Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 : A Death in the Family

Today we mourn the loss of Heather Buckley, valued member of Idle Hands, Dread Central and co-chairperson of the Cabbage Patch Kids Legal Defense Fund. Heather was an influential personality in the pop culture world, paving the way for the re-trending of Russian military hats and coiner of the phrase "This Slaw is Family." Heather was also a woman, and in this, a fierce friend of the cute. At Toy Fair 2011, Heather saw many cute things. At Mezco, the Living Dead Dolls are re-invigorated with a new line of cute but still keenly creepy plush dolls alongside new, ridiculously cute zombie plushies. At NECA, an entire line of overflowing cuteness was found in their new Gremlins figures, boasting a lineup that would make you think you'll awake from this fever dream any second. Compiling the agony were the Tatumi kits at Bandai, featuring little Rockabilly Vinyl Girls you can tattoo up and make ready for a weekend of bar hopping and burlesque dancing. Cuter still were the anime-esque women of DC Comics in DC Direct's Ame-Comi line, showing off a Big Barda statue that was beyond adorable...but the fatal blow came at Funko toys. Yoda. Described as "painfully cute"; and little did she know these would be her last words as she clutched her heart, pointed to the heavens..and promptly died. Javits convention staff were quick to clear the isle of her body, so keep watching Idle Hands for funeral service info once we resolve our dispute with the events center over the 2k bill for carting and storage. Seriously. 2k?! I ain't paying.

Heather Buckley is survived by Nummins Buckley, to whom we offer our condolences. Heather would want us to forge ever onward, so keep checking our FLICKR for updates and when the dust clears a bit, we've got massive piles of info to fling at you like an angry, incontinent gorilla. BELIEVE IT!


  1. Amazing how death brings out the best writer in all of us... I like her hair.

    Never underestimate cuteness. :(

  2. My sincerest condolences for your loss.

  3. But she was so young and had her whole life ahead of her. Damn them cute things. Damn them all to hell!