Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Batman: Arkham City

ARE YOU READY FOR HEAD EXPLODEY??!! You know what the best thing about having someone take excellent pictures for you is? You can actually enjoy them! The mighty, mighty Halestorm is back with a giant pile of DC Direct Batman: Arkham City action figure images that may make you weep with joy. In fact, they are soooo so pretty, they get their own article. My reaction is to start calculating how much I'll have to save every week to get these suckers. No freebies for Nomad. Upcoming Arkham City action figures include...

Batman Arkham City Action Figures Series 2 April 2012 : Catwoman (who I still swear was modeled after Yaya Han, even though the designer swears it isn't), The Riddler (who is an excellent mix of Frank Gorshin and a more punk rock Bing Crosby), Hush, Batman in Detective Mode (which is more beautiful than I could have possibly dreamed...gush) & Jervis Tetch AKA The Mad Hatter (with gang signing action).

Series 3 September 2012 : Clown Thug (which has a variant shown below..said to be 50/50 in cases. HEY!! ARMY BUILDERS!! Why didn't anyone else ever think of that?!), The Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul, Batman & Azrael. We suspect we'll see the last three at Toy Fair in NY next week!

Batman Arkham City Deluxe Collector Action Figures - This June: Killer Croc & Mr. Freeze followed by Titan Joker in November .

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