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Toy Fair 2011 : Mattel : Barbie Preview

Just thought I'd bang out some quick details to the load of pics we dumped into Flickr today for the legions of Barbitites who loved every detail! If you have any more questions, be sure to drop them below and I'll ask Team Barbie when I see them.

“Barbie™ Princess Charm School” Blair Doll: From the new movie, Barbie™ Princess Charm School, Princess Blair® shows her true princess colors with three magical fashion transformations- from princess charm school student, to party to full on glamour princess! First, her school uniform top easily clips off to reveal a short fun party dress. Then, with the push of a button, her party dress magically transforms into a full length princess gown revealing that she really is the long lost princess! Tip up her gem tiara to complete the princess transformation. Includes doll and clip on school uniform top. $ 21.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie Basics™ Doll Assortment: Barbie Basics™ takes the fashion staple -denim to new heights, the Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection includes 12 dolls - nine females and for the first time, three male models. Rocking denim in an array of different cuts and colors, each of the dolls showcases a unique hair style and skin tone, and is dressed in a variety of detailed jeans that feature real pockets and metal grommets. The spring 2011 collection focuses on daytime denim looks complemented by basic tees and tanks and the fall 2011 collection features dressy denim looks.

Each Barbie Basics™ doll can be customized to represent every Barbie girl’s unique personal style by using the chic accessories packs to glam up each basic outfit. Complete with stylish tops, jackets, sunglasses, purses, jewelry, and even sky-high stilettos, basic denim has never been so much fun! $19.99 Available: January 2011/Fall 2011 Accessory packs $14.99

Barbie® Fashionistas™ In the Spotlight™ Doll - Gown Assortment:
Roll out the pink carpet! Barbie® Fashionistas™ steal the spotlight in ultra-glamorous gowns. Each doll wears a dress reflective of her fashion personality – Sweetie, Cutie, Sporty, Artsy, Glam and Sassy. $16.99 Fall 2011

Barbie® Hairtastic Printables: Utilizing technology, Barbie® introduces the newest way to customize and personalize hair with printable hair extensions. Girls of all ages can create their very own personalized hair extensions printable on any inkjet printer. The process starts online by designing your very own hair extensions (or select the Barbie® iconography available), then print, wear and share. Barbie® Hairtastic Printables comes with a Barbie® doll and includes sheets of printable hair extensions for unique and personalized looks for both Barbie® and the girl. Additional printable hair extensions available for purchase separately for endless hair play and fun. $29.99 Available: Fall 2011 Additional extension pack $14.99

Barbie® Hairtastic™ Color & Wash Salon™ Playset: Color, Shampoo and Style! The Barbie® Hairtastic salon with Barbie® doll takes hair play to the next level with the ultimate salon experience. Girls can choose from 3 colored pens - pink, purple or blue – to add colored streaks to Barbie® doll’s hair. Salon includes a swivel chair so Barbie® can go from the ‘coloring and styling station’ to the ‘washing station’ in a snap. The Hairtastic™ salon features a real working sink with a water and shampoo option. Girls can wash all the color out using real shampoo (works with any children’s shampoo, body wash, or bubble solution) and water. Includes doll, Hairtastic™ Color & Wash Salon™ station (with mirror and swivel chair), towel, smock, brush, 3 color pens and Barbie® hair-ties. Children’s Shampoo, Body Wash, or Bubble Solution not included. $25.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Hairtastic™ Styling Head: Girls can become the ultimate hair stylist and can even style their own hair to look like Barbie® doll’s with this new styling head. The Barbie® Hairtastic™ styling head includes a variety of wear ’n share extensions allowing dramatic hair style transformations for both Barbie® doll and the girl! Includes styling head, brush, NO comb, unique wear ’n share hair extensions, rubber bands and a storage drawer to hold all the pieces! $29.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect: Girls can imagine designing their very own Dream House with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect. Ready to tackle the daily responsibilities of a real architect in or out of the office, Barbie® I Can Be…™ Architect includes a hard hat and a set of blue prints. Wearing an architecturally inspired dress showcasing a city skyline, Barbie® doll’s outfit is symmetrically stylish with bold colors and clean lines. In designing this doll, Barbie® partnered with the American Institute of Architects to keep Barbie® I Can Be… ™ Architect doll authentic to the career. $12.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Art Teacher Doll Playset: Girls can get creative playing out the role of art teacher with a Barbie® doll that really \"paints\" using a lever on her back and cold water, a \"real\" painting appears when Barbie® doll paints a flower vase or her cat on her easel. Girls can also express their own creativity to paint free-form on Barbie® doll\'s easel. Includes doll, easel with cold-water color change panels, Blissa™ the cat figure, flower vase and \"paint brush\" both Barbie® doll and girls can use. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Babysitter Playset: Girls of all ages can practice nurturing a newborn baby with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Babysitter Playset. With lots of interactive features, girls can play out the responsibilities of a Babysitter. Interactive components of playset include a lever that allows Barbie ® doll to lift and ‘nuzzle’ the baby, a drink-and-wet, color-change diaper and a swing for the baby that really ‘swings’ with the press of a button. Includes doll, baby; baby swing and play yard with changing table. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Chef: Girls can get creative in the kitchen with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Chef. Barbie® doll is wearing a traditional chef hat, chef attire and includes cookware and play food. $12.99 Available: Now

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Lifeguard Playset: With Barbie I Can Be…™ Lifeguard Playset, girls can dive right into the role of lifeguard! This interactive playset features a lifeguard chair and with the press of a button, Barbie springs from her chair into the pool and is ready to make a rescue. Playset includes Barbie® doll, lifeguard chair, dolphin and life preserver. $19.99 Available: Now

Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star: Girls can step into the spot light with Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star. Red carpet ready, Barbie® I Can Be…™ Movie Star is dressed to impress wearing a sparkly red gown accented by faux diamond jewelry. Doll includes a trophy and red carpet to play out the ultimate awards event. $12.99 Available: Now

Barbie® Sisters Bike for Two!: Girls can help Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls spend quality time together on a tandem bike ride with the new Barbie® Sisters’ Bike for Two! Bike comes with Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls who feature moveable jointed legs so as the bike is being pushed the dolls can actually ride and ‘pedal’ along. $24.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Sisters Camp Out! Stacie® Doll & Tent: Sleeping under the stars has never been more fun! Girls can play out their ultimate slumber party camping experience with the Barbie® Sisters Camp Out! tent. This tent is roomy enough to sleep all four sisters and includes all of the must have camping accessories like a campfire with s’mores to roast, a sleeping bag and chair for the sisters to relax in around the fire. Includes Stacie® doll, tent and camping accessories. $19.99 Available: Fall 2011

Barbie® Sisters Go Camping! Camper: Road trip! Barbie® doll and her sisters are ready for the ultimate camping trip in their new family camper. This camper includes a pop-up second floor with two hammocks for lounging in, a fold-down front seat which converts to a full size bed which can sleep two sisters, a full kitchen complete with seating for all four of the sisters, a bathroom featuring a toilet and shower and to complete the luxurious camping experience the new Camper even includes a spa tub to splash around. The Camper also includes the sisters’ favorite pet puppy, along with a doggie door, fold-down pet food bowl and hub cap which converts into a doggie bed. Camper moves on four wheels, folds out for fun and folds up for self-contained play. Dolls sold separately. $79.99 Available: Fall 2011

Sweet Talkin’ Ken™: For nearly five decades, Ken has been Barbie’s perfect arm-candy. The perfect gentleman, Ken® always knows the right thing to say. Now girls of all ages can have the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion with Sweet Talkin’ Ken™. Featuring a built-in microphone, Sweet Talkin’ Ken™ records up to five seconds of sound, by simply pressing the heart on Ken™ doll’s shirt, allowing girls to record playful phrases and play the message back in three different voices including the original recording and “Ken’s” voice. Sporting jeans and a stylish graphic T-shirt which reads “The Ultimate Boyfriend” in 10 different languages, Sweet Talkin’ Ken™ personifies casual cool. $19.99 Available: January 2011

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