Monday, February 20, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Jazwares : Adventure Time

If you're anything like me and 1000 or so friends I know who are glued to the TV every time the Adventure Time theme song plays, then you were psyched for toys when Jazwares announced their plans. Since that time we've seen some so-so action figures, poorly painted pvc's, odd, gangly plush and some role play and super sized talking plush worthy of the show. Could it be Jazwares had no idea what they had their hands on and just played it safe & cheap? If their showing at Toy Fair this past week is any indication, they may be getting the picture! Here's a rundown of things on tap...

Single carded pvc figures with a clam shell that won't let the figure roll around in the package anymore were the first of many revelations. Yay. Most characters are ones we've seen in the collector 2 packs. Coming soon are Finn, Ice King, Weapon Jake & Walkman Finn. New "Collector's" 2 figure packs include a Wizard Pack with Uber powered up Finn and Afro & Mustache Jake, a Gladiator Pack with a Brawling Finn, a Ghost Warrior and Mud Jake, and a Battle Pack with Finn swinging a mace (with a knife tied to his ankle) and Jake making a bomb out of his foot. You'll also see a Deluxe Six Pack with Battle Finn, Beemo, Marceline, Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess (all figures previously released in 2 packs).

New Plush include Finn in his sleep wear, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, Lady Rainicorn, Lumpy Space Princess, Fiona and Cake. We'll also get a larger sized Ice King & Lumpy Space Princess and pillow like, flat plush of Jake and Lumpy Space Princess.

Larger sized action figures for 2012 include Finn in a Jake Suit annnnd...nothing else was on display, BUT, we did see some larger vinyl pieces of the Gut Grinder, Beemo and Ice King. I can definitely see the pluses in doing larger rotocast vinyl, as it could potentially give us the larger monsters for the little pvc figures to fight, so I'm sure you'll share my confusion with Ice King and Beemo as part of that initial lineup. Adding to that confusion, Jazwares is bringing in ANOTHER figure scale with a mini figure line that looks to be the series they are willing to put their energy behind, boasting a wide array of characters specific to episodes we love. Characters on tap are Prince Bubblegum, Fiona, Mr. Cupcake, Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum, Marshall Lee (Marceline's male counterpart), Cinnamon Buns, Cake (the cat) and Ricardio, Ice King's evil heart! These appear to come in 4 packs with packaging that looks like Finn's sword. THAT'S HOW YOU HAVE FUN WITH THIS LINE!! One 4 pack is a "Deluxe Fiona and Cake Pack" with Fiona, Cake, Bubblegum Prince and Marshall Lee while the other is a ZOMBIE related "Deluxe Undead Pack" with a zombie candy corn, zombie ice cream cone, zombie cupcake and zombie Finn! A third 4 pack contains Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Cinnamon Buns and Peppermint Butler.

BUT WAIT! THAT'S NOT ALL!! Jazwares lit a fire under their Adventure Time product development crew and came up with half a dozen fun toys and electronics to drain your wallet quicker than you can say SLAMACOW. Items include a Jake shaped nerfy football, splat toys of Jake and Lumpy Space Princess, Finn and Jake (respectively) headphones and ear buds, cases for the iTouch 4, grow your own Finn and Jake, Finn's hat replica, an MP3 speaker & ear buds set featuring Beemo (!!), a Bucket of Finns (which we suppose is like a barrel of monkeys), a bucket of Jakes, a new sword for Finn with a skull on the hilt and an eye just below the blade, annnnd a Deluxe Bucket of Ooo, which seemed like a game as it stated "Battle the Ice King" on the top.

I love the direction the company is going in with these mini figures! Let's hope they incorporate a Tree House playset, Candy Kingdom Diorama & Ice King's lair as they move forward and give fans all the characters they can handle to fill them up. So long as the quality is there when they hit retail stores, I'll gladly empty my wallet for Jazwares.

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  1. Why no pics of the stuff you don't have pictures of? I'm curious to see... well, all of it!

    1. A lot of it was not approved by Cartoon Network yet. Head over to Cool Toy Review though and you can see some of the mini figure art. It seems the Jazwares reps had different rules for everyone who came into the booth.