Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spider-Man Joins the Incredible Shrinking Marvel Lines

Today, Walmarts across the USA are being invaded by the first wave of tiny little Spider-Men! Harkening to an odd time of ancient Toy Biz past, the bulk of these lines include Spider-Man in his many fashion choices adopted in the minds of power mad toy developers desperate for that piggy bank coinage. Such dark dreams have given birth to Dive Attack, Night Mission, Sky Speed and Ultra Spider Armor getups. Because I still have some pride, I could not bring myself to buy Swimmy Spidey, even for you, my geekiest of readers, but I did bite the bullet and snapped up a sampling of the series for your eager little ocular cavities.

The articulation on these figures ranges from not-so-super poseable to down right useless. It's clear by the snap on armor, inexplicable web accessories and launching mechanisms that this is a "kid's line" and therefore, we are meant to ignore a lack of poseability. Oddly, the paints maintain a higher quality than some Marvel Universe pieces, with dry brushing evident all over. Beyond that, you are still looking at a line of small figures that are only 50 cents cheaper than MU when they should be only 5 to 6 dollars each. Keep your fiercest foes battle cards and chop that price down...or let's forget the whole deal and go back to Marvel Legends! yes...I'm still beating that drum and whipping the rotting horse. It just makes no sense.

CLICK HERE for more images of the 4 inch Spider-Man action figure line from Hasbro

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