Friday, February 4, 2011

Pre-Toy Fair 2011 Coverage: Shocker Toys Tick Action Figures

When I got the call that Shocker Toys just got my shipment of the Idle Hands Exclusive Mucus Tick Action Figures in, I felt like the little kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. RUN HOME AS FAST AS YOU CAN BOY!! And I did. And I got my Mucus Ticks and they are pretty damn awesome if I may say so myself. I also got a Tick figure so my boogery army would have someone to pummel, so of course a photo shoot broke out, as that's what happens when fun toys arrive at an adult's home. Here's what you're looking at...

Articulation: Double ball jointed head, ball jointed neck, double pegged and hinged shoulders, double hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed mid-torso, ball jointed waist, a sort of swivel, hinge and peg system for the hips, double hinged knees and ball jointed feet.

The ball joints used on most of Shocker's figures are a pop on attachment situation, so if you over extend a limb and that piece pops off, you've got nothing to worry about as it goes right back on. The best part of these joints is that when it is re-attached, it doesn't loosen up. My one confusion comes with the waist that fits the figure a bit like jockey shorts. The system doesn't allow for much turning, but considering how much expression you can pull off in the rest of the body, its a small gripe. You'll instantly notice the figure feels solid and substantial in your something durable that could fall off a shelf and not shatter into a million pieces. You may laugh at this statement but I still have flashbacks to when I finally scored a set of Stan Winston Gargoyles. As soon as I removed each one from their package and held it in my hand, something cracked off. Toy nightmare.

Paints are solid in the only place that counts (on the face) and the sculpt seems anatomically correct while remaining true to the cartoon and comic character its based on. Even the antenna look awesome and again, don't feel like they will break off when the wind blows on them! Your Tick comes packed with an extra angry head (you'll notice in the pics that the slight tweaking of the eyes really does make a difference) and the odd addition of swap our fists with holes in them, to replace the fists without holes he is already using. You'll also get a smallish stop sign you can use to wack your enemy senseless. The accessory slides firmly into Tick's fists with a little twisting.

Since Mucus Tick is essentially the same figure as The Tick, only cast in translucent green plastic and given a custom package, I will only say that he is jam packed with evil you will immediately sense radiating out of the blister packaging. He is not sticky, as you would expect Mucus to be, so no worries of him staining your couch or transmitting diseases to your children (unless he is sneezed on.) As a single figure, he looks as if he is plotting his dominance of your shelf space, thinking on the most expedient way to enslave your other toys to do his bidding. In a grouping of 5 or more, your mini Musuc Tick army becomes an unstoppable engine of boogerdestruction. ..not to mention they look hysterical as a mob. Buy 10 today, won't you?

Mucus Tick is limited to 1k pieces world wide and when they're gone, they're gone, so snap yours up right now!

As a little side note, I'd like to thank all of you for your encouragement in making our first action figure and special thanks to Shocker Toys for giving us the opportunity.

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  1. They do look great, I'm not sure about the shoulders but I really like the face. So, is the regular Tick available at Shocker? How about the exclusive Arthur they were working on? DO you have any information about him?