Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Guy + KISS Vs. THE WORLD

On their own, FAMILY GUY and KISS are two of the most recognizable names in entertainment. Today, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and KISS are proud to announce an upcoming co-branded FAMILY GUY/KISS product line that will hit shelves this coming fall. Moving forward, Fox Consumer Products and Kiss will look to create a line of co-branded merchandise inspired by other prominent guests from the show.

The FAMILY GUY/KISS line is an organic collaboration that taps into the band’s references within the show. So far, KISS has appeared three times on the series, providing viewers with insightful and hilarious nuggets that include Peter Griffin’s love for the band and the fact that Lois Griffin once dated KISS' bass playing Demon, Gene Simmons before he became famous.

To support the program, Fox Consumer Products and Live Nation Merchandise, Kisses' licensing agent, will be looking for partners in the following categories: vinyl figures, bobble heads, apparel, plush, novelty,barware, social expressions and fine art.

According to KISS' lead singer/guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley; "With KISS merchandise, endorsements and co-branding heading to the billion dollar mark we are focusing more and more on the upper tier, blue chip opportunities for prestige partnerships. Family Guy's track record and consistent success with it's demographic makes this match up ideal."

"Lois, our night together is a memory I will cherish."said Gene Simmons

“KISS and FAMILY GUY coming together for a line of products is a great mash-up of two iconic brands that speaks directly to fans who will be able to enjoy something a little different and special with what we have in store,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products.

"Kiss is the leading concert artist brand with a huge and growing base of licensed product worldwide. The ever increasing Kiss Army legion of fans are the most loyal in the music industry. Kiss loves Family Guy and are very excited to be in partnerships with Fox Consumer products", said Doc McGhee, Kisses' longtime manager, who brokered the deal.

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