Sunday, January 31, 2010

America VS The Nazi DeathWalker!!!

Who's Ready for Indiana Jones Part 5?!

I just had a new blurb cross my desk from Bang Media which MAY have been citing an article from Empire. They didn't credit them properly, so I can't be sure. In it, Harrison Ford says he'd be up for a 5th installment if they can get it done quickly, as death is chasing him.

"If we find a script and develop a story in less than the 18 years it took to make the last one, if I'm still alive, I'll make myself available."

He also went on to say how he loves acting and could never do the same thing every day. Roles he has yet to tackle are a Woman and a Fish, so he'd like to play a female fish "just because of the costume." Han's still got it.

Kaiyodo's Revoltech: The Perfect Toy For The Casual Collector

Kayiodo. Ever hear of them? If you weren't already a hardcore toy collector, probably not. Kaiyodo, among other things, make a figure line called REVOLTECH. What makes them unique is a revolving joint system that clicks into position to lock in a pose. Since most include a stand as well, kicking and flight poses are also possible! Do I even need to mention the extra hands and accessories? This makes Revoltech the perfect desk top toyline for the geek who just wants the occasional bad ass figure to mess around with.

In the past, they've made Fist of the North Star and Street Fighter pieces as well as countless anime additions, scores of robots and TRANSFORMERS!! Now, Kaiyodo seem to be veering into more licensing opportunities. Check out their new Alien piece with 15 working joints, a bendy tail, working inner mouth, alien egg and face hugger!

We are told they will also be putting out a Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman from Batman Begins, Gamera and a FREAKING T REX FROM JURASSIC PARK?!?! Amazing. I would email them to send me info as it develops, but the contact form on their site, as run through the babblefish translator offers such options as pighead coconut, coconut, wild goose gimlet or poppy growth. ...Decisions.

Pics below nicked from

Flashback, Relax and Watch Lost With a Cold Dharma Initiative Beer

When its time to kill a God...One beer stands clear. If you've got no time...oh, you get the picture. Get ready for the earth shattering season premiere of LOST with your Dharma Initiative Beer! Click the graphic and drink in the genius.

Captain America in the "Sketchy Phase"

Buried in the paragraphs of a lengthy Wolfman article worth reading over at, Joe Johnston gives a quick update on The First Avenger: Captain America. Currently, they are sketching out their dream movie and after all that wishing is done, they'll see what they can actually afford. Johnston explains the current story line..

[The film at this early stage, will begin "in 1942, 1943" during World War II. "The stuff in the ’60s and ’70s [comic books] we're sort of avoiding. We're going back to the ’40s, and then forward to what they're doing with Captain America now."]

Absolute Justice Hits THIS WEEK! More Teasers Anyone?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Green Lantern Movie Concept Art!

EYE CANDY!! Check out the concept art for the Green Lantern Movie with images depicting The Guardians of Oa, Sinestro, Abin Sur, Tomar Re and Kilowog! Personally, I'd say the outfits for the GL Corps are too complicated on everyone but Kilowog. Also..Holy Mullet Sinestro! hehe He's all order up front and punk rock in the back. What do you think? Click to enlarge, natch.

Doctor Who: Dreamland

Coming May 4th, 2010..the weird weird world of Doctor Who gets odder when reproduced in that awkward computer animation they used for ReBoot. Remember ReBoot? Of course you don't.

This 1 hour movie is voiced by David Tennant. I'm assuming he voices Doctor Who and not all the characters in the movie, though if he did, it would be a must buy for me. Like the Watchmen Motion Comic all over again.

This is set to air on February 10th..and then...the long long wait.

Friday, January 29, 2010

UK Toyfair: Star Wars Gets CREEEEEPY

Funko, makers of fine bobbling vinyl across the globe in every shape and form your little geeky heart desires makes another dream come true, albeit a DARK ONE!! Combining the worlds of Star Wars and horror in a masterful stroke, we have...THIS!!

Star Wars Monsters are coming this Fall!! Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda and a Storm Trooper are the first in line for monsterization. Here's hoping they give them awesome monster names like FrankenVader, DIEtrooper, Chew(ing humans)bacca and Yodzilla! Stay tuned for more info.

Mezco's Mezitz Add More Hellboy 2, Beetlejuice and Watchmen

Mezco's 6 inch stylized vinyl figure line has seen horror icons and zombies as well as upcoming pieces from Wolfman and Clash of the Titans. Now Mez adds to the chubby crew with new additions of...

Hellboy 2 Series 2 with Shirtless Hellboy and Johann
Watchmen with Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach - May
...and Beetlejuice!! - July

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Edge of Darkness Review

It’s a seemingly harmless, touching moment. An aging father and his grown daughter reuniting. The too seem to love each other very much, making the visual all the more cookie cutter for a film…until the daughter is on the receiving end from the blast of a shotgun at close range on the front porch. The act is so jarringly violent in contrast to the tenderness we had seen before that you know they’ve got you for the duration. With Mel Gibson at the wheel, you know its time to buckle up.

Edge of Darkness is the tale of what comes next. The grizzled police detective sets off to find his daughter’s killers, using every dirty trick and professional skill he’s picked up and honed over the years to uncover a trail when it seems there was none. Gibson plays the part with no shortage of excellence. In one scene, you can see him appear robotic from the shock of his daughter’s death but still driven to justice. A second later, as he appeals to her contacts for information, he looks on the verge of emotional collapse and then, in an instant, he shoves that pain deep down and terrorizes someone for the clues he needs. It is insanity, and breathtaking to watch. This is rip your heart out material that allows you to cheer every time Mel sticks a gun up against someone’s head, turning them into a quivering mess. Even when the bad guys try to strong arm him, you know you are mere moments away from someone getting a beat down. SATISFACTION!!

Gibson and Winstone steal the entire movie, with wit and charm, excellent chemistry and timing and a twinkle in their eye for their impending, messy works. All around them, you’ll be astonished by the top notch acting from every single character they come across…from the despicable corporate scum to the nervous cop in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is this amazing display that saves the film from the plot holes and weak writing that could have made this a confusing collection of bloody kills and screaming.

My first gripe will be an obvious one. From the trailer, you know Gibson’s character Craven is going to uncover some conspiracy that leads to his daughter’s ultimate silence. As soon as he began to catch on to the real story, don’t you think his car would have blown up? We do not get that moment where he narrowly avoids death as some beat cop starts his vehicle for him. Instead, he’s chased by two of the most inept killers these kinds of movies could conjure. You could argue that Craven is just that good…or you could say the writing falls flat. Countless times, Craven should be dead, but is left to continue his investigation. Further viewing may have you yelling at the screen like a child watching Dora the Explorer. Gibson would turn to the screen and say.. “Do YOU know what killed my daughter?” We scream “IT’S OVER THERE!!” Gibson then gingerly goes through the paces of “uncovering” the clue we’d caught onto 10 minutes ago and then wonder why he isn’t getting his cop buddies to help. Inconsistencies abound, plot holes turn into gaping chasms and the film wraps up in the most convenient ways possible. If you are a stickler for logical, coherent story telling, this movie may drive you mad.

At the end of the 117 minutes, the director has taken you through the paces at break neck speed with amazing acting all around, and that’s enough to hold you tight and leave you smiling. As your attention is firmly clamped down, you are inundated with some shockingly violent moments that are akin to someone sneaking up next to you and screaming in your ear. You'll be on the edge of your seat, and then jumping out of it! Your heart will break one minute and you’ll cheer the next as Gibson serves up deliciously satisfying vengeance. It seems to be the case lately that weak scripts are saved by the fun factor of the content and those who pull it off with almost magical expertise. It’s a glamour, to be sure, but isn’t that what movie making should be? While I ache for some amazing, original writing, I suppose I can be content with the occasional mis-step amid the doldrums of drek flanked on either side (AKA most of the rest of the films.) Edge of Darkness surely has it’s flaws, but when your cast gives 110 percent and the director and cinematographer sync up to take you on the wildest ride possible, you can’t lose.

UK Toyfair: More Star Wars from Mighty Beanz, Revell and More

UK Toyfair: Hasbro's Big Honkin AT-AT Update

No pics allowed, but we have this report from one lucky Star Wars Uber Geek who looked over the new At-AT and raped it with his eyes...

Neck seal is rubber! The head holds 6 figures, I was told, but it was a proto so no opening it. The bum opens for speeder bike. The thing is massive and rocks!! Foot to shoulder is my hand to yea.. its BIG!!!

Other Star Wars items on display included a Galactic Heroes AT-AT with Snowtrooper and bike that goes inside and Galactic Heroes Jango's Slave 1. Also seen were new Force Battlers (Anakin was shown), Mini Rip Speeders with launchers and a race track for them with an Octupria Spider droid playset. They also spotted Anakin with a mini Naboo cruiser type vehicle and a Mandalorian on a Speeder (perhaps from the new Clone Wars episode?)

If you've attended the show and were alowed to shoot like the lucky SOB's at Jedi News, send us your goods!!

UK Toyfair: LEGOS!! Star Wars and Harry Potter

Click to make big and easier to caress through your monitor..

Not much actual news, but we are told Slave 1 and the Turbo Tank are amazing, and Harry Potter will dish out 6 items and a game.

UK Toyfair: New Living Dead Dolls from Mezco

Our sources report this year's UK Exclusive is the Cheshire Cat! Though pictured here in purple, toy hunters on the scene have said he is dressed in orange in the catalog. We are assuming one will be UK and one US. Pictured below is the rest of the Alice in Wonderland themed line with Sadie as Alice, Sybil as The Mad Hatter, Eggzorcist as The White Rabbit and Inferno as The Red Queen. These are available now in the states.

UK Toyfair: NEW Toys for Tron, Predators, Jonah Hex, How to Train Your Dragon and The Last Airbender

The first bits of info are coming in from UK toyfair, so as we sort it out, I thought we'd start with items we didn't know were coming.

We knew NECA has the new Nightmare on Elm Street and is currently slated to put out human and burned up Freddy Krueger figures. We also knew they were doing Perseus from the new Clash of the Titans movie and perhaps a second version of him, at the very least. What we didn't know is they also have the new Predators movie and Jonah Hex! I'm sort of cold on the whole Pred/Alien thing, but Jonah Hex toys from NECA has me grinning from ear to ear. Couldn't think of a more perfect match! NECA also will continue current lines with Twilight: Eclipse, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and their popular Cult Classics line. NECA also expands their Wizkids Clix line with HaloClix!

As for Tron, Spin Master has the goods with 3 3/4 action figures and a big baddy whose head has inner projection to show FX from the new movie. Sources say Spin Master also had "How to Train Your Dragon" and "The Last Airbender" toys. The Airbender toys are said to be a small line, but it contains a "lovely Appa".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marvel's "Heroic Age" Brings Back the Sunshine

"We swear this isn't because we are owned by Disney now" will undoubtedly be a common phrase among Marvel movers and shakers over the next couple of months as their characters climb out of the gritty emo world which engulfed them in the past few years and head toward a tomorrow where heroes can be heroes again. Some might say, they are looking forward to a "Brightest Day!"

USA Today of all places reports that Iron Man, Captain America and Thor will reunite in the pages of a relaunched Avengers comic. Brian Bendis, mastermind behind most of the colossal Marvel shakeups, will be taking the reins once again to usher in the happy. Seems only fitting!

Bendis remarked "The 'brand new day' of the Heroic Age presents a tonal shift to optimism, a world filled with hope but quite hellish villains," Bendis says. "The heroes realize it's a blue-sky world worth protecting."

Does anyone else find it disconcerting that Wolverine, probably the most moody of all Marvel characters, is absent in the graphic and instead, they went for Gorilla-Man from Agents of Atlas?! Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Geeks do love a good monkey story.

Marvel Turkey Deal Brings New Content

TONS of Marvel news this week, huh?! This one takes a little digging to find the meat you are looking for. The deal seesTürk Telekom, Marvel Characters B.V. and Paimotion Entertainment Inc. announcing a globally unique and comprehensive Licensing Agreement covering animated shorts, online and PC games, mobile applications, merchandising and a customized kids Web site.

Marvel-heads will want to start watching for this Turkish content when they read the next part.

The deal showcases a broad array of Marvel products featuring Marvel Super Heroes which will be customized and translated into Turkish. Products include animated shorts, animated TV series distributed on mobile phones and the internet, casual games, as well as the opening of Marvel Mini-Stores featuring Marvel merchandise at Türk Telekom’s stores and Web sites.

Sobee, Türk Telekom’s gaming company will also be translating the Marvel kids web site into Turkish and will develop and release animated shorts featuring Marvel’s most popular Super Heroes. Additionally, Sobee will develop new flash-games and introduce Marvel Super Heroes into Sobee’s innovative games, such as I Can Football and Super Can Oyun, both of which have been developed by Sobee and its developer and CEO Mevlut Dinc.

More Marvel is always good news. Crazy Turkish Marvel cartoons and video games sounds even better!

Hasbro's Iron Man 2 Lineup

IRON MAN 2 rockets into theaters this spring after the fan-favorite Super Hero took the world by storm with his big screen debut two years ago. In 2010, Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) recreates the exhilarating action from the most anticipated Super Hero film of the year with its explosive IRON MAN 2 toy line.

At the end of the original IRON MAN movie, TONY STARK reveals that he is IRON MAN. As fans await the premiere of the sequel, they too can take a turn at being like IRON MAN with three new role-play items. The new IRON MAN HELMET includes mission directives from Jarvis and a “slow release” visor that slides into place. Beyond donning the helmet, IRON MAN wannabes can strap on the IRON MAN 2 3-IN-1 REPULSOR, which is outfitted with projectiles, lights and sounds to replicate the Super Hero’s battles. To complete the fantasy makeover, kids can also attach the IRON MAN ARC CHEST LIGHT to their shirt.

Kevin Feige Lays out the Marvel Movie Time Table

SuperHeroHype got to reading SFX Magazine's March issue containing a full tilt interview with Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President. Here's the best part..

Iron Man 2 (May 7), Thor (May 6, 2011) and The First Avenger: Captain America (July 22, 2011) will lay the foundation for what should be the ultimate superhero epic - The Avengers (May 4, 2012).

Also of interest was mention of the Avengers lineup including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Nick Fury. No doubt they'll want a woman in that lineup as well and since she's in Iron Man 2, expect it to be Black Widow. Feige mentioned a second Norton Hulk movie would have to happen after The Avengers, as that time table is pretty set in stone now, but it is definitely being kicked around.

My retort? COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. oh and..Gimme.

Star Wars Eye Candy From UK Toyfair

JediNews is on the scene and inexplicably, they let them take pictures??!! I was heavily in the toy game for 7 years and they NEVER let us take pics of anything Hasbro at UKTF. Let's drool a bit before the fever dream ends. Head over to the number 1 source for Jedi long pants for more pics and the bigger images.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Rock Shooter?

Prepubescent Flaming Eyed Frankenstein Stripper!

Prepubescent Flaming Eyed Frankenstein Stripper!

Prepubescent Flaming Eyed Frankenstein Stripper! April 2010.