Monday, January 25, 2010

Alicia Masters: "The Marvel Universe is a Cold, Cold Place"

Alicia Masters. Blind daughter of the Puppet Master. Girlfriend to The Thing (so, admittedly, a mineralphile). Like Rick Jones, a reoccurring human character in a not so human Marvel Universe and often, its moral compass. It came as no surprise when the character was included in the Fantastic Four films (re-imagined as a hotter black woman) and soon after, integrated into the Frenchimation smash hit, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (as a slightly less hot black woman..with one profound difference.) Tapping into the emotional depth of a blind woman who loves a man and his rocky bits all the same, the creators felt that such a woman would be profoundly sensitive and sought to find a way to convey this visibly in her animation. The results are quite striking.

To our knowledge, this is the first female character on Nicktoons to display her special sensitivity in such a manner, on television and the internet...and probably the DVD. Congratulations to the courageous creators of this monumental piece of pop culture history. I suppose Rosa Parks never imagined the day when a black woman would be the first to proudly display her nipples in a children's animated show.


Editor's Note: We suggest those interested in seeing this episode do so very soon. TV Guide has you covered.

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