Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : A New Look at the MTT Droid Carrier

We may be getting rained on at the moment with new images previewing all we'll see at Toy Fair 2012, but we don't want to overlook the little details. In this case's a BIGGUN'! Hasbro's annual "BFV" (aka big fucking vehicle) has been revealed as the MTT (multi troop transport) Droid Carrier from the final battle between the Gungans and the Droids in The Phantom Menace. Now we know the propper name of this potentially massive ship is the "Trade Federation MTT Droid Carrier" (aka the name his momma calls him when she's pissed.)

The most iconic vehicle from Episode 1 comes to life with 20 combat-ready droids and full battle action sounds, weaponry and motorized droid deployment.

What we know: The MTT comes with 20 figures, but only 4 are actually real, articulated action figures. The other 16 are pre-posed set pieces. (That's 16 in the deployment area, 2 in the cargo bay, 1 in the..we'll call it the cockpit..and one hanging off the side like he is crazy cousin Jed Droid.) Since the figures pictured are all standing up, we can't even tell if they will fold down..but we can hold out hope. Hasbro knows we'll cry like babies if the droids can't at least unfold and be accurate to the scene. There is also said to be an Obi-Wan action figure included...for whatever reason they had for doing that. "Throw an Orbiwahn in there! The kiddies love that Orbiwahn feller!" said old man Rufus Hasbro in the planning stages. The mind boggles. This sucker is coming up as $129.99 at Target.

What we assume: "Battle Action Sounds" should mean a plethora of sound effects and droid phrases from that final battle scene. The last offerings had a ton, so we expect the same. (The AT-AT had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 phrases and 8 sound effects.) "Motorized Droid Deployment" COULD mean the the droid holding arms fold out with the touch of a button. We do not expect the droids will pop up into fighting position, if they can fold at all...but hell..wouldn't that be just swell?

How big is it? With the power of the maths, we estimate (and this will be really rough..) 12 inches tall and 20 inches long. That's just from eyeballing the picture and comparing it to the size of an average droid. Of course I suck at math so I welcome an expert to give a better total.

What we wish for: An easter egg where you push the sound effects button in a particular pattern and hear Gungans screaming for their lives and dying horribly. "Misa bursting from the neckwounds!! Double ouch time!! ~gurgle~" We can dream.

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