Monday, February 27, 2012

Rufus Dayglo's Solid Gold Death Mask

The artist who breathed new life into Tank Girl (aka my very favorite female super punk of all time) is back with a project of his own design. Rufus Dayglo posted this today...

"I'll be teaming up with the amazing threeA to release SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK, my brand new project! threeA will be publishing the hard copy books AND producing TOYS... I'm so bloody excited!!!I'm working on toy designs right now, and as you know threeA make the best toys in the world!!! We'll be making more announcements and showcasing art, and sculpts at threeA's reVENTURE HK show on April 27th-4th May in Hong Kong!!! I'll hopefully have a few exclusive goodies to give away too!

Roll on reVENTURE!!!! See you there."

You'll note threeA is the crazed bunch of toy creators who pump out amazing, massive robots with the super power to drain your wallet instantly with 100 to 300 dollar price tags. You've got to pay more for quality! threeA were set to make Tank Girl figures with Rufus sketching out all the angles but sadly, licensing got in the way, which reveals a dark future for anyone else even thinking of a Tank Girl action figure attempt. I hate when suits get in the way of greatness. WHO THE HELL ELSE IS GOING TO ATTEMPT A TANK GIRL FIGURE??!!

Rufus gives a little insight into the project..

"The idea had been to give it away online at in weekly little installments, then collect it as Books (real books) with special things in it like exclusive art, and stories, sketched and signed. 3A will be doing toys, and merch, which of course they are the Kings of!

SGDM is the story of 2 sisters, the daughters of a Death Goddess, who's been murdered.
Taken in by by penguins, and a monkey, they use their special skills as agents of...err.. the penguins. As you do. The sisters don't exactly see eye to eye... on anything... so sibling rivalry and attempted murder is a daily problem. SGDM will involve murder, betrayal, psychotic penguins, tea parties, luke warm tea and many many dodgy haircuts."

SOLD! Check in with Rufus on the regular for updates on this book and toy line, keep an eye on the official website and "Like" the Facebook page!Link

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