Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Jada Toys on HALO 4

I figured we would segway from NECA's video game figures into one of the most massive gaming licenses out there today. HALO!!! Jada Toys are known for their incredibly detailed die-cast vehicles, so who better to tackle an expansive universe like HALO in a format we've not seen before!

Jada Toys, Inc. announces a brand new, officially licensed Halo die-cast vehicle line featuring a unified scale approach. Jada is developing all vehicles and accessories in proportion to each other, keeping it real with the Halo series of video games! The line will feature vehicles and characters from the upcoming Halo 4 video game being launched in the 2012 holiday season.

Casual to hardcore fans of the Halo series will appreciate the exquisite detail and quality. Jada is known to produce high-quality die-cast vehicles at affordable prices. Combining that with the awesome vehicle and character design from the upcoming Halo 4 video game results in a legendary toy line.

“We're excited to be partners in the Halo franchise. Jada will bring their phenomenal ability to replicate a brand's essence in die-cast, which will extend the Halo experience,” says Marlene Cuesta, VP Licensing at Jada Toys.

Also announced as part of Jada’s Halo lineup is a 14-inch Halo 4 Warthog replica. This will be the largest die-cast vehicle Jada has ever produced, taking Jada to another level. This massive vehicle will have many features, making this a must have for the die-hard Halo fan.

The Halo die-cast line will be hitting shelves in August 2012, with prices ranging from $6.99-$39.99.

For more information about Jada Toys and all its other innovative products, please go to

Want a sneak preview of the line? Of courrrrse you do! Let's rumble...

(NOTE: All products include die-cast vehicles with moving parts, articulated figures and the previously mentioned unified scale across the line. The scale should be relatively small.)

UNSC Mongoose with 2 figures (Master Chiefs)
Covenant Ghost with 2 figures (Grunt & Elite)
UNSC Warthog with 2 figures (Marine & Master Chief)
Covenant Banshee with 2 figures (Elites)
UNSC Hornet with 2 figures (Master Chiefs)

14 inch Collector Grade UNSC Warthog (separate series from above, of course) - Includes a heavily detailed body and interior, working steering wheel and working shocks.


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