Thursday, June 14, 2012

Licensing Expo 2012 Underway

Sure, you can attend San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con and Toy Fair where everything is laid out in front of you with no mystery...but there was an Easter egg hunt! Beyond the giant wall posters showing art from new films and cartoons and those smaller movie posters hidden throughout the show flanking major set pieces from those films, you had to really dig through every booth to find the good stuff and sometimes, if you were lucky, someone from that company would lead you to a secret room with even MORE awesome goodies to shoot! To say I had great fun at this show was an understatement, but they split like an X girlfriend relocating to a town that could provide non stop fun in an optimal business shmoozing all x's tend to do. Now I can only hope someone will see my frantic arm flailing here in NJ and take pity on me by filling my email with pretty pictures. Today, our excellent friend Marc Mostman of Striker Entertainment and the fine, fine folks at Licensing proper gave us plenty to chew on! Dig this modest stack of images and quick vids that allow us a little window into the madness going on in Vegas at the moment.

I don't have many comments other than you'll want to make a note that Faora's outfit is floating, the boys are from One Direction and the awesome dude in the checkered shirt is TROY LANDRY from SWAMP PEOPLE!!!! I fucking love Swamp People. To shake hands with that guy...that is one line I'd wait in at SDCC. I'll avoid commenting on the super crazy Superman: Man of Steel outfits altogether. The amazing Spider-Man outfit still looks insane when standing still but is beautiful in action. No doubt we'll see the S suit in motion on the front of The Dark Knight Rises!

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