Monday, November 2, 2020

SECRET ZOO Comes to Digital & DVD on November 10th

Secret Zoo movie poster
Dissatisfied with his temp position at a well-known law firm, attorney Tae-su takes an unexpected assignment to help revitalize a failing zoo. Seeing this as a chance to prove himself and move up in the firm, Tae-su discovers instead that the zoo in fact has no real animals. What's worse, he only has 3 months to turn around a seemingly lost cause into a golden opportunity. Enlisting the help of the zoo's bewildered staff, he comes up with an unorthodox solution: have the humans dress up as animals and put on a show for guests. 

And when a video of Tae-su in full polar bear outfit goes unexpectedly viral, the zoo suddenly finds itself the center of attraction for thousands of visitors. But Tae-su's achievements may be undercut by the very firm he thought he was helping, and he'll have to make a decision between loyalty to the corporate success he so long dreamed for and his newfound sense of fulfillment at this most unusual of zoos.

MPI Media Group and Capelight Pictures proudly announce the November 10th digital and DVD release of the SECRET ZOO

Written by SON Jae-gon, LEE Yong-jae, KIM Dae-woo

Directed by SON Jae-gon

Cast: AHN Jae-hong, KANG So-ra, PARK Young-kyu, KIM Sung-oh, JEON Yeo-been, PARK Hyuk-kwon, SEO Hyun-woo, JANG Seung-jo

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