Friday, January 15, 2010

Kaiyodo's Revoltech Brings Professor Layton to Life

Well..maybe not to life..but to beautiful, 3 dimensional plastics you can hug and love and literally take to a tea party.

From the incredibly popular Professor Layton series of games comes Layton himself! Created exactly as he appears in the games, he features a total of 12 revolution joints to allow maximum poseability. He also includes a table and chair set that go with his base to make a perfect European street scene!

Extra parts include:
Fountain Pen
Tea Saucer
Extra Face x 1
Extra Hands x 5
Display Base

There still isn't a major US importer of the Revoltech line, but Transformers fans know that when they wanted their fix, it was easy enough to find through ebay or your local comic shop, if you bug them to place the order for you। Look for him this March!

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