Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pre-Toy Fair 2011 Coverage: Hasbro's Thor Movie Merchandise

Screw it. There's so much news pouring in now that we may as well just start the TOY FAIR MADNESS!!! The "on shelf date" is March 1st, but that isn't stopping stores from selling Thor movie action figures to eager fan boys and girls. Khalil of Kastor's Korner got in on the sales jump and while he has yet to write up his potentially epic review series, he's got a little taste posted just to wet your appetite. So what can we expect from Hasbro on March 1st? Well this news is not incredibly earth shattering, as we saw most of these things at NY Comic Con, but here's the run down anyway...

3 and 3/4 inch Basic Action Figures Wave 1: March 1st Release

- Lightning Clash Thor : Hammer lights up!
- Battle Hammer Thor : Sword becomes..hammer? Ahh..two hammers are better than one! - Thor is known across the cosmos as the mightiest warrior in all the Nine Realms. He has defended the divine kingdom of Asgard for a millennium from the darkest forces of the Marvel Universe. With his legendary hammer, Mjolnir, in his hand, he is an unstoppable force who commands both the lightning and the storms.
- Sword Spike Thor : Sword pops open to reveal..another sword? - Thor is the master of nearly every weapon in Asgard's arsenal. The dwarves created Thor's Power Sword (HE-MAN MUCH?!) to allow him to channel his otherworldly abilities and defeat any for that dares to cross his path. The unusual blade hums with divine might as Thor charges the internal spike with the power of his lightning.
- Secret Strike Loki : Blades combine to form a giant sword! - Thought Loki is no coward, he prefers to test his wits against his enemies, rather than the strength of his arms. Coercion and mischief are his tools for victory. Other gods sneer at his avoidance of combat; an attitude they will learn to regret when they finally get a taste of his triple-bladed sword.
- Shield Bash Marvel's Odin : Pop out shield and sword spikes! - Odin is a fierce and powerful king, ruling Asgard with wisdom and defending its borders with legendary force. Behind every word he speaks lies the rumble of cosmic thunder, and in the hand that wields his sword lays the near boundless strength of the mighty Allfather. To challenge him is to immediately know defeat, for all of Asgard will rise to fight alongside him.
- Invasion Frost Giant : With ice weapons and helmet..which is funny as no one else comes with theirs. - Since the beginning of time, the Frost Giants have struggled to break through the walls of Asgard. Although they have always been defeated by its king, Odin, they have never been destroyed. They now wait and plot their return when they will be strong enough to rise up again and finally destroy the golden realm and its king.

Khalil says the paint jobs are great, details solid and each comes with iconic weapons that are practical for the character as well as happy meal-esque action feature weapons for the kiddies. It may be of interest to know that under the Thor title it says The Mighty Avenger. This is Hasbro and Marvel (pardon the pun) HAMMERING the point home. By the time the Avengers movie drops, kids will know who they are, come hell or high water! There's even a little Avengers Assemble symbol on the package, encouraging you to have Thor and Iron Man join forces! Yay Marvel Team Up!

Wave 2 is also slated for release in March but no details have been released yet. Wave 3 and 4 follow in April, seemingly with 6 figure lineups as well.

Hero Action Figures wave 1 and 2 are deluxe packs with a 3 3/4 inch figure and deluxe armor accessories. These will hit in April as well.

Now anyone can summon the power of Asgard with Thor's lightning hammer! This role play item features lights, thunder sounds and lightning projectiles. Due out March with the initial push. A Thor Basic Helmet is coming as well. Basic implies that a waaaay cooler helmet might be dropping closer to the movie's release date?? Maybe something where the voices of the GODS themselves command you to smite your evil little sister??!! One can only hope.

For further images from the upcoming film and video of Natalie Portman speaking on the down side of life in 3D, CLICK HERE!

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