Monday, June 25, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Jun Planning's DC Comics Pullip Doll Exclusives

Ohhhhh creators of SDCC 2012 exclusives. Why must you make me run around the interwebs to find all your golden goodies? GrooveUSA dropped word in the corners of doll loving websites that their team up with Jun Planning for this years big show dives head first back into the DC Comics waters. Building on the success of last year's Batgirl and Cat Woman releases we've got...

The Dark Knight Rises Batman TaeYang Pullip Doll : $149.99 - Approx. 14 inches tall. Includes Mask, Mantle, Doll Stand

Wonder Woman Pullip Doll : $149.99 - Approx. 12 inches tall. Includes Tiara, Mantle, Lasso of Truth, Doll Stand

More details to come! Groove says "Both of items are limited edition, please come to visit our booth (which is the Jun Planning booth) at San Diego Comic-con (#4150). Also, If you cannot visit SDCC, you can pre-order Exclusive items at our ONLINE STORE. (SDCC 2012 Exclusvie Pre-order will be start from June 22nd 2012)

Be sure to bookmark THIS LINK to see all the SDCC 2012 exclusives (as well as additional pics to those posted in the articles) as they roll out!

And THIS LINK will show you all this year's exclusives so you can make your shopping list! We'll be updating it daily.

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  1. Wow, very pleasent. I love Pullip Doll and just ordered this at PIJ for my younger sister birthday gift. :D
    Hope I will get this in a week and my sweet little sis also be very happy too have this cute one...