Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : MEGA Bloks : World of Warcraft

Ooooo...what MEGA Bloks has in store for you! The WOW gang hasn't been this entertaining since they got together and sang "The Internet is for Porn"!

Fans will soon be able to bring the iconic World of Warcraft to life with the new Mega Bloks highly-detailed customizable figurines, dragons, vehicles, battlescenes & more in the fall of 2012! MEGA Bloks World of Warcraft is the exclusive construction toy collection based on the world’s leading MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game). COMING SOON!

And that's all we knew...until now.

Before we go into this, know that I have never played the game, so I know little more than nothing. Visuals I pulled online are just to show you what I saw. They are not pics given by MEGA. The pics at the bottom are the actual toys. No detail shots were permitted.

Figures: All the armor is interchangeable among around 45 packs

Sets include...

Arthas and Sindragosa (the dragon) - Arthas is on an icy white base with semi-translucent blue ice spikes.

Goblin Zeplin - 3 figures and a bolt launcher to bring down the Zeplin seem to be included. Zeplin has a projectile. Figure on the craft is a Tauron.

Siege Engine Attack Set - Demony elf looking guy in red armor and a blue wraith looking creature with smoke under him (like the figure from DC Direct). Siege Engine has a catapult on the front. In the pic it is flinging fire balls. The actual sieging is being done on a bit of castle with a brown haired character defending it. He's got yellow and black armor with what look like dragon wings on the shoulder parts and is carrying a grey staff. He's also got a catapult so he can fire right back.

Barren Land Chase - Includes a shark looking rocket vehicle with an orc rider vs a dark purple elf guy wearing yellow armor and brandishing a purple sword. He rides a blue sabretooth-like creature with silver armor.

DeathWing's Stormwind Assault - Three statues outside of a castle. One looks like a Valkyrie with a bow and a hawk on her hand, a bearded guy in robes and a warrior with a broken sword. All the blocks for the castle look like white-ish stone with grey markings. There's a purple armored dude on top with a curly mustache. You also get a catapult, treasure chest, gargolyles, 2 more figures (a dark elf in a darker purple than the last one I described, blue hair with white and gold armor, and annother warrior with longish brown hair, brown and blue armor and a line across his face ; Varian Wrynn?) and a greyish brown dragon with translucent yellow wings and silver highlights on his body. Looks amazing! He's breathing fire in the picture on the box. Over 100 pieces in the dragon and another 100+ on the castle.

Smaller sets include a Gnome Flying Machine, Swift Wyvern with Tauron rider, Goblin Trike, Swift Griffin with wolf warrior rider, and then individual character packs including Darkarrow standing in front of two pillars and a lions head crest on a banner, Healson in front of some pointy structure, Waridge (troll looking thing) in front of a rock and a structure with his faction flag , and Palstrike in front of torches and a stone structure.

It's Toy Fair Time!
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  1. YES! I'm SO pumped for this line! WoW merch has been focus on big and detailed (a la the DCD line) for years, it's time for the little guys to take charge! This looks like a very fun line! Maybe my most anticipated line of 2012.

  2. The stuff looks excellent. I especially loved the statues in front of the castle. Start saving your money NOWWW.

  3. Do want it all! Deathwing and Sindragosa both look awesome, even from afar. What I really like are the siege engines, zeppelins, and the various mounts. I’m a mount collector in WoW, and now I can collect them IRL! :D

    Tucker Inman