Friday, May 1, 2020

Marvel Select's Taskmaster Revealed

Diamond Select Black Widow Movie Taskmaster Action Figure
Not to be a whiner...and we've gotten something like THREE Marvel movies a year for a while now....but....this wait for the Black Widow movie....IS.THE.LONGEST.EVERRRR. I'm telling people it's a plot against women. Follow me into hell. ANYYYWAY...yes, the movie is pushed back to (hopefully) brighter times when we can sit next to each other in movie theaters again, but the march of the little plastic men continues on! Diamond Select gives us new toys to look forward to as they reveal their snazzy new Taskmaster action figure, ready to get his ass handed to him by our favorite Marvel Comics red head.

We’re all sad that the Black Widow movie has been postponed until fall, but one thing hasn’t been postponed – the next Marvel Select action figure, based on the film! The Taskmaster is almost here, and not only does he fill the frequently-requested movie villain slot, he’s a villain who’s just as cool as the heroine!

Diamond Select Black Widow Movie Taskmaster Action FigureDiamond Select Black Widow Movie Taskmaster Action Figure

Diamond Select Black Widow Movie Taskmaster Action Figure
Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, this approximately 7-inch action figure has 16 points of articulation and comes with multiple accessories, including shield, sword, bow, arrows and alternate hands. The 173rd release in the Marvel Select line, Taskmaster comes packaged on display-ready Select action figure packaging.

Look for Taskmaster to hit comic shops and specialty stores, including online retailers, this summer!

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