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Toy Fair 2012 : Bandai : Power Rangers

Back into Toy Fair 2012 coverage with a run down of all Bandai is dishing out for Power Rangers this year! It's been a tough fight, but your favorite skittles colored Kung Fu kids are back on top and they look to keep that spot for the foreseeable future, starting with this year's Super Samurai theme! This expands on last year's Samurai theme, allowing kids already familiar with the previous show to continue the adventure along with familiar characters and power sets rather than throw them into a new forest or space theme that would force them to start all over again. Bandai, as always, are offering a wide array of toys and role play items to meet the demand for this eternally awesome brand.

note for hardcore fans: I used a lot of the pre-written press from Bandai, but peppered it with plenty of info from my walk through, so read on!

Saban’s Power Rangers® is the iconic kids action brand universally recognized throughout the world for its adventure, heart, and humor. Now in its 19th year in the U.S., the Power Rangers franchise has “powered up” into Super Samurai with bigger battles, badder-villains and super-sized heroics. Airing on Nickelodeon, the unique live-action TV series allows boys to “morph” into their first super-hero experience where teamwork is the key to good winning over evil. In this latest installment, the Power Rangers must harness the power of an all new Black Box Morpher, super-powered weapons, Shogun mode, and the biggest Megazord ever – Gigazord!

Together, Bandai America Incorporated and Saban Brands roll out the newest line up of Power Rangers toys! All aligned with the “Power Rangers Super Samurai” TV series, the line includes unique action figures, vehicles, role play items and Megazords, which make this brand stand out from the rest.

Power Rangers 2 inch Mini Battle Figures 6 pack : Super Deformed figures inspired by the Power Rangers mobile app game on iTunes. SRP: $19.99

Retrofire Megazords : Offering a smaller, sleeker design of highly articulated Zords straight from the show. Of interest is that these seem to be in scale with the popular Revoltech toy series, allowing you to cross your Power Rangers big bots with classic bots from that line! SRP: $14.99

Power Rangers 4 inch Action Figures : The Rangers clothing and battle gear reveals different levels of power taken on in the TV show. Super Mega Modes and Shogun Modes will both be reflected in this figure line!

Power Rangers Build and Morph Sets : Allowing you to build your 4 inch action figure from the ground up. Also includes an emblem that converts into a Zord. SRP: $16.99

Power Rangers 6.5 inch Morphin Figures : The Power Rangers Battle Morphin Figure is ready to protect earth from evil! Keep villains away by unlocking a cool “morph” feature using a joy stick featured on the back of the figure. Utilizing cool toy technology this superhero is posed with unique battle gear ready for training or battle. Place your thumb on the back of the figure in the joy stick dial and wield the Ranger’s weapon with complete control in any direction! As seen in the TV series, this weapon action enables the Rangers to protect earth, and now you can practice training moves with your own Ranger! Available in 4 Ranger colors this Fall! SRP: $12.99

Power Rangers 12 inch Shogun Figures : 3 ways to play - Mega Mode..add all 14 pieces of Shogun Ranger Armor for a second mode and then pose him his final Ultimate Shogun Mode. SRP: $24.99

Morphin Vehicles : Morph into 7 different Morph Modes! Includes battle armor that is interchangeable with other vehicles and work as weapons for your action figures as well. SRP: $6.99

Power Rangers Sword Cycle with Figure : Put your Power Rangers Sword Cycle in motion to race to anywhere evil lurks, in style! The Samurai inspired translucent swords on the Cycle can detach. Collect the 4-inch Power Ranger figures (each sold separately) and attach the swords onto their hands. For added power collect and combine the Sword Cycle with multiple items in the ZordBuilder Collection (each sold separately): the Samurai Megazord or Transporter Vehicle (#31575 and #31560, respectively). Kids can enjoy their own unique Megazord to blast away evil! Collect them all! YAY..Motorcycles for hands!! SRP: $10.99

Power Rangers Zord Vehicle with Figure : Straight from the Power Rangers TV show comes this awesome Zord Vehicle to help battle against evil! The Zord Vehicle comes with a Ranger set in a battle pose ready to protect. The Zord Vehicle features its own unique feature to seek out and defeat villains. Collect any of the 4-inch Power Ranger figures (sold separately) and attach the figures onto the Zord Vehicle. Provide a powerful boost by collecting and combining the Zord Vehicle with multiple items in the ZordBuilder Collection (each sold separately): the Deluxe Megazord or Deluxe Vehicle (#31575 or #31560) and create your own personal Zord power! Or collect ALL the Zord Vehicles and Deluxe Megazords (each sold separately) and combine them together to create the Samurai BattleWing, Samurai Battle Cannon, or Samurai Gigazord! SRP: $14.99

Tiger Tank with Figure : Transform into tank, Zord and missile launch. Said missile shoots 6 feet! Comes with a Stealth Samurai Ranger 4 inch figure. SRP: $24.99

RC Megazord : A remote controlled robot that can walk down the hallways and beat off all the evil villains (~snicker~). His eyes light up and he has a motion detector so if you were to swing your arm, he would swing his arm as well! SRP: $39.99

ZordBuilder Collection : Historically, one of the most unique and compelling features of the Power Rangers line has been and continues to be, our ZordBuilder collection. Construction is an aggressively growing segment, but traditional construction sets can be so square. Bandai has fused action and construction to deliver a creative play-pattern that allows kids to build 18 show-accurate Zords and Megazords or an infinite number of their own Zord creations and extend the Power Ranger play experience.

A perfect example of the ZordBuilder collection is the Gigazord. As seen in the TV series the Gigazord is the ultimate Megazord, and can be created by combining 3 Deluxe Megazords (Bull, Claw and Samurai) and 4 Zords. That’s 40 individual pieces, combining together to create the Power Rangers strongest weapon.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord : When the iconic Megazords and Zords come together they form the Gigazord. This sleek take on the Rangers most powerful weapon has 3 creative ways to play:

Morph to Megazord mode
Morph to Space Ship mode
Morph with other items in the ZordBuilder Collection (sold separately) to build a unique Megazord or Zord!

The ZordBuilder Collection allows you to create your own hero and take your Deluxe Megazord to the ultimate level. The Megazord is a must have for both children and collectors for the past 20 years of Power Rangers history! SRP: $29.99

Bandai also offer a smaller scaled Gigazord for those that don't have an opportunity to collect all 7 pieces to form the massive ZordBuilder Gigazord. This piece is articulated for play and morphs into a space ship.

Ranger Masks : Sturdy masks with comfortable padding inside as not to squish your tender face bits. These come in Pink, Blue, Red, Green and Gold. SRP: $9.99

Power Rangers Deluxe Training Helmet : Morph into Red Ranger with the Power Ranger Deluxe Training Helmet. Includes messages from Red Ranger and the Super Samurai theme song! Wear the Power Rangers Deluxe Training Helmet in Mega mode to defeat the villains. Or gain even more power by morphing the Helmet from Mega mode into Ultimate Shogun mode with a quick conversion of the crown. This helmet is the perfect addition to all the Power Rangers gear! SRP: $29.99

Power Rangers Battle Gear : The Barracuda Blade features light up elements and a sheath that can attach and detach with the press of a button. The disk element is back and will be offered across the role play weapon lines, allowing your lil Ranger to power up before battle. SRP: $14.99 The Black Box Morpher (in stores now) which features swap out displays to communicate with the Rangers and phrases from the show. There is also a light feature on top, allowing you to write out your kanji symbol in the air and Morph into battle...or pretend to, depending on the limits of your crazy brains. The Deluxe Hand Gear comes in the Red Ranger's Mega Mode form and includes wrist bands with motion sensor technology that activates sounds when you karate chop your little sister. SRP: $24.99

Power Rangers Deluxe Battle Gear : Unleash the Power of the Super Samurai Ranger with the Bullzooka! Multiple battle sounds (activated by pulling the trigger or activating the super disk) allow kids to reenact their favorite action where good prevails over evil! This gear has distinctive morph features to replicate the morph sequences seen in the TV Series. Collect the Spin Sword and Black Box Morpher (each sold separately) to make this the Super Bullzooka. Or collect the Mega Blade sword (sold separately) to combine and create the ultimate Shogun Spear! SRP: $29.99 . They also had the Shogun Buckle (my favorite) on display that shifts modes with the addition of those disks. We asked if they give thought to those "larger children" (wink wink) who will want to rock the Shogun Buckle and were told it is for kids, so you're on your own in making this bad boy fit!

Ranger Training Set : Providing kids with all the gear they need in one pack. For instance, the Red Ranger set includes a helmet mask, Spin Sword, 3 different disks to power the spin sword up in different ways, the official Power Rangers badge, a PR belt and belt buckle to keep it all safely secured. For the Gold Ranger, you'd swap in the Gold mask and his signature Barracuda Blade.

We asked about more classic Power Rangers offerings; especially baddies like the recently released Rita Repulsa and were told there will be some surprises & exclusives for the 20th anniversary coming up. MEGA FANS TAKE NOTE!!

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