Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pre- Toy Fair 2011 Coverage: Hasbro Marvel

In 4 days we'll be hitting the Hasbro show room, so we thought with all the Marvel movie buzz going on, we'd show you some great toys set to hit any day now and in the near future. Last time, we covered the first wave of Thor movie toys. On tap this round are heaping doses of Captain America movie merch, MORE Iron Man action figures and the latest from the mighty Marvel Universe. Let's dive right in...


Captain America 3.75" Figure Series 01 - May 2011

- Classic Update Captain America (Heavy Artillery) - In addition to being the world’s foremost hand-to-hand fighter, Captain America is also an expert in almost every weapon ever built. Against the heavy armor fielded by his enemies, only the most powerful weapons have an effect. Luckily, hand-held rocket launchers are this super soldier’s favorite weapons! Figure comes with launching missile and shield.

- Ultimates Captain America - Captain America never really left the war behind. Since the day he became America’s Super Soldier, he has done nothing but fight one battle after another. Revived in the modern day after 60 years in suspended animation, he saw evil once again rising in the world, and committed himself to battling it to the last. Figure comes with dual-blade shield.

- Winter Soldier - Critically injured and lost in the freezing North Atlantic, the former partner of Captain America was eventually discovered by a sinister and shadowy group of evil men. Brainwashed by them, he became the Winter Soldier, a dangerous and skilled assassin, feared around the world. Figure comes with snap-open jet pack and weapons.

- Battlefield (WWII) Captain America - Captain America is the ultimate soldier, created to inspire confidence in his allies and fear in his enemies. He is fearless in battle, charging headlong into the thickest part of a fight. Protected by his indestructible shield and fighting skills enhanced by a secret serum, he is the Allies' unstoppable secret weapon against the evil sweeping Europe. Figure comes with shield and weapons.

Series 2

- Bucky Captain America
- Captain America Final Mission
- Captain Britain
- US Agent
- Crossbones

Captain America Deluxe Figure Series 01

- Captain America with Glider/Jetpack (Avengers Assemble)
- Captain America with Parachute (Paratrooper Dive) - When his foes form a defensive barrier around their base, Captain America has no choice but to invade by air. Using his awesome parachute, he dives out of a speeding jet and crosses enemy lines with ease. No one can build a wall between Captain America and the pursuit of justice! Figure comes with working parachute, shield and weapon.

Captain America Battle Vehicle Series 01 - Off Road Avenger

Captain America Cruisers Series 01 - Zoom N Go Power Charge Cycle - Race right into the heart of battle with this slick Captain America Power Charge Cycle vehicle. When the combat action is at its height, activate the pop-out weapons to tear through the opposing forces so the good guys can see their way to victory. If your enemies try to run, tear after them on this tough cycle!

Zoom N Go Trail Trooper ATV - Race right into the heart of battle with this slick Captain America Trail Trooper vehicle. When the combat action is at its height, activate the pop-out weapons to tear through the opposing forces so the good guys can see their way to victory. If your enemies try to run, tear after them on this tough cycle!

Captain America Movie 10-Inch Hero Action Figure

Super Shield Captain America - Team up with a mighty warrior and take on the forces of evil! Your electronic Super Shield Captain America figure is more that meets the eye—he can intimidate his enemies by saying heroic phrases like, “I’m Captain America!” and “Let’s go, troops!” Once they’re shaking in their boots, activate his glowing shield to show his foes that he means business! No villain is any match for you and your Super Shield Captain America figure!

Captain America Avengers Assemble Disc-Launching Shield - Built especially for the Allies’ own super soldier, this indestructible shield became a symbol of strength for people around the world. In the hands of Captain America, it is a powerful weapon. Now you’ve got the chance to wield the shield of the most skilled fighter in the world!

Make crime-fighting action “come alive” with this Disc Launching Shield. When enemies appear and it’s up to you to defeat them, wield your shield to protect yourself from their advances. Just when they think they’ve got you cornered, use your shield to launch your five discs up to 20 feet to take out their forces! With your power and this shield, there’s just no stopping you! Shield comes with 5 discs.

Captain America Avengers Assemble Hero Mask - Make super hero action “come alive” with this awesome Captain America Hero Mask. When villains rear their ugly heads and you’ve got to save the day, put on your mask to feel just like your favorite hero! With details that make this mask seem just like the real thing, you’ll want to wear it all the time — or until your evil enemies are defeated!

Woops..we lied. We've got a couple more things from THOR!!

Thor 8" Hero Series 01 - Thor (The Mighty Avenger) with clear hammer or painted hammer - The mighty Thor has protected the divine realm of Asgard since the beginning of time. With his powerful hammer in hand, and his fellow warriors by his side, he is an invincible barrier between the city and its enemies. Even the very toughest opponents are no match for you and your Thor figure! When villains rear their ugly heads, engage them in hand-to-hand combat with your heroic fighter. His mighty muscles are only a hint of his massive strength. With that kind of power, you’re sure to win this fight!

Thor Deluxe Figure - Blaster Armor Thor

Just when you thought the pegs of Toys R Us would start clearing off for the metric ton of Cap and Thor toys, here come new IRON MAN MOVIE FIGURES!!! My Scalper rich area still hasn't even seen a decent amount of that last comic wave with Mandarin and Whiplash, or series 5 with the Stark Racing Armor, Munitions Armor, Mark V Stealth Armor or Hot Zone Armor figures (nor have they cleared out all the seemingly dead waves), but never the less, more is said to be on the way. 2011 Series 1 is set to include...

- Artillery Armor War Machine
- Exosphere Armor Iron Man
- Hammer Drone (Concept)
- Inferno Armor Iron Man
- Iron Man Mark V (New Version - Movie Series)
- Power Charge Armor War Machine
- Reactor Shift Iron Man (Mark IV to Mark VI)
- Shield Breaker Armor Iron Man
- Sonic Storm Armor Iron Man
- Storm Surge Armor Iron Man
- Subterranean Armor Iron Man

Lastly we'll take a quick look at what's new in the MARVEL UNIVERSE. 2011 Series 2 includes...

- Apocalypse
- Cable
- First Appearance Wolverine
- Gladiator
- Jim lee Cyclops

Marvel Universe 2 packs shift over to Greatest Battles. Series 1 includes...

- Wolverine (Patch) VS Silver Samurai - Deadpool VS Taskmaster

So what are we looking forward to seeing more of at Toy Fair? On our checklist is the Giant Size X-Men boxed set, super sized Frost Giant with Loki and that HUGE Sentinel...oh and MARVEL LEGENDS RETURNING!! Since this series is set to come back in 2012, we expect they will tease us with some figures at the big show, or at least a 2 pack or 3 for 2011. Speaking of 2 packs, please, for the love of God, do NOT pay scalper prices for the Deadpool/ Warpath 2 pack. Wait a while and these will be in abundance, like every other line has been. DO NOT FEED THE SCALPERS!!

Check out our FLICKR for more pics to tide you over until day 1 of Toy Fair 2011!

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