Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic Airing September 2nd

“The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic” is an all-new, original special in a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Lincoln Square Productions and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The special ventures behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look at the origins and evolution of the Academy Award®-winning film “Frozen,” now the biggest animated feature of all time. A breathtaking and fantastic saga, the special tells the real story of making a modern movie based on a timeless tale that nearly overnight became a cultural touchstone for legions of fans.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Season Premiere This Sunday

This Sunday, prepare for the ULTIMATE two-part adventure in the season premiere of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors beginning at 9am/8c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD. Tune in for the two brand new episodes "The Avenging Spider-Man: Part One & Two" airing back-to-back at 9am/8c. Spider-Man has gained the attention of The Avengers and been offered a prestigious spot on their team! When the devious Loki finds out, this becomes a literal out of body experience for everyone’s favorite web-slinger…

Snowpiercer On DVD & Blu-Ray October 21

Anchor Bay Entertainment and RADiUS are proud to announce the home entertainment release of the post-apocalyptic thriller, SNOWPIERCER. Chris Evans leads the all-star cast of Song Kang Ho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt, and Ed Harris. Visionary director Bong Joon Ho’s “enormously ambitious and visually stunning,” (Scott Foundas, Variety) film has been widely praised as “a superb masterpiece of science fiction” (MTV). RADiUS released the film theatrically on June 27, 2014. A box office success, the film has amassed $4.4 million to date, making it one of the top ten highest grossing independent films of the year. The sci-fi epic will be available on Blu-ray™ and DVD October 21, 2014.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reporting for Duty at the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition in New York City

We don't get paid much, and our accolades are few, but there are PERKS to writing for tiny little geeky websites! One such perk is being invited to fun happenings in the tri state area..and you'd better believe the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition was on our radar from the first second they announced it was in the works, so when they said COME ON DOWN...we practically lined up that night.

The exhibition had a bit of a rocky start, from a number of perspectives. A call for press to come on a preview night got the attention of our excellent photographer Galaxia Siandre, who arrived ready to take a bazillion pictures and play with all the buttons. ALL THE BUTTONS. Sadly, half the displays didn't seem to be active yet and the ones that were were swamped by children in an already over crowded venue, so Galaxia shot what she could, grabbed an official SHIELD cupcake (damn good bakers that save the world I suppose) and headed back home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Funko's Guardians of the Galaxy Pop! Dancing Groot & Howard the Duck

From Marvel's wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy, we bring you Dancing Groot and Howard the Duck!

We know you've all been waiting to get your hands on a Dancing Groot Pop! We are excited to be the first to present you with the opportunity to have the adorable extraterrestrial tree being! Haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Don't fret...
You can watch the delightful Dancing Groot scene right here!

Put on some music and get ready to dance with Groot!

Howard the Duck is also available for the first time from Funko! He's free from The Collector's cages and looking to spread his wings!

Monday, August 25, 2014

NYCC 2014: Eastern Championships of Cosplay to Debut at New York Comic Con

Today, ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, announces the debut of a new Cosplay championship at this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC). The inaugural NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay will be the biggest and most prestigious costume contest on the East Coast and will serve as the first stop in the “Quest for the Crown,” a new Cosplay competition circuit that celebrates the very best in Cosplay design from all over the world.

Cosplay veterans, former champions and amateurs alike will battle it out for a shot at the NYCC Eastern Championship Crown and over $10,000 in cash and prizes. The Eastern Champion of Cosplay will represent the East Coast in the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago in April 2015, the final round in the Quest for the Crown competition. Thousands of NYCC fans will watch in person and millions of people around the world will tune in via the New York Comic Con live stream to witness the spectacle and pageantry of this fun-filled competition celebrating the best Cosplayers the East Coast has to offer -- entries spanning the worlds of comics, movies, television, video games, anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy!

Disney's Phineas and Ferb Get "Lost" This September

Disney Television Animation's Emmy Award-winning animated series "Phineas and Ferb" pays homage to ABC's hit series "Lost" with a special episode featuring story by "Lost" co-creator and writer Damon Lindelof and guest starring "Lost" fan-favorite Terry O'Quinn (John Locke), premiering MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD. The episode, titled "Lost in Danville," also guest stars Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm in the Middle") and Rob Morrow ("Numb3rs").

NYCC 2014: John Carpenter's Asylum Releasing Limited Edition Graphic Novel

Storm King Productions announced today the graphic novel release of their six issue horror comic series John Carpenter's Asylum. There will be three versions of the book, including a limited run collectors' edition, only available through the publisher, a hardcover edition (ISBN 978-0-9853258-8-6/SEP141622) in time for the holidays, and a softcover version (ISBN 978-0-9853258-7-9/AUG141656) that will hit stores in October. Writer, publisher movie producer Sandy King Carpenter (They Live, Vampires) and renown artist Leo Manco (Hellblazer, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Driver for the Dead) will be on hand at New York Comic Con for signings and autographs at booth #2029. The soft cover at the show will be $19.99. The November hardcover release will be $35.00. he limited edition version will be $100.00 and available for purchase on-line and advance order at the show.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Smaug Action Figure Finally Joining The Hobbit Toy Line

HE IS COMING!!! His wingspan is 22 inches of (scale!) hurricane fury. His 21 inch height allows him to cast a shadow on an entire Schleich Smurf village. 140 painting procedures will ensure his might is recreated in painstaking detail. HE IS SMAUG!! ...and he's finally going to be joining your Hobbit action figure collection!!

From the depths of Erebor and the film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies comes this detailed, limited edition Smaug the dragon large scale action figure, complete with a surprise 1.5" figure and accessory.  Featuring an impressive 22 inch wingspan, Smaug stands tall, measuring 21 inches.  No details were overlooked as this center piece of any action figure collection was in development.  Smaug boasts ten points of articulation and underwent over 140 painting procedures.  The figure is plastic, but Smaug's tail and wingtips have a wire core, allowing for additional poses.  This item has a limited edition production run of 3000 units and each box will be labeled with a gold sticker indicating the number.  Please note:  no special requests can be made for specific numbers.  Measurements are approximate and some assembly is required.  Note:  the surprise figure and accessory will be revealed at a later date.  Age 8+.

The Care Bears Are Back!

A new partnership between AG Properties (AGP), the intellectual property and outbound licensing division of American Greetings Corporation, and Just Play, a leading children’s toy goods manufacturer, will bring an all-new Care Bears toy line to major retail outlets in fall 2014. The Just Play capture the heart and personality of this endearing evergreen brand that has charmed children for more than 30 years.

The Just Play toyline will feature ultra-soft snuggly plush and an assortment of Care Bears figures and play sets that will give children the chance to create special connections and enjoy make-believe adventures with their favorite Care Bears characters. Ranging from $2.99 to $24.99 and arriving at US retailers nationwide in September, the line which features everyone's favorite Care Bears -- Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Share Bear, Harmony Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and even Grumpy Bear -- offers kids lovable friends to help teach them about emotions, empathy and caring.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Condensed Run Through of the Fantasia Film Festival

These days, there is no shortage of news to run for those who look. There are conventions every weekend, and even if you aren't near enough to attend, SOMEONE with a camera is and they'd love to share. What I'm saying geek world is exploding with awesome and between work (the work I hope to be doing for the rest of my life), "real work" (the work I do to feed myself and keep my bills paid) and the little experiment called Idle Hands, there is seldom a second to spare. It's when time is not abundant that we utilize a tool every news writer embraces to give thanks and praise to films that deserve it, a scratch of the head at those that don't and wrap it all up in a neat, QUICK little package. IT'S MINI REVIEW TIME!!

We love indie movies here at Idle Hands, so we cover film fest whenever able, and so we present this nice stack of mini reviews in with hopes you'll discover some titles you'll want to track down when available. Let's get to it...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Explore Venom's Home World

This November, dare to venture where no hero in the Marvel Universe has ever gone before as the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves stranded on the home world of the Symbiotes! It all kicks off this November in Planet of the Symbiotes, the newest storyline beginning in Guardians of the Galaxy #21, from blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Valerio Schiti!

Ever since the Symbiote bonded with Flash Thompson, he has wielded it as a force for good, making the Earth a safer place as the hero known as Venom. Only the far reaches of space are a little bit out of his depth – even when he’s packing a crazed alien costume!

“Isn’t it interesting after all this time, we’ve never seen the Symbiote’s home planet?” says Executive Editor Mike Marts. “What does the planet look like? How will they respond to Agent Venom? It’s a lot of mystery, which is always fun. But come November, we’ll be adding to the Symbiote mythology in some new and exciting ways.”

Friday, August 15, 2014

What’s All This Then? #3: Rapid Fire Marvel & DC Comics News

What’s All This Then? #3: Rapid Fire
By: Andrew O’Brien

Hey! A lot has happened in the past month or so. I’d love to dedicate an entire article to each and every one of those things, but that would take far too long, so I’m going to go about this a little differently. This will be a lightning round of sorts where I can tell you the bare basics of a few things in the comics media-sphere that have interested me that I think you should also take note of. Sound good? Doesn't matter, that’s what I’m doing, so hold on to your butts. Here we go.

(SPOILER warning: I will be spoiling things. Mostly things involving talking raccoons and turtles, but if you don’t care keep reading.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

LEGO's New The LEGO Movie Sets for 2015

Yes..redundant, but that's how you name things! Company name, subject and so on. No more lip from youuu. As we wallow in the long long wait for New York Comic Con and all the surprises that event will bring, we scour the globe for new info and images. Sometimes we get one and not the other...but sometimes the other already had a sneak peek at San Diego Comic-Con and ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!! Yes..I'm hyper today. We all love The LEGO Movie and so more sets for this fantastic piece of hysterical animation was a no brainer. Here's what's on tap for 2015...

Toys "R" Us to Carry Exclusive Sin City Movie Action Figures

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is headed to theaters, and the first assortment of Sin City Select action figures, based on the original 2005 feature film, is in stores now. Captured in the film's trademark black-and-white, main characters Marv, Hartigan and Nancy each feature multiple points of articulation, multiple accessories and a detailed diorama base. And now Diamond Select Toys is proud to announce a pair of exclusive figures only available at Toys "R" Us!

For those who prefer their neo-noir in living color, Marv (Mickey Rourke) and Hartigan (Bruce Willis) are now a pair of full-color action figures in Toys "R" Us stores. Packaged in more streamlined packaging, with smaller street bases, Marv and Hartigan each include their unique accessories and the same high level of articulation. Both the black-and-white Select figures and color Toys "R" Us figures were sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Hit the jump for more images...

40th Anniversary Young Frankenstein Blu-ray & DVD Coming September 9th

The scariest comedy of all time gets resurrected as Young Frankenstein: 40th Anniversary arrives on Blu-ray September 9 (click HERE to pre-order for one $12.98!) from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Comedy icons Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr and Madeline Kahn star in Mel Brooks’ brilliantly outrageous riff on Mary Shelley’s classic story of Frankenstein. After inheriting his grandfather’s castle in Transylvania, young Dr. Frankenstein (Wilder) follows in his ancestor’s freaky footsteps as he sets out to reanimate a dead body in Brooks’ “funniest, most cohesive comedy to date.” (The New York Times)

Young Frankenstein was nominated for two Academy Awards* and two Golden Globe Awards**. More than 40 years later, the film has stood the test of time, ranking at lucky number 13 on the American Film Institute’s list of the top 100 funniest films.

HBO's True Blood Final Episode Synopsis & Air Times

THIS IS IT! Will Bill have one final chance to say.....Sooooookieeeee. Will that giant blonde Norseman have his moment in the sun...or rather..some other happy moment that doesn't involve him bursting into flames because Vampires. Whether you've been loving every minute of this series or agonizing over every moment of this last run at Television glory, we know you'll be locked in for the final episode...because YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THINGS! and good for you.

Disney Announce Disney Infinity Toybox 2.0 Features

Leading into the Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit, which is being held at Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City, UT from August 15 – 17, Disney Interactive today announced a detailed list of new Toy Box features that will debut in the new Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) (click HERE to pre-order!) when it hits retail stores next month. This weekend, Avalanche Software will allow select super-fans from all over the world to experience first-hand, the new tools that will make it easier and faster for every Disney Infinity fan to build and share custom Toy Box creations with family and friends.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted Bonus Clips

It's out on DVD and Blu-ray today, but for those of you still stuck at work...LET'S TEMPT YOU FURTHER! Check out bonus clips from Muppets Most Wanted below as well as clips from Disney Drive-On with The Muppets a new original short series available exclusively on Disney Movies Anywhere. Disney Drive-On with The Muppets brings you everything you've come to love and expect from The Muppets, including special celebrity cameos!  Be sure to visit the Discover Section within DMA each week to view new episodes of the series at

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funko POP! American Horror Story Figures

This series features characters from both Season One and Season Three of the popular FX anthology series.
Tate Langdon may be a teenage sociopath murderer, but we think he makes a pretty darling Pop!

The series will be debuting it's new season, Freak Show, this fall.
These Pop!'s will be available in September! Just in time to celebrate the new season premiere!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who in a New Episode 1 Trailer

I believe the saying goes "It's the deep breath before the plunge" it's all the more fitting the Season 8 episode opener starring new Doctor Peter Capaldi is titled "Deep Breath".

When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London, he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.

Who is the new Doctor and will Clara’s friendship survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? The Doctor has changed. It’s time you knew him. Hit the jump for the trailer!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

NEW DC Super Hero LEGO Sets for 2015 Feature The Justice League

San Diego Comic-Con is becoming a distant memory and New York Comic Con is still too far away for most geeks to dream about the possibilities they'll find around every corner, but lucky for us, COMMERCE MARCHES ON!! As October speeds toward us, and with it, the key buying season for most retailers across the planet, you're going to get little glimpses of what's on tap in the world of plastics for 2015. Maybe we should just start these glimpses now? Yes, have some!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Black Maria Limited Edition Blu-ray Set

This one is for Heather Buckley!! It's been imitated and remade, but never equaled. Tobe Hooper's THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE rose from a notorious 1974 sleeper sensation to rank as one of the greatest horror films ever made. Now, to mark the film's 40th anniversary, Dark Sky Films is presenting the digitally re-mastered masterpiece on Blu-ray for the first time in a stunning Limited Deluxe "Black Maria" Collector's Edition box set.

THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE appears in an all-new 4K digital transfer and with a newly created 7.1 surround sound mix supervised by director Hooper (Poltergeist). This release marks the only transfer of the film to go back to the original 16mm A/B rolls, the actual film that rolled through the cameras. The Limited Deluxe "Black Maria" Edition of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE will be released at retail in October but will be available exclusively at for 30 days starting September 16, 2014. Fans of the film will recognize the unique packaging as a replica of the iconic 'Black Maria' cattle truck that comes to Sally Hardesty's rescue when she's being pursued by Leatherface, a fitting nod to the legions of TCSM enthusiasts who were instrumental in keeping the film at the forefront of the genre throughout for the past 40 years and a true collectible display piece.'

A Preview of the Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie

When a new Warner Bros. DC Comics Animated Feature arrives, it means two things in my home. 1. I'm in for an awesome DC Comics movie with all the anger, blood and violence we'll probably never see in the live action films. 2. It's time for a preview of THE NEXT WARNER BROS. DC COMICS ANIMATED MOVIE!!! Based on comic book story arc written by Geoff Johns, with some liberties and story tweaks (naturally), Throne of Atlantis picks up where Justice League: War ended, as we see the origin story of Aquaman and his introduction to a newly formed Justice League.

Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy: 1/6th scale Rocket & Groot Collectible Figures Set

Marvel Studios is expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe this Summer and bringing fans to the cosmos in the action packed space adventure – Guardians of the Galaxy. A group of outlaw, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac will team up to battle evil and save the galaxy! To gear fans ready for this film’s worldwide release, Hot Toys is excited to present a special 1/6th scale collectible figures set which includes the gun-toting Rocket and his personal houseplant/muscle Groot!

The movie-accurate Rocket Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on his unique physique in the film. It features a finely sculpted head and body, specially tailored costume, weapon, and specially designed figure stand.

The movie-accurate Groot Collectible Figure features highly detailed head and body with amazing paint application to reflect his distinctive appearance, and a specially designed figure stand. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flying Over NECA's Massive 18 inch Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Action Figure

How can you compete in a toy industry atmosphere that has so much amazing product pumping out from month to month? YOU GO BIG. UPGRADE!! NECA are already the undisputed masters of the 7 inch movie and video game based action figure, and now they are making a name for themselves in the "plus sized" figure circles. Currently sitting in front of us is the 18 inch Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger action figure, packed with articulation and light up elements making it one of THE BEST items you could own to celebrate your love of the film. More bang for your buck is an understatement. Let's take a look at what you get...

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Feature Film Coming 9/27

On the tail of a wildly successful run of MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS the movie in 2013, Screenvision has teamed up with Hasbro Studios and Shout! Factory to bring the full-length feature MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS: RAINBOW ROCKS to more than 300 cinemas across the U.S. and Canada beginning September 27. Information on listings and links to book tickets can be found at

MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS: RAINBOW ROCKS the movie finds Canterlot High (CHS) hosting a musical showcase, and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are going to be performing with their new band, The Rainbooms. But when The Dazzlings, a new girl group, arrive at CHS and convince everyone to turn the friendly showcase into a Battle of the Bands, tensions mount between the competing musical acts. A now-reformed Sunset Shimmer realizes that the Dazzlings may not be ordinary girls and are after something far more sinister than just being named Best Band at Canterlot High. The Rainbooms call on Princess Twilight to restore harmony to their world to help them perform a musical counter-spell so that they can win a battle that now determines the fate of the entire school!

New Clips From "Batman: Assault on Arkham" & Bruce Timm's Return to DC Animation

“Batman: Assault on Arkham” enjoyed a rousing reception at its July 25 premiere at Comic-Con International, delighting a room of 4,250 fans for the screening and panel discussion amongst actors Kevin Conroy (Batman), Matthew Gray Gubler (Riddler), Troy Baker (Joker) and John DiMaggio (King Shark), and producer James Tucker, director Jay Oliva, screenwriter Heath Corson and dialogue director Andrea Romano.

Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates Land at Toys R Us

One of the most highly anticipated Marvel movies to date, Guardians of the Galaxy, is in movie theaters now, and response has been so great that a sequel is already  in the works for 2017! The newest series of Marvel Minimates based on the film is getting a great response as well, and it is currently available in Toys "R" Us stores, with an exclusive Minimate not available anywhere else!

Three two-packs are in Toys "R" Us stores now, as well as on Star-Lord and Ronan- Drax and Groot (with Rocket micro-figure)- Yondu and Sakaaran Trooper (Toys "R" Us exclusive)

A 7 Minute First Look at "Star Wars: Rebels" on Disney XD Tonight

Catch an exclusive sneak peek at the first seven-minutes of the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels tonight on Disney XD, immediately following the Disney XD premiere of Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars (7:30pm-8:30pm ET/PT)! It’s all part of a Force-filled evening that also includes a special Star Wars-themed episode of Kickin’ It (7:00pm-7:30pm ET/PT).

So tune in tonight to Disney XD..orrr..hop in below at ..say..9pm PT...

“Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass” Kicks Off Production

Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass” begins principal photography this week, featuring an award-winning production team and all-star ensemble cast, including Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. James Bobin (“The Muppets,” “Muppets Most Wanted”) helms the film, which revisits Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories with an all-new new tale that travels back to Underland—and back in Time. “Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass” is produced by Joe Roth (“Maleficent,” “Alice in Wonderland”), Jennifer Todd (“Alice In Wonderland,” “Memento”), Suzanne Todd (“Alice In Wonderland,” “Memento”) and Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Frankenweenie”). John G. Scotti (“Muppets Most Wanted,” “The Muppets”) is the executive producer; Linda Woolverton (“Maleficent,” “Alice In Wonderland,” “Beauty and the Beast”) penned the screenplay. Shooting on location and at Shepperton Studios in England, the film is slated for release on May 27, 2016.