Monday, February 6, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Dark Knight Rises Collectibles

Ready? We are about to show you every damn thing you can buy for The Dark Knight Rises... that we could get our hands on. Those paying attention have noticed the new Bat-suit with it's sleeker design and grey highlights (less biker..more scifi), but the merchandise seems to only feature this suit half the time. In the past, when a toy company gets a design wrong, it is usually because the licensor could not release the images requested in time for production, forcing the toy company to move ahead with their best approximation (which in this case is the Dark Knight Bat-suit.) We don't know if this is what happened, but take that bit of info into consideration as you peruse the goods below. For my money, if I want a Dark Knight Rises action figure, I'm looking for the new suit! Mattel has excellent sculptors and designers on call, so I'm not concerned about quality at all. Keep watch of our Toy Fair coverage after the show actually starts to see what else is on tap for their line. Just know that the Mattel images below are official...but someone could have made a mistake? Ya never know. LET'S BEGIN!!

DC Direct have my favorite Batman merch this year with their Batman: Arkham City action figures and these Dark Knight Rises sculptural pieces. Here's the lineup...

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 6" Figurine - Available July 2012
Batman 6" Figurine - July 2012
Bane 6" Figurine (not shown, but see a prototype HERE)- July 2012
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Mini Bust - June 2012
Bane Mini Bust - June 2012
Batman Mini Bust - June 2012
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 12" Icon Statue - June 2012
Bane 12" Icon Statue - June 2012
Batman 12" Icon Statue - June 2012

Note that DC Direct are know calling the 6 inch pieces "Figurines", confirming our suspicions that they will be more like PVC statues with no articulation. Sorta makes me sad.

Mattel continues their reign over domestic Batman action figures into 2012.

Action figures of Batman (played in the movie by Christian Bale), new villain Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) are part of the lines coming out from Mattel this summer before the film's July 20 release date.

Like last summer's Green Lantern movie, there will be a Movie Masters line that is aimed more for adult fans and collectors with figures that are highly detailed and articulated, and a QuikTek assortment that has aspects like armor and other accessories you can snap on and off the Caped Crusader. Those are in addition to other figures, vehicles and playsets tied to the movie and the bigger DC Comics Batman franchise for kids of all ages. Need some specifics? Here's what we know...

Quick-Tek Batman figures (Batman and Bane) : Super cool! Super fast! Put your figure in the box and press the button. In seconds, Batman is equipped with armor and a weapon!

Batman Basic Figures (Batman and Bane variants) : To re-enact the movie's most thrilling moments and build an impressive collection! With all the familiar Batman characters (ie; 30 Batman, 2 Bane and MAYBE a Catwoman).

Bat Pod : The bike will have a button to fire a projectile and has transforming features that armor up the bike.

The Bat : Apparently this is the movie version of the Bat-wing. No further details yet.

Batman Quik Tek vehicle & figure : Press a button, and immediately transform (eg vehicle into plane) (seem to be smaller scaled like the Star Wars figure w vehicle packs)

Movie Masters: 6 inch collector friendly action figures featuring highly detailed sculpts and enhanced posability. The waves all contain Bat Signal parts to build a functioning device!

Next up..PPW TOYS presents...THE DARK SPUD RISES!!

In 2012 Mr. Potato Head leaps into the role of his favorite DC COMICS heroes in a new line of collectible figures. First up is “The Dark Knight” version of Batman, ready to launch this June in time for the July 24th theatrical release of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Classic Superman and Wonder Woman Spuds will follow in time for Holiday 2012, and more DC COMICS heroes and villains are planned for 2013.

“DC COMICS characters are a perfect fit for MR. POTATO HEAD”, says Dean Gorby, Business Manager at PPW Toys. “The appeal of these classic characters is strong both with young fans and collectors alike. And the incredible level of detail and humor that was put into each design is sure to please everyone”.

Of course, these being MR. POTATO HEAD toys means that all the components will be interchangeable and fans will be able to mix and match pieces with hilarious results. “But honestly, I think a high percentage of these figures will stay sealed in their packaging or displayed on desks and shelves.” says Gorby.

The line of figures will be available at specialty retailers and e-tailers starting Summer 2012. Watch for more details!

Where there is a pop culture phenomenon popping back into the public eye..FUNKO IS THERE!! Funko jump into the Batman movie pool with their signature styling on a number of products.

The Dark Knight Rises Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figures featuring Bane, Batman & Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Heads featuring Bane and Batman

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES PLUSHIES!! So far we've only seen Batman, but we are hoping Bane and Catwoman will join them...and how about some Jim Gordon love??!! All items are set to release 5/17.

MEZCO are also grabbing a piece of the licensing for their Mez-itz lines of merchandise and even throw in some items based on The Dark Knight. On tap...

The Dark Knight 6 inch designer Mez-itz Vinyl Figures featuring Batman & The Joker
Dark Knight Mez-itz 2 inch scaled Bat-Pod with Batman and The Joker
Dark Knight Mini Mez-itz 2 inch mini figure box set with Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow and Two-Face
The Dark Knight Rises Mini Mez-itz 2 inch scale Batmobile with Batman
The Dark Knight Rises Mini Mez-itz 2 inch scale Tumbler with Bane
The Dark Knight Rises Mini Mez-itz 2 inch scaled Bat-Pod with Catwoman
The Dark Knight Rises Mini Mez-itz 2 inch 2 packs with Batman & Catwoman and Batman & Bane
The Dark Knight Rises Mez-itz 6 inch designer vinyl figures of Catwoman and Bane
The Dark Knight & Rises Mez-itz 2 inch key rings with The Joker, Batman, Catwoman and Bane

CLICK HERE for more images of Dark Knight Rises merch!

SPECIAL THANKS to Halestorm for brilliant DC Direct pics!

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  1. Are we going to be seeing an Arkham City series 4 at Toy Fair? Maybe a deluxe Clayface or Grundy?

  2. I am in awe of your contacts. Very impressive pics! Surprised you didn't show the Funko Catwoman.. it was actually one of the first DKR products I saw. I still like the Catwoman bust least of the three Catwoman DCD items shown.. yet it's probably the one i'm most likely to buy. I need ot find prices and start budgeting now.

  3. OH WAIT! I have a Catwoman..just got lost in the shuffle. TOOO. MANY. TOYS!!!

  4. So....Arkham City series 4? :) :) :)

  5. I've only got up to 3, but if these things are selling as well as they are being received when we post pics, I'd suspect they'll keep on going! I'll also say if the current deluxe wave has high pre-orders, they'll most likely make more big guys.

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