Saturday, February 18, 2023

Indie Scifi Spotlight: The Paradise Planets: The Fallen from Paradise

The Paradise Planets Scifi Book

In 2132 AD, fifteen-year-old Kassiana’s life was royalty. Born on Nemal, the richest of the Paradise Planets, she had no idea how the people of Earth–the Gaians–suffered. But her idyllic and harmonious life was shattered when she was forcefully kidnapped and taken to live among them on a flooded Earth. There, the Gaians were divided by their assigned star scores, surviving on meager food rations, and under the constant threat of sonic beatings from the U.N.O.E. mediation officers. Singing in nearly-fluent Evéik to power up their wetsuits, Gaians contended against each other in the Siren Games–the foremost sporting competition in all the worlds–just to win a passport and be allowed entry to a Paradise planet.

Now fallen from Paradise, worlds away from home, and with an increasing realization that no rescue is coming, Kassi must learn to survive as the lowliest of the Gaians and find some way to win the Siren Games–her only hope of ever seeing home again.

Emmy-Nominated composer Shaun Barrowes keeps THE PARADISE PLANETS original and exciting with fast-moving sports sequences, clever world-building, and siren mythology that’s part Wizard of Oz, part Ready Player One, and all heart!

Further plans for The Paradise Planets include an audiobook complete with voice actors and a full score worthy of its epic content. You'll be able to download the audiobook at your favorite sound-slinging outlet, but for the more tactile among us, a vinyl record is in the works!

Check out a book teaser HERE and some clips from the music HERE!

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