Saturday, February 11, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Our Lunch with Hasbro..and 200 Other Snorting Geeks

Toy Fair 2012 is well underway now!! So..what have we been doing for the last 2 weeks? Warm up, son! Today, Hasbro packed their theater to capacity to many a nerdling and rolled out all their newest from the worlds of Transformers, Spider-Man, Avengers, Marvel Comics, Star Wars and G.I.Joe. After their presentation, you get little more than ONE HOUR ..maybe an hour and a shoot THE WHOLE SHEBANG. Your obstacles...

- Sunday reporters who thought a lovely jaunt off to the fun fair would be awesome and brought their camera phone to capture all the glory. Of course this means their optimal shooting position is right in front of the displays for extreeeme close ups. Fantastic.

Actually..that was our only obstacle. That and there were too damn many of us. Good times. My one regret is I see these Hasbro reps so infrequently, it sucks I have to devote all my time to shooting right up to when they boot me out the door. No time for love, Dr. Jones. ~sigh~ At any rate, many a pretty plastic was unveiled, tough you'll note the "power items" found their way onto the interwebs in these past weeks. I had nothing to do with that. Here's what you missed if you weren't playing the home edition of the game on Twitter with me (but this is the extended version)...

Do u know why it always snows on this day? The angels are weeping for the 250 nerds packed into the Hasbro Collector Day event. Truth.

Transformers Universe MMO on the way! Free to play.

16 new Transformer Kre-O mini figures coming this yr

Optimus Maximus holds 9 cyberverse figures. HUGE. Coming this fall.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron vid game: iacon wasteland, insecticon hives and sea of rust landscapes. Bruticus gameplay – destroy all comers with a devastating arm cannon and rotor blade shield. Autobots scream as Bruticus blasts them to slag. Also saw Grimlock bite a Decepticon in half!

Transformers Fall of Cybertron vid game: Shockwave and a deluxe scale combiner Bruticus toys coming.

Over forty new Generations figures on the way for Transformers.

Fifty figures and nine vehicles in stores for GIJoe Retaliation May 30th. Battle Kata Roadblock, Firefly (Ray Stevenson unmasked), Flint, Joe Colton Bruce Willis figure(!!!), Lady Jaye, Kim Arashikage and Blind Master (RZA) figures included. WU TANG MOFOS!! RZA includes his dream kung fu weapons like a 9 rings sword and that just might be a flying guillotine in his hands! Hasbro developed Battle Kata fighting style for GI Joe Retaliation and infused it into 10 inch Ninja Commandos figures. Snake Eyes can actually reach up and draw both his swords. Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen a toy do.

Star Wars: newly sculpted Bespin battle set figures Vader, Boba and Luke. Star Wars new vintage Grand Moff Tarkin, Shae Vizla, Ahsoka, Obiwan and Lumat Ewok, Nien Nunb in correct size coming. There will be a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Star Wars Carbonite Freezing Chamber packaging with 6 figures. JAR JAR FROZEN IN CARBONITE will be the "must get" SDCC exclusive for 2012. The Jar Jar in the Carbonite packaging set fits inside the slab of carbonite! LIVE OUT YOUR FANTASIES!! Also coming.. New Star Wars vintage PRUNE FACE!! Thanks to Robot Chicken that's the only way I can say his name now. The “Fans Choice” Mara Jade Skywalker comes out in 2013.

Amazing Spider-Man: Marvel Legends scale 6 inches) Lizard on the way.. .seems like everyone is running with the short snout design. If he changes further in the film, it’s being kept a secret. NOTE:: One figure on display showed Lizard with transparent legs. Do you suppose he'll have a stealth power in the film? Why else put it into the toy?! Sure, he doesn't drive a quad in the film either...but you get my point. Don't be difficult.

Hasbro has a hip hop Avengers role play commercial with lil kids destroying New York...hehehe. I will beg Hasbro to let us run it, but I'm sure it will be on TV soon enough. Hawkeye and Black Widow in wave three of the action figures. Hasbro says the "mystery villain" is in the new trailer if you freeze framed. SHIELD Helicarrier looks kinda puny with Avengers figures on it..even at 3 feet long.

Marvel Universe Figures coming – Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man variant, Paper bag head Spidey variant, Hercules, Nighthawk, Vampire Jubilee and Death’s Head. Multi packs include Classic Falcon and Cap in 70s looks, an Inhumans pack , Uncanny X-Men with X-baby Cyclops, Longshot, Rogue and 1 other.

Marvel Legends – US Agent and Blade, Mystique in black, five more unrevealed figures on the way… and Hyperion!! You know..that guy from Squadron Supreme? Yea..I don't know either.

Best moment of the day: Whole shooting My Little Ponies, a fan is asked who her favorite pony is. She shrieks OMG I have no idea!! I laughed and said you'd think you asked her to pick her favorite child and the rest will be fed to the dragons. It was pretty severe. She loves them ponies.

For those on Facebook and r my buddies, I dropped a vid there of the Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier there a lil bit ago. I've also dropped some new goodies into Flickr...

CLICK HERE for new pics of My Little Ponies!

CLICK HERE for new Avengers Movie toy pics!

CLICK HERE to FINALLY see the for really real final look for The Lizard (maybe) in our Amazing Spider-Man Movie pic gallery!

Special thanks to Heather Buckley, Justin Aclin and Joe Moscone of HunterPR, Team Hasbro including Jerry, Darryl, Vicky and David Vonner as The Lizard.

It's Toy Fair Time!
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  1. So in your Hasbro tours and photos did you shoot any Strawberry Shortcake stuff? ALso, when do you hit DSTs booth and all their glorious minimates??