Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 : The Flickr is FULL!

7,603 pictures. Let me repeat that so you can soak up the level of psychosis it takes to achieve this. 7,603 pictures. That's not including all the official pictures I'll be adding soon, which will put us at around 8 and change. Insane. I clearly have a problem. At any rate, since the Flickr is all filled up, we can now start sorting through all the info and start posting articles so you know what you are looking at in said 7,603 pictures and make your Birthday, Holiday and Sugar Daddy present lists appropriately. Stay tuned!

CLICK HERE to start swimming through all our Toy Fair 2011 pictures today!

P.S. If you see something in the Flickr and you'd like a closer look when we haven't given one, give a shout. Chances are we shot it in high rez and can pull more images.

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