Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aqua Something You Know Whatever

Back when you were just a small child with an under developed brain, you could not comprehend a world where a milkshake, meatball and large fries would live together, generally making their lives miserable. As you grew older, Adult Swim used Google and other "helpful social media" to read your mind, collect your darkest dreams and turn them into cartoons for the Turner Broadcasting Group! And so.. Aqua Teen Hunger Force was born...and then mutated..and now it is Aqua Something You Know Whatever. It seems like a logical transition.

What happens when three wisecracking roommates go from chasing tail to the diaper pail? You'll find out, when Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake try their hands—and hearts—at raising a baby. But smelly diapers aren't the only thing changing this season—Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 has been put to bed for a long nap and replaced by Aqua Something You Know Whatever, the show where Meatwad and the gang can get down to some serious parenting.

This season, the Aqua Somethings find an ancient treasure map and follow it all the way to Argentina, where they're shocked to discover an orphaned baby on the 'x' that marks the spot. Outraged, Master Shake begins to throw the child off a steep embankment but one look into the baby's eyes, and the only thing getting thrown off a steep embankment is Shake's heart. Introducing Pepe the Pepper, the newest member of the Aqua Something You Know Whatever family—and boy is he a handful! Find out what happens when three not-so-eligible bachelors catch a case of baby fever, and the only cure is snuggle time. The only nipples these guys will be touching are gonna have a bottle on the other end. Aqua Something You Know Whatever premieres Sunday, June 24 at midnight (ET, PT) on Adult Swim.

"Big Bro" is the premiere episode, in which Frylock takes a young man under his wing to provide a loving, nurturing environment as well as a positive male role model...who will very often attempt to hump said young man's mom. When Carl tries to cut in on his action, wacky hijinks ensue! We know you love them wacky hijinks. It's 15 minutes of horrific sex noises, milkshake carnage, Chutes and Ladders trash talkin', faked deaths, 21 inch plasma screens and all you can eat pizza. So yea..basically nothing has changed..only I laughed at this episode..something I don't recall doing for a long time. Positive direction!! Who knows if they will actually continue to follow this story line or have it dissolve into a quivering heap of hugging mummies, Mooninites, homicidal/suicidal action figures, moth men and undead horny zoo animals. One can only hope.

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