Friday, February 10, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : JAKKS Pacific : Amazing Spider-Man

Nothing mind blowing from JAKKS in the way of Amazing Spider-Man merch, as could be expected when Hasbro is doing the smaller scale figures and probably some super sized pieces while Diamond Select is taking on the 7 inch action figure format. JAKKS steps in with possible inventive chachkis like inflatable mini bop bags, a new vinyl type figure and a fairly innovative game (which incorporates Ultimate Spider-Man..but apples and oranges) while on the "most likely getting made" list are two mini figures (The Lizard and Spider-Man), some very basic costumes, a little carrying case and, from sister company Disguise, a basic Spidey suit with new school web shooters! Of course, this article is just an excuse to show off The Lizard once more before you are sick of him. We promise he will not sparkle like a Twilight Vampire in the movie (at least we don't think so).

It's Toy Fair Time!
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