Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Avengers Get a Sad, New Poster

What ever happened to the artistry of making a movie poster? A celebration of a coming film with a hand painted Drew Struzan masterpiece...and cryptic teaser full of shadows and points of light for an upcoming creeper...even the old standby of an open doorway begging the question...what lurks inside? These days, as Hollywood looks to the bottom line, much of that celebration is trampled underfoot by hordes of executives screaming for the next 50 clips to be released with 3 versions of the "final" trailer and plans for a flash mob in times square. It is in that trampling that we get this...the sorriest of Avengers movie posters...not capturing any of the awesome we look forward to but rather a celebration of Photoshop and the ineptitude of the individual commissioned to create this piece. Marvel at the odd character placement! Gaze in awe at the odd proportions. In short, scratch your head over all the crap going on in this thing. This is where I start to beg...

Dear Disney/Marvel. The Avengers movie is something your fans have been awaiting for years. You have a LEGION of outstanding artists out there who love the subject matter...please, for the love of God, put them to work. Hold a contest..call out to fans to show off their work and put the best stuff on the Avengers website. Hell, if Disney fails to do this I put the call out right now. We can't let the Avengers movie be released with THIS as a key work of art next to all that lousy style guide imagery we've been seeing on packaging.

End of nerd rant.

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