Friday, February 3, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : THE DARK SPUD RISES!!

We kid you not.

If you are an avid toy collector, you'll recognize Mr. Potato head as a Hasbro product. You'd also have noticed that Mattel handles the bulk of those mass market Batman toy releases. Now Hasbro grabs a slice of the Dark Knight merchandising with their Dark Knight Rises Batman Mr. Potato Head!!

This spud-tacular release re-imagines the caped crusader as he will appear in the third installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, but in the charming classic style of Mr. Potato Head. He's sMASHING!

Your Batato should be hitting shelves this Spring. Now..would it be too much to ask for a semi-peeled Heath Ledger Joker Spud? Please?

Update: It seems this product is made by a company called PPW Toys, the same people who brought you Star Trek, Elvis, KISS and The Three Stooges Mr. Potato Heads. Dig their crazy spuds at!

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