Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Highly Requested Marvel Figures Headed Our Way

...though most of them aren't in the scale we've been crying for. First up, here's a new pic of Marvel Select's Deadpool figure, due out the second quarter of 2010. Note that this is Diamond's 7 inch line, putting him out of scale with Marvel Legends.

Hasbro continues their 3.75" onslaught with more Secret Wars 2 packs. The newest waves include:

Thor and The Enchantress
Hawkeye and Piledriver
Mr. Fantastic and Ultron
Absorbing Man and Doctor Doom
Storm and Nightcrawler
Thing and Bulldozer

Back to Diamond we go with their new Marvel Select Cyclops with an X-Factor uniform variant and a Danger Room base! The sides of the base are slotted to allow for possible future basses to connect to it. Diamond alluded to the fact that Colossus might be next up in this series in their Art Asylum blog. Look for him the second quarter of 2010.

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