Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marvel Turkey Deal Brings New Content

TONS of Marvel news this week, huh?! This one takes a little digging to find the meat you are looking for. The deal seesTürk Telekom, Marvel Characters B.V. and Paimotion Entertainment Inc. announcing a globally unique and comprehensive Licensing Agreement covering animated shorts, online and PC games, mobile applications, merchandising and a customized kids Web site.

Marvel-heads will want to start watching for this Turkish content when they read the next part.

The deal showcases a broad array of Marvel products featuring Marvel Super Heroes which will be customized and translated into Turkish. Products include animated shorts, animated TV series distributed on mobile phones and the internet, casual games, as well as the opening of Marvel Mini-Stores featuring Marvel merchandise at Türk Telekom’s stores and Web sites.

Sobee, Türk Telekom’s gaming company will also be translating the Marvel kids web site into Turkish and will develop and release animated shorts featuring Marvel’s most popular Super Heroes. Additionally, Sobee will develop new flash-games and introduce Marvel Super Heroes into Sobee’s innovative games, such as I Can Football and Super Can Oyun, both of which have been developed by Sobee and its developer and CEO Mevlut Dinc.

More Marvel is always good news. Crazy Turkish Marvel cartoons and video games sounds even better!

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