Monday, February 6, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : A My Little Pony Wedding

LinkThis one is for the ladies...AND ALL THE BRONIES IN THE HOUUUUSE! What up ya crazy bastardos? Honestly, who am I to judge? I have an army of Gungans on purpose.

Annnywho..we continue our Toy Fair 2012 coverage with a bit o pink...a splash of yellow and a bucket full of purple. The pastels are surely flowing in Ponyville! Hasbro continues their ultra popular line of My Little Pony merchandise with a wedding and the promise of more boy ponies in 2012. Is this Hasbro's way of cashing in on the movie Bridesmaids, and simultaneously adapting it for little girls??!! Probably not, but that's damn funny. Here's the skinny...

Pony Clipstrips - 24 Collectible ponies with sculpted manes and tails. Each of the 3 waves will have a new theme and collector edition ponies to encourage collectibility.

Standard Pony Assortment - Each 3 inch Pony figure has a rooted mane and tail, perfect for styling and comes with new wedding themed accessories and comb. 18 characters to be released.

Singles Tube - The perfect party gift, this My Little Pony tube comes with 4 core-cast mini ponies in a single purchase. Ponies have sculpted manes and tails and are in a smaller scale.

Deluxe Ponies - Each Pony has beautiful, large, wedding decorated wings and a matching animal friend! 2 characters on the way.

Vehicle Assortment - These vehicles allow girls to transport their ponies around Equestria. Each vehicle will come with 1 pont and accessories. Girls can play with the vehicle on its own or can attach it to the train set allowing more ponies to join the magical journey.

Bridesmaid Assortment - This play set includes all of Princess Cadence's special bridesmaids. Ponies have rooted hair and tail as well as beautiful bridesmaid dresses and accessories. 4 characters on the way with 2 in each pack. So far, no word of the "Bad Mexican Food Fiasco" playset. (i keed i keed)

Fashion Ponies - These princess fashion ponies provide little girls with all of the great hair play, dress-up play and sparkle they desire. The larger size (6 inch) makes it easy for little hands to play.

Forever Friends Figure Pack - This set contains 3 of the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" featured in series 2 programming. Dressed as flower girls, in-keeping with the wedding theme, this is the perfect castle playset accompaniment.

Princess Celestia - Princess Celestia is every little girl's dream! She is the most beautiful, magical unicorn a girl has ever seen. Plus, she is a princess and has long, flowing, multi-colored rooted mane and tail. Her wings light-up and move and she has magical sounds and phrases. Approximate size is 8 inches tall.

Princess Cadence - Princess Cadence is the most beautiful bride in Equestria. Her large scale, sparkly wings flutter and light up. She also speaks fun phrases and has sound effects. Dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, she is ready for her royal wedding to Prince Armor. (shown at the start of the article)

Friendship Express Train Set - Girls will love this cute play set to take all of their pony friends to their favorite Ponyville locations. Train set comes with an engine (motorized), caboose, Pinkie Pie Pony figure and 6 train track pieces.

Royal Wedding Castle Play Set - This beautiful castle play set provides girls with a fantastical place to play out wedding stories with the exclusive bride and groom ponies and exciting wedding themed accessories. The castle has movable features and is displayed in a partial window box, highlighting the exclusive ponies included.

As always, Idle Hands will be covering all the girlie stuffs right along side the roid rage heroes in tights and 300 Star Wars Clone Trooper variations, so keep your eyes glued right here for all your Toy Fair 2012 coverage! AND... It's HERE!!

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