinery ($10.99$59.99).

LEGO Themes (ages 5+)

Builders master the lost martial art of Spinjitzu to save the world from Garmadon's skeleton army in new LEGO NINJAGO, which combines classic LEGO construction with social and virtual gaming experiences under one story line to engage any child in the experience. Eight building sets ($4.99 - $69.99) and six collectible spinners ($9.99 each) are available now. Five more building sets ($19.99 - $119.99) and eight collectible spinner sets ($9.99 each) will launch later in the year. Virtual gaming that integrates to the play will be available through LEGO BATTLES: NINJAGO on Nintendo DS in April and through the first product-inspired zone in LEGO Universe, the company's massively multiplayer online game.

Builders outsmart mummies on a treasure hunt with six LEGO PHARAOH'S QUEST sets ($4.99 - $99.99), available now. Aliens invade Earth and builders save the planet using seven sets from the LEGO ALIEN CONQUEST collection ($4.99 - $89.99), available in August. Three LEGO ATLANTIS sets ($4.99 - $19.99), available now, and two more ($29.99, $69.99) in August continue the story of exploring inside of the lost, underwater city. Construction turns back time to the medieval village in four new LEGO KINGDOMS sets ($9.99 - $69.99).

Downtown action and adventure continues to build in LEGO CITY. A collection of Police themed sets ($9.99 - $99.99) keeps the city safe, while people work and relax dock- and beach-side with the Harbor collection ($4.99 - $89.99). CITY dwellers look to the stars as astronauts blast into the galaxy with the help of the Space collection ($9.99 - $69.99). Collectors will rejoice over 48 never-before-seen LEGO Minifigures, each sold separately in unmarked packaging ($2.99 each). LEGO RACERS zoom around faster than ever with new Tiny Turbos sets ($5.99).

Licensed Building Fun (Ages 6+)

Excitement builds as a collection of LEGO sets inspired by Disney-Pixar's Cars, the world-renowned film franchise set to speed to the top of the charts with the June premiere of Cars 2, race into builders hands in May ($9.99 - $69.99). In May, building sets inspired by classic Disney Pirates of the Caribbean (<~ click for pics!) films and the fourth installment in the film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, sail onto shelves ($11.99 - $119.99). The story and characters also come to life in May with LEGO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The Video Game.

LEGO STAR WARS™ continues to inspire creativity in children and collectors as new models from classic episodes and the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS ($11.99 - $139.99). The blockbuster video game franchise expands with LEGO STAR WARS III: THE CLONE WARS in March.

Building adventure returns to Hogwarts™ with best-selling LEGO HARRY POTTER™ as favorite characters meet three more constructible locations, available in June ($11.99 - $49.99), to support the final film's premiere.

LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants™ is back with wacky new building adventures from two Bikini Bottom stories – HEROIC HEROES OF THE DEEP and GLOVE WORLD – available in August ($14.99 and $19.99).

Construction (Ages 5+)

Constructible action figure play reaches a fever pitch as the LEGO HERO FACTORY ramps up production to build robotic heroes to help diffuse and squash an onslaught of missions coming in from across the planet. 6 new villains create a need for the heroes to become bigger and stronger and to create vehicles to help the cause ($7.99 - $29.99).

LEGO Games (ages 6+)

LEGO Games, the world's first collection of board games to build, play and change, continue to build game nights to new heights. Two new games in March ($9.99 and $14.99) and four new games in August ($9.99 - $34.99) offer a LEGO twist on classic board game play patterns of strategy, luck, memory and logic.

Game enthusiasts will love HEROICA, a build-and-play adventure gaming platform featuring four new games launching in August ($14.99 - $29.99). Every game is a unique strategic mission to build and explore in fantasy settings, full of obstacles and treasures. Games can be played individually, or combined to create a new and different adventure game challenge.

Toy Fair 2011 : Mattel Press Release

As the leading toy maker and an expert in creating memorable play experiences, Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT) unveils innovative new products that expand beyond the toy box at this year's New York International Toy Fair. As the leading toy company, Mattel boasts six of the top 10 properties in the toy industry, according to NPD, bringing its expertise in play to new and unexpected spaces, reaching kids and adults where they are, and where they play, today -- like only Mattel can.

"As traditional play evolves and takes on new forms, so does our portfolio of brands," said Tim Kilpin, Executive Vice President Mattel Brands. "One way in which we are continuing to grow our core brands, as well as to develop new franchises, is through transmedia storytelling. We're developing branded content that further shapes play, ultimately driving brand engagement and deepening each play experience. Equally important is leveraging different media to tell each brand story in relevant and unexpected ways." "We know kids are the experts in play and we take pride in providing best-in-class products to further enhance their play experiences," said David Allmark, Executive Vice President, Fisher-Price Brands. "With a fresh new collection of innovative toys and a new multi-media campaign launching later this year that celebrates developmental growth through the joy of play, we will continue to connect with families across the globe." This past holiday season, Barbie reigned as the no. 1 property in the toy industry, maintaining relevance with girls of all ages as well as a strong presence at retail. Barbie continues positive momentum in 2011 as the brand celebrates 50 years of Ken as the "ultimate boyfriend for every occasion" with a series of epic events, partnerships and products.

Mattel is the expert in knowing how girls play and in 2010 developed a successful franchise for girls of all ages with the launch of the Monster High brand. Celebrated as the best-selling new fashion doll of the year in 2010, the Monster High franchise will become truly global in 2011 as it's rolled out worldwide across several categories including toy, publishing, web, apparel and accessories.

The company continues to successfully translate entertainment brands to toys and create long-term, sustainable properties with global product footprints. This year, Mattel adds some of the hottest, theatrical blockbuster licenses including -- Disney*Pixar's Cars 2, Green Lantern, Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda 2 -- to its growing entertainment-licensed portfolio.

Growing core brands is an ongoing focus, and this year UNO celebrates a milestone 40th Anniversary with the introduction of a new character, Roboto.

Also, the Fisher-Price Play Lab, a best-in-class facility that was also the first of its kind in the industry, celebrates its 50th anniversary, enabling Mattel to further lead the industry in research and insight into the way kids play.

Mattel's 2011 product line boasts rich transmedia storytelling, can be played across multiple platforms, and delivers an element of humor and fun. Mattel also continues to translate entertainment brands to toys better than anyone in the industry.

Key Highlights & Must-See Mattel Toys at New York Toy Fair Include:


Barbie : Hairtastic Printables Barbie- introduces the newest way to customize and personalize hair with printable hair extensions. Create personalized hair extensions online then print on any inkjet printer, wear and share. Barbie(R) Hairtastic Printables comes with a Barbie doll and includes sheets of printable hair extensions for both Barbie and the girl. Sweet Talkin' Ken- Now girls of all ages can have the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion with Sweet Talkin' Ken. Featuring a built-in microphone, Sweet Talkin' Ken records up to five seconds of sound, allowing girls to record playful phrases and play the message back in three different voices, including "Ken's" voice.

Monster High: Gloom Beach Doll Assortment - Centered on the perfectly--imperfect descendants of the world's most famous monsters, Monster High introduces new characters and story lines to its multi-category consumer products, toy and content line. The Monster High Gloom Beach Doll Assortment offers ghoulish fun even when school isn't in session!

Radica: Fijit Friends - Interactive Toy Every girl's best friend, Fijit Friends are interactive, robotic toys that are full of personality, can talk, dance and laugh and feature Sonic Chirp capabilities so they can respond to various media platforms including apps.


Hot Wheels: Wall Tracks Assortment - Bringing engineering innovation to classic wheel play, Hot Wheels takes its iconic track off the ground and places it on the wall, allowing boys to experience track play in an entirely new way. Cars 2 Assortment Lightning McQueen, Mater and the rest of the four-wheeled gang are back in 2011 for the highly anticipated summer release of Disney*Pixar's Cars 2. Mattel has once again collaborated with Disney Consumer Products to bring fans an innovative, imaginative and entertaining line of toys including die cast vehicles, track sets, play sets and accessories.

Green Lantern: Ring Blast Jet Figure & Vehicle - Fly high above villains and defeat danger with the Green Lantern Ring Blast Jet. The completely foldable Battle Shifters 2-in-1 vehicle instantly transforms from transparent Turbo Tank to Stealth Jet with the press of a button. Mattel will be bringing to life a comprehensive toy line inspired by Warner Bros. Pictures' film "Green Lantern," set for release on June 17, 2011.

The Penguins of Madagascar Regurgitating Rico(TM) Launcher: We've captured the fun and humor of the Penguins of Madagascar in one of their most lovable characters with the Regurgitating Rico Launcher. Just like the show, he's ready to spew -- popcorn balls that is!


Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game: Based on the #1 paid iPhone game* Angry Birds, the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game brings big app fun to physical reality! Now in a table-top game format, build, launch and destroy with exciting skill-and-action just like the app. Getting started is a breeze! One player draws a construction card and builds the structure shown. Next, an opponent loads an Angry Bird onto the launcher and catapults the bird to knock down structures and pigs. The player with the most points and knockdowns wins! Features three Angry Birds, four green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and multiple mission cards. For one or more players. $14.99 Age: 5+ Available: May 2011,

UNO: Roboto Game - For the first time ever players are able to customize and personalize their UNO game with UNO Roboto! Record each player's name and set unique house rules, then let UNO Roboto get the party started with surprise commands and funny phrases that change-up the game every time.

FISHER-PRICE: Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case & Apps - The new Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case lets babies enjoy their very own apps while protecting mom or dad's iPhone or iPod Touch device from their dribbles and drool. Three free downloadable apps offer engaging Laugh & Learn play for the iPhone.

Rock Star Mickey - Everyone's favorite mouse is ready to rock the house! Kids can jam along with Rock Star Mickey from Fisher-Price and Disney as he lights up the stage with his jammin' guitar, rockin' moves and singing skills.

Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera - The Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera features easy, child-friendly controls including a rotating lens so children can easily take pictures or HD video of themselves.

Big Action Construction Site With Remote Control - The Big Action Construction Site With Remote Control features an easy-to-use color coded RC controller to introduce preschoolers to RC vehicles. Includes an interactive playset full of action-packed construction fun!

Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo - The Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo is a detailed, interactive playset featuring animal recognition technology that brings animals to life in a fun, unique way! Explore the four habitats to learn about the different animals, hear their names and corresponding sounds.

Toy Fair 2011 : DC Direct

They may be scaling down and relocating, but they aren't out completely. DC Direct recently sent a note saying their Mass Effect 2 figures have been canceled, and Sideshow Collectibles seems to be positioning themselves as your one stop shop for DC Comics Statues, but the crew is still showing at Toy Fair 2011, so we assume they've got some figures and statues still hitting the pegs! Here's a sampling of what we'll be shooting next week...

Flashpoint Action Figures : Based on DC Comics’ superhero publishing event of the summer. DC Direct’s Jim Fletcher, Shawn Knapp, Evan Metcalf, John Santagada, Brian Walters and Bryon Webster have worked closely with FLASHPOINT writer Geoff Johns’ concepts and artist Andy Kubert’s designs to bring you four awesome figures based on characters central to the FLASHPOINT story. Sculptors Derek Miller (Wonder Woman), Karen Palinko (Batman and Flash) and Jonathan Matthews (Cyborg) have captured the energy and excitement that drives FLASHPOINT.

For those of you who were getting all the Blackest Knight Lantern Rings, this may also be of interest: "FLASHPOINT edition Flash rings will be available at comic book shops this June, with the release of FLASHPOINT #2. To coincide with the release of FLASHPOINT mini series, DC Comics will also be creating exclusive buttons, featuring the reimagined superhero logos of FLASHPOINT. So far only nine of the logos have been unveiled, but there will be buttons corresponding to each of the FLASHPOINT mini series. The buttons will only be available at comic book stores and will not be one of our (many) cool convention giveaways. "

Green Lantern Movie Products :


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue of Hal Jordan and his lantern measures approximately 14.5” high x 8” wide x 9” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of Sinestro measures approximately 6.3” high x 2.6” wide x 2.5” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of Green Lantern alien Tomar-Re measures approximately 6.65” high x 3” wide x 4” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of Green Lantern alien Kilowog measures approximately 6.6” high x 7.25” wide x 4” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of test pilot Hal Jordan measures approximately 6” high x 4” wide x 4.25” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of one of the creators of the Green Lantern Corps measures approximately 5.25” high x 2.25” wide x 2.5” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This full-sized, light-up power battery prop replica was created from a cast of the actual prop used in the movie! The power battery also comes with a Green Lantern ring that lights up the lantern when the ring is pressed against the face of the lantern. This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain prop measures approximately 15” high x 7.5” wide x 5” deep, with the ring a men’s size 14. Packaged in a 4-color box.


This prop replica of the Green Lantern Power Ring was created from a cast of the actual ring used in the movie! Featuring a distressed metal band and a translucent green faux crystal, the ring comes packaged in a two-part box foil-stamped with the Green Lantern movie logo and with protective foam inside. Available in a men’s ring size 13, although the ring is a prop replica ONLY and is not meant to be worn.


This 1:4 scale bust of Hal Jordan emerging from a swirl of emerald energy is hand-painted, cold-cast in porcelain, measures approximately 7.5” high x 4.75” wide x 3.25” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This 1:4 scale bust of Sinestro emerging from a swirl of emerald energy is hand-painted, cold-cast in porcelain, measures approximately 7.75” high x 5” wide x 3.5” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.


This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue of Hal Jordan forming a giant fist of emerald energy measures approximately 9.34” high x 6.5” wide x 13” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.

(Note for the comic geeks: DC have also announced prequel comics for the new film. Each digital comic will delve into the life of Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, showing their activities before the events of the movie.)



With stories by acclaimed writers including Geoff Johns, Alan Burnett and Dave Gibbons, this DC Universe Animated Original Movie explores the rich mythology of the Green Lantern universe through six interlocking chapters. While awaiting a battle with Krona, an ancient enemy of the Guardians of the Universe, Earth’s Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Sinestro and other members of the Green Lantern Corps recount their greatest adventures to new recruit Arisia – everything from tales of the first Lantern to the ominous events that led to the Corps’ Blackest Night! The power-packed voice cast includes Nathan Fillion, Elisabeth Moss, Jason Isaacs, Henry Rollins and Arnold Vosloo.

This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain maquette of SINESTRO is based on art from the highly anticipated Warner Home Video made-for-DVD animated original movie GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS which will be released on June 7, 2011. Measuring approximately 11.6” high x 4.75” wide x 4” deep, the statue is packaged in a 4-color box.

DC Universe Online Joker and Harley Quinn Statues:

No extreme details yet, but IGN had the scoop yesterday on these two new statues. They are due out this November. Click the IGN link for further info.

Toy Fair 2011 : Mattel : DC Comics

Yes, Toy Fair is still a day away but it seems all the big toy companies have unilaterally agreed to kill some of that nasty anticipation for you by showing pics of their upcoming lines. Go figure. MattyCollector announces their intentions...

Like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Toy Fair is one of the most hotly anticipated toy events of the year. Why? Because even though it isn’t open to the public, we unveil some of the biggest toys of the year!

This year, the Mattel Collector Night is on Sunday, February 13th, from 3 PM to 6 PM ET. Of course, I can’t show you images yet, but I promise we’ll have TONS of reveals from all your favorite lines, including a DCU Classics wave, figures from JLU, DCU vs MOTU, DCU Action League®, Ghostbusters™, Masters of the Universe®, and Green Lantern.

There will also be reveals and product on display from Batman, Young Justice™, CARS, WWE®, and even some Barbie® Collector items I know you’re gonna want.

We had reported that DC Direct was going the way of the dinosaurs and Mattel was stepping in to create action figures for both modern and classic eras of the DC Universe. This is further evidenced today with news of their Batman: Legacy line as well as new figures based on the upcoming Arkham City Video Game! Here's the skinny...

Batman Legacy Action Figures Series 1

・Golden Age Joker
Super Powers Mr.Freeze
・Modern Age Batman

Batman 2-Pack Figures Series 1

Arkham City Video Game Batman & Two Face
・Batman Begins Movie Batman(Prototype Suit) & Lt.Jim Gordon

2 more packs to be revealed at comic con with an additional Arkham City Theme & Batman Begins Movie theme.

We've been showing you all the Green Lantern movie toys (HERE and HERE !) for some time now, but there are still some pics dropping as we speak, so here's the latest...

Green Lantern Ring Blast Jet™ Figure & Vehicle : Fly high above villains and defeat danger with the Green Lantern Ring Blast Jet™. The completely foldable Battle Shifters™ 2-in-1 vehicle transforms from transparent Turbo Tank to Stealth Jet with the press of a button. After the transformation takes place, join Green Lantern in warding off evil enemies like Parallax with action-packed play, including real firing projectiles, lights and sounds. Includes batteries and one two-inch Green Lantern figure. $39.99 July 2011

Green Lantern Deluxe Battle Shifters™ Figures : Recreate the Green Lantern universe in four-inch scale with Green Lantern Battle Shifters™ figures featuring popular Green Lantern characters Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re and Kilowog. When enemies attack, Battle Shifters™ figures are ready to fight back with the included fold-up Power Slinger™ accessory. With a light touch, the Power Slinger™ instantly pops out, revealing a malleable weapon or creature “construct” to fight foes just like Green Lantern does in the movie! Power Slingers™ can be folded up again and again for unlimited play.
$11.99 March 2011