Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slave Leia...Animated...Still Hot

Princess Leia Organa get's the animated treatment! With a sinister Salacious Crumb perched at her side, Leia is posed in her famous "Metal Bikini." Featuring a real metal chain, large hoop earrings and sitting on a Jabba's Palace themed base. This version of Leia has easily been the most requested character in the Gentle Giant "Animated Maquette" series. Cast in high quality poly-stone no detail was over looked. This strictly limited edition collectible is sure to sell out. Our Princess also comes hand numbered, accompanied by a matching certificate of authenticity.


  1. I don't mean to speak blasphemy but this rendition sort of looks like Tomb Raider Laura is Leia for Halloween:D

  2. Kind of a blasphemy yes, specially because she is called Lara nor Laura but I can call it a typo. Any way this sculpture is just gorgeous I can finally say that Leia is a my new Generic Cialis. With all due respect.