Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre-Toy Fair 2011: Bandai's 8 inch Classic Collector Thundercats Lion-O Figure

No NEW news on this line but a new image dropped by Warner Brother's Consumer Products for the masses, ensuring that juuuust about all the surprises have now been leaked from Bandai's Thundercats line. Good job WB! Sorry Bandai.

Based on the classic 1980’s animated ThunderCats cartoon! Each of these 8” figures includes 18 points of articulation and comes with each characters iconic weapons. Series 1 is to include the following figures:

- Lion-O - with long Sword of Omens, short Sword of Omens, ThunderClaw
- Tygra

Early talk had Lion-O ans Mumm-Ra taking the lead on series 1 but the official listing says otherwise. We'll know more in one week! CLICK HERE to see more toys from the line.

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