Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Line's IT Remake: Pennywise Revealed!

No matter what your thoughts are on the TV adaptation of Stephen King's IT, we all have pseudo fond memories of the movie as if it was a slice of our childhood. For some, it was! Now New Line Cinema hope to rekindle those childhood creeps and take it all one step further, creating a nightmare fueled amusement park ride the "safe for primetime" TV movie could never be. Today, we get our first full look at Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown...and that image alone is enough to have people marking their calendars and counting down the days til this movie's release...

So here's the teaser from Entertainment Weekly:

And then we turn up the lights a little bit...

And then we play with high res images for a little while and details start to pop up. Interesting costume points include very mundane gloved hands, the bit of age and dirt to the frills and possible bells at the calf which will add a little creepy jingle to every step...something a sound designer can have a ball with! Cosplayers, start your engines...

The story follows a band of children united by tragedy and terror... coaxed, prodded and physically pursued by a maniacal clown who seems to have been preying on the inhabitants of their town for an unsettling number of years. Only together do they stand any chance of defeating this unspeakable evil and surviving the experience.

With 5 screenplay writers pitching in, IT seemed to be struggling through the typical Hollywood remake hells, but with this latest reveal, we can only hope they are back on track! With a release date of September 7, 2017, there's plenty of time to make this one PERFECT. Let's hope they do right by horror fans! So what do you think??!! Jump into the comments and let your 2 cents be heard!

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