Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kaiyodo's Revoltech: The Perfect Toy For The Casual Collector

Kayiodo. Ever hear of them? If you weren't already a hardcore toy collector, probably not. Kaiyodo, among other things, make a figure line called REVOLTECH. What makes them unique is a revolving joint system that clicks into position to lock in a pose. Since most include a stand as well, kicking and flight poses are also possible! Do I even need to mention the extra hands and accessories? This makes Revoltech the perfect desk top toyline for the geek who just wants the occasional bad ass figure to mess around with.

In the past, they've made Fist of the North Star and Street Fighter pieces as well as countless anime additions, scores of robots and TRANSFORMERS!! Now, Kaiyodo seem to be veering into more licensing opportunities. Check out their new Alien piece with 15 working joints, a bendy tail, working inner mouth, alien egg and face hugger!

We are told they will also be putting out a Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman from Batman Begins, Gamera and a FREAKING T REX FROM JURASSIC PARK?!?! Amazing. I would email them to send me info as it develops, but the contact form on their site, as run through the babblefish translator offers such options as pighead coconut, coconut, wild goose gimlet or poppy growth. ...Decisions.

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