Thursday, September 20, 2018

Funko's IT Mystery Minis Figures

Funko IT Mystery Minis Figures 2
Horror fans have enjoyed a great many collectibles celebrating their favorite fiends, creatures and human monsters, but Stephen King fans are woefully underserved. Outside of The Shining and Carrie, even the ever-expanding pop culture universes of Funko do not include a frothy mouthed dog, a homicidal car or a charasmatic antichrist. With the arrival of the mega popular IT remake, Funko explored a new opportunity to dip into King's worlds and now, we get some little claymation looking monster fighters!

Celebrate the season of frights and ghouls by heading into the lair of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The It-themed Mystery Mini series includes Richie, Beverly, Eddie, Bill, Stan, Mike, Henry Bowers, Georgie, Georgie with a missing arm, Pennywise with spider legs, Pennywise with a balloon, Pennywise as a painting, Pennywise dancing, Pennywise as a zombie and Ben with a letter, varying in rarity between 1/12 to 1/72. Collect them all before Pennywise collects you!

Funko IT Mystery Minis Figures

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