Friday, June 22, 2012

Send More Muppets

Mash Ups are the cornerstone of any day on Facebook. We eat away the hours creating them, seeking them out and sharing them with friends. Is it all wasted time? NONSENSE. Any way you can steal a smile these days is time well spent. Fright Rags, makers of 90% of my killer horror T shirts, dropped this new mash up design on the world after the teaser for the art hit 500 "likes".

It's one part Muppet Mania, one part Return of the Living Dead....Zombies Vs Animated Felt Beings in the ultimate throw down. Say hello to Fright Rags' newest limited edition T Shirt design, "Send More Muppets"!! Fright Rags commented...

"Thanks to everyone who "liked" the teaser! By the way, this is the front design...there is something on the back too :) Available for pre-order from July 4-8. Full details to come next week!"

Watch the Fright Rags Facebook for further details or go straight to the source at

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