Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NECA Launches DC Comics 7 inch Action Figure Bundles

Remember that 7 inch Keaton Batman Action Figure you were agonizing over not so long ago? How they sold out almost instantly online and then the hunt was on from store to store trying to score JUST ONE of these elusive figures? Welp, time to relive that fun! NECA just dropped a small pile of Warner Bros exclusive 7 inch action figure and DVD packs onto Ebay and once word gets out, we expect them to vanish like a ninja throwing down a smoke bomb.

Of interest to die hard collectors and fans of the most iconic DC Characters ever translated to the large and small screens is NECA's 7 inch Adam West Batman, Christopher Reeve Superman and Heath Ledger Joker action figures.

NECA have also released 6.25 inch Extreme HeroClix figures of Batman and Superman, if you want your tabeltop gaming BIGGIE-SIZED! All items are up for pre-sale (happening on November 7th) with $30 buy it now options. I'll note the system doesn't seem to acknowledge shipping of multiple items in one order, so keep that in mind if you attempt to get one of everything. It might correct on check-out, but we haven't tried that yet.

UPDATE: NECA say these will be hitting Toys R Us locations later this week and next week.

The WB Ebay store is now completely pre-sold out of the Christopher Reeve Superman figure pack, as expected since there was only 1 option for that piece. (Scratch that. They added more!) With several options for 66 Batman and Ledger Joker, we figure they will move far slower. With the issue of shipping though, this could cause a run on all Toys R Us stock as fans and scalpers battle it out for limited stock.

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