Friday, December 8, 2023

Scentco Launches BEDTIME DEFENDERZ YouTube Animated Series

Scentco Launches BEDTIME DEFENDERZ youtube animated series
Scentco Inc., a renowned U.S. toy designer and leading company in the world of scented products, is launching their first ever YouTube animated series, Bedtime Defenderz. This 12 episode release comes following the successful launch of the Bedtime Defenderz plush toy brand last year, which captured the imaginations of children worldwide. With the animated series, Scentco aims to bring the captivating world of Bedtime Defenderz to life and take viewers on exciting adventures through Snoozeeland.

Bedtime Defenderz is a line of plush superheroes designed to protect kids from the "bad guys'' at night. From the all too familiar, "there are bad guys under the bed," to "it's too dark!," parents and children know just how hard the bedtime routine can be. Bedtime Defenderz was created to give parents a much-needed helping hand by banishing "the bad guys" while their kids sleep. Each of the five Defenderz feature a glow-in-the-dark belt buckle, a bedtime comic book, and a power band slap bracelet. The Defenderz live in Snoozeeland and can teleport into action when there are nightmares afoot because, as the Defenderz say, "when it's time for lights out, nightmares better watch out!"

In the new animated series, viewers will go on adventures in Snoozeeland as Magnus, the Bedtime Defenderz leader, assembles the team - Bruno (the brawn), Lexi (the brains), Sonny/El Soñador (the scrapper), and Zigy (the comedic speedster) - in order to protect Ace, a 5 year old boy, from Torrag, Master of Shadows — the biggest baddie of them all. Each of the 12 episodes has a running time of about seven minutes, and  tells an action-packed, engaging story, and helps solve the typical bedtime problems that parents and kids face every evening.

"We created the Bedtime Defenderz characters and plushes to help make bedtime routines a positive experience for families, and the animated series truly brings the Defenderz to life," says Chris Coté, President of Scentco. "With the series, we hope to further enhance the Bedtime Defenderz experience and engage with our audience in a whole new way."

Designed for children aged 3 to 7, the Bedtime Defenderz animated series will be available for streaming on the Bedtime Defenderz official YouTube channel, starting December 5, 2023. Parents and children alike are encouraged to like and subscribe to the channel and join Magnus and the Bedtime Defenderz on their thrilling quest to protect Ace and discover the power of teamwork, bravery, and a good night's sleep.

Watch the Bedtime Defenderz series here: and watch the show trailer here: Bedtime Defenderz plush are available on Amazon and at Scentco's website: For more information about Bedtime Defenderz, please visit

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