Friday, September 25, 2015

October Toys Resurrects Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Action Figure

Independent toy creators George and Ayleen Gaspar have launched a crowdfunding campaign to resurrect one of the most popular Skeleton Warriors characters, Grimskull, in action figure form. They have set out to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to produce a fully articulated, highly detailed 1/18th scale action figure.

George and Ayleen, owners of October Toys, have been working with the creators of Skeleton Warriors, Goddard Film Group, LLC, to design updated toys for collectors and fans of the property. Drawing inspiration from a variety of source material and concept artwork, these new figures are made for modern action figure fans with both aesthetics and playability in mind.

Grimskull was designed to bring a whole new level of play to the property with 25 points of articulation and 19 modular Glyos compatible pieces (plus cape and accessories). By incorporating the modular Glyos System created by Onell Design, parts can be removed, added, and swapped between not only different Skeleton Warriors action figures, but also with other Glyos compatible figure lines. The new design also combines elements from several sources including a variety of concept art, original maquettes, and the '90s Skeleton Warriors cartoon.

"Skeleton Warriors is a property that is near and dear to my heart," explains October Toys co-owner Ayleen Gaspar. "These characters fill me with memories of weekend toy hunts with my dad and hours upon hours of playing with the old figures, trying to get their poses just right. Updating these action figures is a dream project for me and I am so excited that we get to share this with old and new fans alike!"

For complete details on the Skeleton Warriors Grimskull action figure project, please visit the campaign at

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