Friday, June 29, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Toys R Us Exclusives & Previews

Like Taco Bell in Demolition Man, Toys R Us are the last survivors of the brick and mortar toy store wars and while their prices have started to get a little crazy when compared to prices for the same items in other stores, they'll always have a place in my heart...if not in my wallet. It makes perfect sense that the retailing giant would want some sort of presence at San Diego Comic-Con and with the help of Entertainment Earth, they always will!

Channeling the spirit of its diverse product assortment, Toys“R”Us unmasked its lineup of ten exclusive items available in honor of its fantastic fourth appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego from Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15. Offered in partnership with Entertainment Earth® at Booth #2343, customers will find official San Diego Comic-Con merchandise based on Adventure Time™, Mad Magazine®, MY LITTLE PONY, Predator, Regular Show™ and Winx Club®.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Symbiote Studios Exclusives

What's better than picking up awesome new plastics exclusive to the biggest nerd gathering on the planet? When proceeds of said plastics help people in need!

Symbiote Studios will be back at San Diego Comic Con Booth #4533. If you are at the show stop by and pick up one of our eight new Symbiote Vinyl Toys. We have two great kinds that each supports a great organization. Each will sell for $12.99.

Disney Villains Designer Collection

Finally, the bad girls get some love!
Today Disney Store revealed its exclusive Disney Villains Designer Collection, set to arrive in stores and at in early fall. Centered around a series of six limited edition Villains Designer dolls, limited to a worldwide edition of 13,000 each, the collection also includes apparel, beauty products, home items and stationery. Disney Villains Designer Collection products are inspired by those dastardly villains Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians), Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Mother Gothel (Tangled), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland). Disney Store designers re-imagined the villains from these movies to create this line of dramatic dolls, styled in couture fashions.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Super 7 Exclusives & Events

Back into the art toys isle we go with our best buds at Super 7 (booth #4729) . When a company creates something like a Super Shogun Stormtrooper with firing fist of fury, you know you should be watching them closely. Though there are no Star Wars items on the table this year, they do have a whole slew of translucent, glow in the dark and sparkly characters up for grabs primed and ready to practically join your Finn and Jake Adventure Time action figures in the Land of Ooooo. When you catch a glimpse of these faces, you'll know what I mean. Let's dive in!

Live Action Dora the Kick Ass Explorer

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hasbro's Amazing Spider-Man Box-O-Doom

Less than one week til The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters and you realize it is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME! I am no longer under embargo so I can tell you I've been comparing this Spidey reboot in the way we compare Burton's Batman to Nolan's. I'm not saying Raimi's Spider-Man was is just a different animal all together. The new film shows a Spider-Man who moves like you'd imagine someone infused with irradiated spider DNA would move...twitchy..always tensed and ready to jump..faster than you'd imagine a human being could possibly move and so agile it defies logic. Watching him in action caused me to default to little kid mode..mouth agape and smiling like I'd been struck dumb. More details to come when I crank out my review, because THIS article is reserved for the box of goods Hasbro just sent over!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Zachary Levi's Nerd Machine

Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine, a multimedia company dedicated to bringing the best of apparel, accessories, and both long and short form video content to customers around the globe, announced today the return of Nerd HQ during Comic-Con International 2012, July 12-15. Located just two blocks away from the convention floor at Block No. 16 Union and Spirits (344 7TH Ave., San Diego, CA 92101), Nerd HQ gives fans a unique experience through cutting edge technology and gaming showcases, exclusive parties including Levi’s annual Nerd party and exciting autograph signings. In addition Nerd HQ will bring back the popular “Conversations for a Cause” panel series, which will be webcast live on Break Media. Event sponsors include Break Media, Square Enix, VIZIO, and Xbox.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives List

Every year, geeks from across the globe gather at a windy, seaside convention hall in San Diego, California. While there, they wear costumes, wave at famous people, get abused by the waitresses at Dick's Last Resort, watch movies before anyone else and most importantly...THEY BUY TOYS!!! Idle Hands presents our omniscient, undulating, squid like, indestructible San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives List of Dooom. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you are a company with exclusives for sale, giveaways at your booth or events you'd like to get the word out on, give us a shout! Email paulnomad AT gmail DOT com
We'll also mention that some companies list items also listed with other companies. Said items SHOULD be available at both locations.

Her Universe Doctor Who Fangirl Fashion Collection

Her Universe™, a leader in female genre merchandise, announced today a license with BBC Worldwide, to create a collection of Doctor Who apparel for the ever-growing female fan base for the television show.

Her Universe recognized the burgeoning force of female Doctor Who fans and the need to create unique apparel and merchandise just for them. The international iconic brand and television hit Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi series in the world and continues to earn critical acclaim as BBC AMERICA's highest rated series as well as the #1 downloaded series for iTunes in 2011. The new Doctor Who collection by Her Universe will premiere in July with fashion tops featuring images, characters and phrases from the Doctor Who universe all with fashion-forward designs for girls to look "Geek Chic." To recognize their female Doctor Who fans, BBC Worldwide has created a special Doctor Who logo which will only appear on merchandise from the Her Universe collection.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Mezco's Summer Exclusives

Mezco dives cannon ball style into the summer convention waters with a pile of plastics labeled "Summer Exclusives" rather than the concrete SDCC 2012 label, which should mean folks will have ample opportunity to get the goods they want! Here's their lineup...

The Dark Knight Mez-Itz™ Mega Scale Batman : $200 - Perhaps the greatest summer exclusive in the universe, Mezco proudly presents the Mega Scale Dark Knight Batman™ Mez-Itz™. This 300% Batman Mez-Itz™ is based on Batman’s look from the award winning blockbuster trio of films from Christopher Nolan. He measures 20" from the tip of his ears to the soles of his bat-boots and features a real cloth black cape. Just like the standard Mez-Itz™, he features 5 points of articulation and 1000 points of fun. Mez-Itz™ Mega Scale Batman is securely packed in a sturdy full color box (the size of a dorm fridge). This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Quantum Mechanix Exclusives

Champion of the die hard fan, Quantum Mechanix stepped into the spotlight making all the Doctor Horrible and Firefly swag no one else would tackle. Now they bring their unique sensibilities to SDCC 2012 with two statues essential for your growing Quantum Mechanix collections!

Battlestar Galactica Admiral Adama Animated Maquette : $59.95 - War hero. Brilliant strategist. Respected leader. We've captured the essence of the steely Admiral Adama in this 1:10-scale maquette measuring 5.9 inches tall.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Expo 2012 at Breakneck Speed

Sooooo many events. The extreme bulk of news, dvds to watch and real, actual paying work I need to do makes it impossible to run supplemental event coverage in a timely manor....but i will keep trying!! Tonight, we'll take a look at the fun stuff I found while walking sideways through the extra thick crowd at the Book Expo in New York City some weeks back. Here's the best of the best...

Wreck-It Ralph for Wii, 3DS and DS

Get ready for classic arcade video game action with a whole new modern look and feel as Activision Publishing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard Inc., (Nasdaq: ATVI) and Disney Interactive today announced a collaboration to produce and distribute a Wreck-It Ralph™ video game. As a story extension to the highly anticipated upcoming blockbuster film of the same name from Walt Disney Animation Studios, the Wreck-It Ralph video game is set to inspire a whole new generation of young gamers as a classic, arcade-style side scroller featuring Ralph – the misunderstood villain of his own arcade game who sets out to prove he can be a hero too. Debuting this fall tied to the movie release, Wreck-It Ralph will bring all the fun from the big screen right into the living room for the Wii™ system from Nintendo, and the Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ hand-held systems.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Jun Planning's DC Comics Pullip Doll Exclusives

Ohhhhh creators of SDCC 2012 exclusives. Why must you make me run around the interwebs to find all your golden goodies? GrooveUSA dropped word in the corners of doll loving websites that their team up with Jun Planning for this years big show dives head first back into the DC Comics waters. Building on the success of last year's Batgirl and Cat Woman releases we've got...

Global Smurfs Day!

That's what the email said... GLOBAL SMURFS DAY!! And I thought...Go onnnnn...and clicked open and inside there was only this pretty poster. What a tease, right??!!

Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi to Premiere at Fantasia Film Fest

Walker Pictures and Nishimura Eizo have announced that DEAD SUSHI, the latest horror/comedy from acclaimed Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, will World Premiere at Montreal’s prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22nd, followed shortly thereafter by its Asian Premiere at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan).

Iguchi, best-known for his high-octane 2008 action/comedy The Machine Girl, has become an international sensation with jaw-dropping, boundary-pushing films such as RoboGeisha, Karate-Robo Zaborgar, and Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead.

Travel Channel's Toy Hunter Returns

We've got Storage Warriors and folks picking through junk across the nation while men with steely gazes stand behind pawn shop counter displays waiting to take your belongings into their inventory...but now..we've got a Toy Hunter. Longing to complete your Thundercats collection with The Mad Bubbler? Is your Boba Fett missing rocket firing action? Maybe Jordan Hembrough is the plastic archaeologist for you...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Kotobukiya's Exclusives

Under 20 days until SDCC 2012 drops. Stressss. Kotobukiya unleashes their exclusives consisting of a trio of hot anime-ified ladies who can freeze you in place with their...assets...and then kick you around until you forget 2nd grade. It's BISHOUJO MADNESS!!

Marvel Comics X-23 X-Force Version Bishoujo Statue : $59.99 - A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The popular Marvel Bishoujo collection (combining iconic super heroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) continues to bring you the amazing beauties of the Marvel Comics Universe, as you’ve never seen them before. Not withholding her rage this time around, X-23 in her X-Force outfit is still ready for anything. She crouches on one knee, ever alert for danger with her weapons extended; her wicked Adamantium claws are quite eye-catching on both hands and her right foot. Highly detailed sculpting brings out the intricacies of X-23’s banded and laced boots, her unique linked-ring belt with a red-hued X-Force emblem, and medallion necklace.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Send More Muppets

Mash Ups are the cornerstone of any day on Facebook. We eat away the hours creating them, seeking them out and sharing them with friends. Is it all wasted time? NONSENSE. Any way you can steal a smile these days is time well spent. Fright Rags, makers of 90% of my killer horror T shirts, dropped this new mash up design on the world after the teaser for the art hit 500 "likes".

It's one part Muppet Mania, one part Return of the Living Dead....Zombies Vs Animated Felt Beings in the ultimate throw down. Say hello to Fright Rags' newest limited edition T Shirt design, "Send More Muppets"!! Fright Rags commented...

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Action Figure Xpress Exclusives

AFX is an old friend of (my old haunt) and so we always keep tabs on what Pat and the gang are up to. Being a collectibles retailer (as well as producer), a bunch of their exclusives will be things you'll remember from Diamond Comics and Diamond Select's lineups. Having more than one location to purchase may come in handy with something like the Walking Dead Minimates set!

Once again, Action Figure Xpress (Booth 3345) will be at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in full force with some incredible exclusives and guests! Comic-con is that special event for fans to get a sneak peek at upcoming products and also to interact with designers, manufacturers, artists, celebrities, and more.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 : ParaNorman Haunts Hall H

Fans of creepy little kids, stop motion animation and zombies...time to put some ink down on your SDCC 2012 calendar!

Friday July 13th - Hall H - Focus Features and Laika’s PARANORMAN Comic-Con Panel with cast & crew interviews and a sneak peak at footage! The expected talent is Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, directors Chris Butler & Sam Fell and LAIKA CEO Travis Knight. It will be moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Karger.

The film is produced by Laika Entertainment, the same company behind CORALINE, and uses the same stop-motion animation. For those not attending the show, a PARANORMAN ice cream truck will be cruising the streets of the Gaslamp district offering free ice cream and giveaways to the public (Three Zombies and ParaNorman himself will be roaming the area as well)!

Rise of the Guardians Plush Toys

This one just sneaked in, as we didn't even know Mezco had a license for Rise of the Guardians! Pre-orders are popping up all over the internet for a trio of 8 inch plush figures for the upcoming animated film including Jack Frost, North and Pitch. Not sure exactly what a "plush figure" is but I suppose we'll find out soon enough as San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner.

Hot Toys Dark Knight Joker DX 2.0

Some days, I imagine the folks at Hot Toys just sit around thinking "remember that awesome toy we made...I think we can blow that shit out of the water." Competing with yourself is a great way to stay #1! A day later, when Hot Toys announce that decision, the crew at Sideshow start high-fiving each other. Eaaaaasy money.

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to announce the Joker DX 2.0 Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. Following the overwhelming reception of the original Joker DX, Hot Toys presents this advanced version, specially crafted based on the image of Heath Ledger as The Joker from The Dark Knight. Featuring detailed head sculpts and paint crafted by artists Yulli & JC. Hong, along with an extraordinary costume created by costume artist Kato, the DX Joker 2.0 Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is truly movie-accurate; equipped with Hot Toys' patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), highly detailed accessories and weapons.

Bruce Campbell Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

Just like Stan Lee in most of the Marvel Motion Pictures, we had come to expect and giddily anticipate B movie icon Bruce Campbell's appearance in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films. Now a new regime has taken control of the movie Spideyverse and so, Bruce's subtle manipulation of Peter Parker's life and our endless speculation on what those moments might mean in future movies has come to an end...unless you are a video game junkie! Activision handles just about everything from a fan's perspective lately and so, inserting Bruce into the video game universe was a no brainer.

The Digitally Remastered & Fully Restored Jaws

JAWS – the landmark motion picture that still makes audiences afraid to go in the water – comes to Blu-rayTM for the first time ever on August 14th, 2012. Featuring an all-new, digitally remastered and fully restored picture, as well as 7.1 surround sound, the JAWS Blu-rayTM Combo Pack with DVD, Digital Copy and UltraVioletTM gives fans the ultimate way to watch the breathtaking and terrifying action-thriller.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spider-Man Week in New York City June 25 – July 1

In celebration of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man™ on July 3, 2012, Columbia Pictures has partnered with some of NYC’s premier cultural institutions to create Spider-Man Week in NYC, a seven-day calendar of events in all five boroughs. The week includes a volunteer initiative as Spider-Man teams with his fellow New Yorkers to give back to their community by helping out people in need.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Adult Swim & Cartoon Network Attack

In the next couple of weeks, San Diego Comic Con panel info is GONNA RAIN ON YOU WARRIORS!!! Our buds at Adult Swim & Cartoon Network sent over a giant heap of info on panels & signings so you know exactly where to be to meet your favorite people.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Hasbro's Exclusives

Like some big budget scifi film epic, Hasbro's exclusives have been scattered across the interwebs for some time now, assuring those of us with 3 seconds to breathe will not be able to drink their fill....until...TODAY!! We've got the lot with zooms and info all primed and ready for your trembling grey matter to process so fire up your bank account and start making that shopping list, as Hasbro likes to make their San Diego Comic Con exclusives available to all! Let's dive right in...

Dredd Trailer Goes LIVE

The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One- a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called "Judges" who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Karl Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge - a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of "Slo-Mo" experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Gentle Giant Exclusives

What is it...20 days ..give or take..and counting before San Diego Comic Con drops on our delicate little craniums?!! All the press people I know are tensed and ready for the inevitable rush of news on exclusives, promotions, events and interview ops and slowly but surely, the toy companies are spilling their guts. Today, we are very privileged to to present a killer statue from Gentle Giant...

The Walking Dead 100 Chromium Cover

You know how I know we are living in the future? Because a zombie apocalypse TV show is big business. AMAZING. The celebration for the 100th issue of the cult hit comic book The Walking Dead will be loud, awesome, and full of alternate covers the likes of which we haven't seen since the 90's. Robert Kirkman dropped in on the internet to tease the Chromium Cover mere minutes ago. What Chromium means, exactly, is beyond me, but I suspect there is some low grade radiation involved which mimics the symptoms of zombification for an hour or two so you can get in on the undead hijinks of your favorite rotting characters. Fun for the whoooole family!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : War of the Worlds: Goliath Exclusive US Premiere

Tripod Entertainment officially announced the exclusive US premiere of their 3D stereoscopic animated epic “War of theposter Worlds: Goliath” at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Produced by Tripod Entertainment, "War of the Worlds: Goliath" is a 85-minute animated steampunk epic of war, comradeship and courage under fire.

Directed by animation veteran Joe Pearson (Epoch Ink Animation), written by accomplished wordsmith, David Abramowitz (Highlander), and executive produced by Heavy Metal CEO Kevin Eastman. Featuring the voice talents of Adrian Paul (Highlander), Peter Wingfield (Highlander, X-Men 2), Adam Baldwin (Serenity, Firefly, Chuck), Mark Sheppard, (Battlestar Galactica,Sanctuary), Elizabeth Gracen (Highlander), Jim Byrnes (Highlander), Beau Billingslea, (Cowboy Bebop) and many others.

Too Much Horror Business: The Kirk Hammett Collection

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett announced today that he will publish his first book, Too Much Horror Business: The Kirk Hammett Collection, this October via Abrams Image. Documenting Kirk’s love of all things horror, and the legendary collection of horror memorabilia he has amassed over the years, TMHB is a stunning 228 page, hardback, large format coffee table book featuring well over 300 full color images from Kirk’s private collection and exclusive set photography by Mark Leialoha and Joe Gibbs. There will be three extensive conversations with writer Steffan Chirazi covering the importance of collecting in Hammett’s life from childhood, plus written captions by Kirk for many of the items displayed in the book.

“This is my gift to all the other horror nerds out there who are just like me,” says Kirk, “it’s been made with great love for all the many characters and movies which guided me through childhood, into adulthood and which still keep me on track today.”

Three Teasers for Monsters University

After seeing Brave tonight (which is so much fun you'll laugh til watered down movie theater soda shoots out your nose), I am assured of one astounding fact...

Not only is Disney taking over all media, they are doing it with such excellent projects that I am inclined to let them. Don't get me wrong...I'm still a little pissed over this Avengers cartoon boondoggle...but I'm ready to forgive and forget at this point! Now Disney wants to cement that love with 3 teasers for the much anticipated Monsters University...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nokia's Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Right now, a million nerds across the planet are clicking play, getting chills and then screaming OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOD!!!! They can't wait, and neither can I. Check this out...

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : DKE Art Toy Exclusives

I had once thought the term Art Toy sounded a bit pretentious. Over time, I came to realize these vinyl beauties that dance across my computer screen often transcend the label of "toy" and become something more. There is still many a moment when I see a design for a new piece and go FUCK YEA! It's just damn fun and the term "art toy" seems to want to squash that spirit. them what you will, but beware! Strolling past the DKE booth (#4728) at San Diego Comic Con 2012 may force an emptying of your wallet. DKE always has a wide array of exclusives from many artists, so let's take a look at this year's goodies...

Production Started on Disney's Maleficent

The Walt Disney Studios announced today that production began Wednesday, June 13th, on “Maleficent,” starring Academy Award®–winning actress Angelina Jolie. Directed by two-time Oscar®-winning production designer Robert Stromberg (“Avatar,” “Alice in Wonderland”), in his directorial debut, and produced by Joe Roth, “Maleficent” is written by Linda Woolverton (“The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast”) and executive produced by Angelina Jolie, Don Hahn, Matt Smith and Palak Patel.

Adventure Time Flash Drives Slamacow Your Computer

Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives and MIMOMICRO® card readers, and Cartoon Network Enterprises, the licensing and merchandising arm of the television network, announce a brand-new partnership that will bring fan-favorite characters from the network's hit original comedy series, Adventure Time to the MIMOBOT collection of designer USB flash drives. Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Fionna, core characters from the series, have all been faithfully rendered in stylized MIMOBOT-form. Beginning this summer, the products will be available in up to 64GB capacities and come preloaded with awesome bonus Mimory™ content including Adventure Time episodes, sound bytes, and the MimoDesk™ suite to personalize your desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Toys R Us Avengers vs. X-Men Fan Poll

Remember the Captain America Minimates poll? How about the Heralds of Galactus poll? If not, no is not a condemnation of your lacking nerdery. I blame society. Toys R Us and Diamond Select gear up for another fantastic fan poll to decide the lineup of a new Avengers Vs. X-Men Minimates set!

(If you have not read the story yet and plan to, DO NOT READ ON! Spoilers ahead.)

This year, Diamond Select Toys is all about letting the fans choose. With the Marvel Minimates Series 50 Fan Poll in its final week at, yet another poll has launched over at! This fall, the Website - as well as Toys “R” Us stores nationwide - will carry a Minimates box set based on AvX: Avengers vs. X-Men, the Marvel Comics crossover event of the year, and they’re letting the fans pick the line-up!

Hollywood Loves the Apocalypse?

As we hurtle toward our imminent destruction this December of 2012 (as foretold by several ancient cultures), Hollywood seems to be embracing the fact and even celebrating our last moments with opportunities for quality family entertainment! Here's the skinny on two movies set to drop that will allow you to end your days with not a sigh, but a laugh...

It's A Disaster : In this doomsday comedy, four couples who meet for Sunday brunch find themselves stranded in a house together as the world may be about to end. When Tracy Scott (Julia Stiles) decides to introduce her new beau Glenn (David Cross) to her three friends Hedy (America Ferrera), Emma, and Lexi and their significant others, her biggest fear is whether or not her friends will approve of her new relationship, little does she realize that's the least of her worries. Before long the couples find themselves in the midst of an apocalyptic disaster, catching them all off guard. One thing is clear; these four couples aren't going to let the potential end of the world get in the way of the relationship issues they all need to work out.

Anne Rice Heading to New York Comic Con

Anne Rice, the legendary author who has defined vampires for a generation of readers and writers, will be a Spotlight Guest at New York Comic Con (NYCC) in 2012. Show officials note that the announcement of Ms. Rice's participation at NYCC is just the first of several announcements about author appearances, author programs and book publisher participation at the show that organizers will be making in the coming months. Providing literary distinction at a pop culture event replete with major guests and artists from every part of the pop culture universe, Ms. Rice, who became an international phenomenon in 1976 with the publication of Interview with the Vampire, is certain to attract widespread attention at New York Comic Con among her many fans. Show officials note that other leading celebrity guests from the worlds of comics, entertainment and film will also be announced in the very near future.

Family Guy + KISS Vs. THE WORLD

On their own, FAMILY GUY and KISS are two of the most recognizable names in entertainment. Today, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and KISS are proud to announce an upcoming co-branded FAMILY GUY/KISS product line that will hit shelves this coming fall. Moving forward, Fox Consumer Products and Kiss will look to create a line of co-branded merchandise inspired by other prominent guests from the show.

The FAMILY GUY/KISS line is an organic collaboration that taps into the band’s references within the show. So far, KISS has appeared three times on the series, providing viewers with insightful and hilarious nuggets that include Peter Griffin’s love for the band and the fact that Lois Griffin once dated KISS' bass playing Demon, Gene Simmons before he became famous.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rise of the Guardians Taking Shape

With new eye candy and a trailer for animation fans to devour, Rise of the Guardians is starting its slow crawl toward a November 21st release date. It's nice to have a diversion from Batmen and Spider-Men, huh? Here's the skinny...

Rise of the Guardians is an epic adventure that tells the story of a group of heroes - each with extraordinary abilities. When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Mega Ultra Super Suit from Man of Steel

I'm just going to refer to this as such until the movie comes out, the suit looks awesome on screen and we all breathe a sigh of relief. I've already seen the Amazing Spider-Man suit in action and it looks stellar, so I'm open to just about anything now! ComingSoon gave you the first awesome look at the costumes from Superman: Man of Steel some days back. We followed up with more images from our buds on the show floor. Now we are scraping up the last images we have available to give you that ultra close up view (or as close as we can get so far) so you can drink it in til you are satiated and soon after let your nerdage flow across the interwebs.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man: Brain Swapping with Wolverine

Ohhhh...brains. In the world of comics, scifi or wacky comedy (and sometimes all three), they just can't stay inside a character's head. This weekend, watch as Ultimate Spider-Man swaps grey matter with an angry lil Canadian mutant who is sure to leave his body with some bad habits.

This weekend, Marvel Television and Disney XD offer up a very special Father’s Day gift everyone will love .... a brand new episode of Ultimate Spider-Man featuring Wolverine! Acclaimed comic writer Brian Michael Bendis takes his story from page to screen as Spidey and Logan team up and freak out when they mysteriously switch brains! Check out this behind-the-scenes interview with Steve Blum, the voice of Wolverine, as he talks about what it’s like to be Spider-Man for a day.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Tonner's Rico the Zombie Boy Exclusive

When you do what you love and you do it well, it shows. When you do it THIS WELL, you really don't need 15 exclusives, do ya? Tonner steps up to the San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives announcement podium, announces Rico the Zombie Boy and drops the mic on stage like they just served up the entire Wu Tang Clan.

Tonner Doll Company, a mainstay in the high-end collectibles industry for more than 20 years, announces their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive: Zombie Boy. The tattooed wonder Zombie Boy himself will be in attendance for two special signings in the Tonner booth. The two signings will take place in booth 4149 on Friday, the 13th of July (bwahhahaha!) at 11am and 3pm.

Note: I didn't write the bwahaha! Tonner crew are just that awesome.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : The Last Stand of Spartacus

Named in such a dramatic way because I can't figure out if it is Spartacus's Last Stand or Spartacus'. I blame the school system.

On the heels of Starz’ announcement that the upcoming season, “Spartacus: War of the Damned” (premiering January 2013) will be the final chapter of the internationally-applauded franchise, stars Liam McIntyre and Manu Bennett will join executive producer/creator, Steven S. DeKnight at San Diego’s Comic-Con for what has been one of the most well-attended and lively panels for the past three years with standing-room only crowds. This summer’s event is sure to be no different as fans will get the very first opportunity to see new footage and hear about the upcoming and final season which DeKnight has promised will be “epic on a scale you will not believe.”

Licensing Expo 2012 Underway

Sure, you can attend San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con and Toy Fair where everything is laid out in front of you with no mystery...but there was an Easter egg hunt! Beyond the giant wall posters showing art from new films and cartoons and those smaller movie posters hidden throughout the show flanking major set pieces from those films, you had to really dig through every booth to find the good stuff and sometimes, if you were lucky, someone from that company would lead you to a secret room with even MORE awesome goodies to shoot! To say I had great fun at this show was an understatement, but they split like an X girlfriend relocating to a town that could provide non stop fun in an optimal business shmoozing all x's tend to do. Now I can only hope someone will see my frantic arm flailing here in NJ and take pity on me by filling my email with pretty pictures. Today, our excellent friend Marc Mostman of Striker Entertainment and the fine, fine folks at Licensing proper gave us plenty to chew on! Dig this modest stack of images and quick vids that allow us a little window into the madness going on in Vegas at the moment.

Hot Toys Avengers Movie Black Widow

When last we visited the mind blowing dark magic sculptures we call Hot Toys 12 inch action figures, it was to show off Loki with a recap of the rest of the crew revealed to date. Black Widow has already been given some love in the Iron Man 2 line, but when you are ultra perfectionists, you don't stop until you have a perfect team (which we all hope means Coulson is on the way!!!). Now Hot Toys shares pics of their new Avengers Movie Black Widow 12 inch action figure for your drooly pleasure...

War is Hell for Transformers in Fall of Cybertron

Weather you be an old fan...or like most of you out there, a casual fan nostalgic toward the classic Transformers cartoons, Activision has the ultimate video game experience for you! Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a love letter to big bot enthusiasts, from fans allowed to live out their dreams while developing one hell of a robot rampage epic. Dinobots, Insecticons, Combiners...the massive METROPLEX...this game has it all.