Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Ghostbusters 2016 Theme Song Drops ...Thousands Injured ...6 Believed Dead

If there is one thing the previews, clips and trailers for the Ghostbusters 2016 remake have done well, it's to assure us this movie is NOT for fans of the classic film. If you guys like it too, that's great, but this is a Paul Feig movie through and through, complete with jokes about lady cracks, slapstick violence and people yelling whenever possible. It stands to reason the new theme song would be produced in the spirit of this beat-for-beat re-imagining, containing all the originality and excitement of Crystal Pepsi. The true crime of it all is the song "features" Missy Elliot, who, in my opinion and without glossing over the vernacular, would have torn that shit up. They did not put it in her able hands. Instead... we get Fall Out Boy. ...yea. It's like announcing Shakira is redoing the Flash Gordon theme song. It's like announcing the Singles soundtrack will be re-imagined by country music's biggest stars. It's like announcing Mad Max is such a sexy film, only the Pussycat Dolls can score the soundtrack. It's like proclaiming The Hobbit was a flop because it failed to connect with Millennials, so the Silmarillion will include a score by Cobra Starship of Snakes on a Plane fame. I've got loads more jokes but fuck's the song...

Uninspired..uninventive..and like the movie, just pretty much echoes the original with a modern twist that doesn't grasp the spirit of the original. In my mind, it's what an out of touch executive thinks Ghostbusters should be all about. It's not's not good's just new. Exactly how I feel about the film so far.

Ghostbusters comes out July 15th. Sure..go see it..whatever.

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